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Momo Yaoyorozu is a character from the My Hero Academia anime and manga.

Class 1-A's vice president. A smart girl from an extremely wealthy family, she was enrolled through recommendation like Todoroki. Despite her versatile Quirk and considerable intelligence, she struggles with low self-esteem due to the high expectations put upon her.

In the AWA fics, Momo is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 6.

In the XP4 fics, Momo debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.


Momo is a teenage girl with a mature physique for her age. She has a tall curvaceous figure and is one of the students in Class 1-A. She has cat shaped onyx colored eyes and long black hair. Her hair is normally tied into a spiky ponytail, and she has bangs on the right side of her face.

Her hero costume consists of a red leotard-like vest with silver linings and edges and matching red boots. She sports a gold utility belt that matches a band that goes across her chest. Her vest leaves space open from the center of the collar to the waist above the belt. This leaves much of Momo's skin exposed, including the area from her stomach to her chest and her arms and legs as well. The design choice allows her to create items from as many points in her body as possible.


Momo is a very intelligent, dedicated person who acts as a natural leader. She is generally very level-headed and calm even in very dangerous situations, but she isn't above falling into a panic. Even so, Momo can get roped into silly situations such as cheerleading, although she rarely expresses enthusiasm in doing so.

Momo typically takes adverse situations in stride, like expressing little concern for losing most of her clothing during battle as she knows she can simply make another set. However, this often makes others think of her as an exhibitionist. Momo is somewhat sensitive to vulgarity and rude mannerisms and is constantly frustrated by sexual advancements from Minoru.

Momo can be very blunt with her explanations about the mistakes and situations of something or someone when asked. This is because Momo tends to be generally honest and wishes to help her peers improve enough to become great heroes. As such, Momo is quite willing to help her classmates study with her and deeply enjoys it.

When Momo displays her excitement (usually towards passing time with others), she becomes quite upbeat and adorably "bouncy", adding a bit of comedy to her character. Momo also tends to accidentally reveal how rich she is, yet most people can understand she doesn't do it out of malice

While originally confident in herself, Momo's pride was crushed after her loss to Fumikage in the U.A. Sports Festival. It was further damaged when Momo began to compare herself to Shoto, and she began to lose confidence in her own ability to make choices. She found herself in deep denial during her internship with Uwabami. She believed Uwabami chose her despite being an unworthy student and continued to try and find deeper lessons in Uwabami's shallow training in order to reassure herself. 

However, thanks to Shoto's encouragement during their final exams, Momo regained her confidence. She learned that all people have different skills and priorities, as well as all beings/things complement each other, thus respecting others despite their differences.

XP4 Fanfics

Momo is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of The Flaming Honor as it's second-in-command. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 6, Momo, alongside her team, The Flaming Honor and another team called The Mighty Never Kneel, are seen in Magnum City taking on a group of Emotionless and successfully defeated them.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 20, Momo is seen having a latte in the Rabbit House while working on a laptop at the same time.


Creation - Momo's Quirk gives her the ability to create any non-living material from her uncovered body through the molecular manipulation of her fat cells. As long as she has an understanding of how something is made, she can create it. However, it takes her a longer period of time (and more of her skin being exposed) to create large objects. She states that the more she eats, the more material she has to work with, so she needs considerable ingestion of food for her Quirk to be effective. This makes a possible danger that she would likely become extremely underweight if her Quirk is used too much.

Bukijutsu: Momo skillfully wields several weapons to great effect against her opponent, for both offensive and defensive purposes. Her bojutsu is considerably remarkable, having great effect against a large group of villains during the assault on U.S.J.

Conditioning: Momo placed first in Shouta Aizawa's fitness test, an exceptionally impressive feat considering almost everyone had at least one superhuman result and the end result was cumulative of all ten tests.

High Intellect: Momo is ranked as having S class intelligence, making her a genius. Her analytical skills are strong, thus allowing her to easily devise plans and strategies both in battle and in other situations, which she has no trouble putting in motion due to the versatility of her Quirk. Academically speaking, Momo is highly intelligent as she placed first in the mid-terms of her class.[1] Momo must understand the structure and composition of anything she wishes to create using her ability. This also helps her to earn very high marks in school.


  • Momo's design in the preliminary stages of the series was relatively similar to her current design. She already had her trademark ponytail, although it was less spiky, and her body overall was slightly slimmer. Her hero costume had a few differences though, such as the lack of a torso opening and a sort of partial mask worn around her nose area.
  • Momo's family name "Yaoyorozu", is an idiomatic expression which translates to "a great/uncountable number", referencing her Quirk. The kanji, literally means "eight million".
  • Momo is also one of 4 students who got into U.A. High through a scholarship, alongside Shoto Todoroki, Juzo Honenuki and one more student.
  • Momo likes reading (especially illustrated encyclopedias).
  • Momo would have made her costume even more revealing were it not for restrictions on the amount of skin allowed to be shown in a costume.


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