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Momo Isshiki is a character from the Vividred Operation anime.

Akane's fifth-grade younger sister who handles her family's expenses.

In the AWA fics, Momo is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Momo is a student at the Vanguard Academy.


Momo is a young girl with pink hair and gold eyes. She styles her hair into two ponytails in either side of her head and wears a blue tracksuit while at home. At home, particularly when she is doing house chores, she is seen wearing a cream-colored apron with an eggplant design, and has a small wallet, which contains the family's savings, hanging on her neck.


Despite being the youngest of the Isshiki siblings, Momo displays a more mature personality. She is rather intolerant of Akane's habit of hugging their grandfather every time he goes out of his laboratory, and often scolds Akane and Kenjirou whenever necessary. She takes up the role of the mother in the family, taking care of preparing breakfast, buying groceries for the family and managing the family's budget. However, she remains a caring sister to Akane, giving her support whenever she is down.


  • Momo serves as de facto housekeeper for both her grandfather and older sister.


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