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Miyako Gotokuji is one of the main characters from the Powerpuff Girls Z anime.

The second member of the Powerpuff Girls Z team. Miyako is the ditziest member of the three, often appearing a bit clueless, and doesn't seem to understand her powers completely, along with a few other things. She is, however, more mature than the other girls in the team and will try to calm any situation, although she too can be angered when provoked. She is also very polite and always uses honorifics at the end of names. She is more concerned with shopping, her appearance and her outfits, and perhaps because of this, she seems to be very popular among her male classmates.

She transforms using the phrase "Rolling Bubbles" and uses a bubble wand as a weapon.

In the AWA fics, Miyako is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Miyako is part of the Heroes Coalitions as an honorary member of the Multiverse's Cutest Team. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Miyako is a young, thirteen year old girl with fair skin and baby blue eyes. Her hair is blonde with very neat bangs framing her face and two very thin curls sticking up at the bottom of them, above her ears. She wears her hair in pigtails that are very curly and reach her ears. In the final episode however she is shown momentarily with more "normal" very long pigtails. She usually wears a white long sleeved with blue tie, and her shoes is a black Mary Jane with two socks underneath of her shoes. Her belt is white with lots of gold buckles and the PPGZ sign, and lies sideways across her waist, unlike the normal way to wear a belt, which is around the waist.

In the second session, Miyako switches to a blue long spaghetti t-shirt underneath of her short pink coat, and a green boats with black shock underneath of the boots.

When she does transform into her alter-ego. She begun to change her clothes wearing a blue spaghetti with light vest, black glaps and white/blue belt, blue boots shoes. Her belt is white with lots of gold buckles and the PPGZ sign, and lies sideways across her waist, unlike the normal way to wear a belt, which is around the waist.


Miyako in Powerpuff Girls Z is quite mature, as she act as a mother towards Ken. She is also the dizziest member of the group, who often appears to be a bit clueless, and seems to not completely understand her powers, along with a few other things. She is very friendly and polite, but like the other two girls, can get mad when provoked, and disapproves of crying to get what she wants. She is has experienced in doing chores such as cooking and cleaning, thanks to her grandmother. However, she seems to spend too much time on accomplishing these tasks well. She is also popular with many boys at her school where many of them has a crush on her but she just ignore this because she has already has feelings for someone special (Takaaki). Just in the regular show, she has her innocent and gentle personality, and has a love for animals as well as her doll, Octi.

Miyako also has a taste in fashion, where she often buy or search many cute dress in computer and store. Its often said that this is the reason she has a lot of boys crushing on her. But as stated, she does not show any interest, being already in love with Taka-chan, a boy she met when she was six and had a crush on since. Her love of fashion was demonstrated pretty early on, when she spent a few minutes at the beginning of the episode shopping, and in another when Sedusa was making a mess in a clothing/beauty store and was spending time picking up all of the outfits that were being thrown about.

It was revealed during the final episodes of PPGZ, that Miyako's dream is to become a Fashion Designer.


Like the original American Bubbles, she also has the ability to talk to animals. Originally, Miyako thought her super-powered huge bubble staff as a throwing weapon until  Momoko later admonishes her as it is an incorrect way of using it, though it worked equally well that way. Instead, the staff is used to send huge, super-powered bubbles that can either defeat the target or protect her friends and civilians, depending on her intent. Usually, Miyako sends the bubbles by waving the staff, but she can also blow into it to make normal but still huge turquoise-blue gem-shaped bubbles.

Her attacks include" Catcher", " Poyon" ,"Boyon" , Mumble mumble swing deu wa, "Balloon Nebaneba" , "Shabon Freedom" (similar to Sailor Mercury's "Shabon Spray"), "Energy Ball" , "Popper", "Bubble Popper" and "Bubbles Finish". 

However, the true potential of her powers is not shown until it show up her power to produce a multiple electricity white light and ability to heal those afflicted with Black Z rays or black powder for Him.


  • Miyako is the first character from Power Puff Girls Z to be introduced in the AWA fics,
  • In the AWA fics, Miyako shares a room with Sunset Shimmer and Shiina.
  • Miyako is always smiling in every episode except in episode 12.
  • Miyako's theme song is called Himawari by Heart grow.
  • She is the only member of the Powerpuff Girls Z that is an only child, and whose grandmother is shown.
  • She is very sweet and girly like her American counterpart. But unlike the original Bubbles, the Japanese Miyako is obsessed with fashion.
  • Fuzzy and Miyako Gotokuji always end up in the words that they always say in the serious.
  • Her first name, Miyako, derived from the word, A night child of beauty. While her last name means of Gotokuji is a temple of the original maneki neko (beckoning cat).
  • Rolling Bubbles is the only members that had very special  abilities to talk to the animals.
  • Rolling Bubbles is Very similar to the Original.
  • Just like the original, Bubbles is kind,cute and honest but she's not show her anger just like the original.
  • In original show, Bubbles is in love to Boomer unlike in demashitaa!, Bubbles has a crush to Takaaki Ayagai.
  • Miyako is the only PPGZ to not live with her parents. As well as being the only one without siblings.
  • Her favorite food is meatballs.
  • Bubbles means is a thin sphere of liquid.


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