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Misuzu Kusakabe is one of the main characters from the 11 Eyes - Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl anime and games. 

Misuzu is one year older than Yuka and Kakeru. She is an Onmyoji from the Kusakabe clan, a clan of Onmyoji that is famous for having Oni's blood in the bloodline and the five demonic swords known as Kusakabe's Five Treasures. 

In the AWA fics, Misuzu is a student at the AWA Academy and is the Student Class Representative of Class 12.


The most predominant trait of Misuzu is her red hair, which is sometimes depicted as a blazing flame by Kakeru.

At school, she wears the standard seifuku, albeit the skirt is longer in length. Her casual clothes consists of a white shirt, a red neck ribbon and a black long shirt with brown tights and tall leather boots. The left side of the dress has been split to facilitate her movement in battle. Also, due to having to hide the seals on her finger nails, she almost always wear white gloves to conceal this apparent trait. Whether these gloves magically appear or have to be manually removed depends on the media outlet.


Before Kakeru's power awakened, Misuzu was the main strength of the gang. She is rational, knowledgeable and has good leadership, which leads the gang to victory on numerous occasions, even though she has a bit cold and condescending attitude toward others people. She is also very independent, as she lives in a mansion deep in the mountain, but does everything by herself instead of hiring maids or butlers. However, being so rigid about traditional ways of Japanese, Misuzu is actually very naive about modern ways of doing things, to the point that she even considered ordering rice balls in a cafe. At the beginning, she didn't get along with Yukiko, Shiori and Takahisa but later warmed up to them (she has a better relationship with them in the anime).

On the other hand, while being strong on the surface, Misuzu is the weakest mind of the group. She was traumatized when Misao revealed the truth about the "fragments". For a short few days when Misao give the group's remainders time to think over whether they decide to continue to be her and Avaritia's opponent or to commit suicide by themselves, Misuzu thought of killing herself and was snapped back by Kakeru. She is a lot more affectionate toward him in her After Story, and even tries to behave like a normal girl for him through cooking, something she excels at. She also would like to be closer to Kakeru and begging him to call her "Misuzu" instead of "Misuzu-sempai."

In the manga, she maintains the similar personality of sure strength and being cordial but distant. As she trains Kakeru in how to fight, she becomes closer to him. She even offers her cooking and is embarassed when he is hesitant. She reveals that she is good at cooking after training in solitude and having to feed herself. As suhc, she often makes rice balls as they are easy to make. Kakeru opens up to her, confessing that he blames himself for his sister's suicide, a level of trust that had previously been preserved for Yuka.


Kusakabe Five Treasures - Misuzu is from a clan of Onmyouji that is famous for having oni's blood in the bloodline and the five demonic swords known as Kusakabe Five Treasures. All five swords are in Misuzu's possession and are kept them in her finger nails via dimensional magic that she learned from forbidden scrolls created by one of her ancestors, Ryouichi Kusakabe.

  • Kogarasumaru Amakuni - The blade that Misuzu uses most often.
  • Raikiri - A lightning-shaped katana that has lightning attribute, very effective in dealing with large masses of enemies. She rarely uses it since Kakeru needs it more, however. The weapon is quite versatile.
  • Kashagiri Hiromitsu - A very large and heavy twin-blade katana that can be strengthened using fire. It seems to be the most destructive blade.
  • Kannagiri Nagamitsu - A katana with seemingly short blade at first sight, but can extend later to normal katana length to surprise the enemy. It is also the hardest of all.
  • Doujigiri Yasutsuna - The strongest katana in the Kusakabe Swords, having the powers of other ones. It can further boost its destructive power by feeding on Misuzu's flesh and blood. However, this is not to be overused, as the process may turn Misuzu into a demon.

Demonic Stone of Qliphoth - Misuzu possess a fragment of Lieselotte soul, which has the VoidStone embedded within it. Like the other 'Fragments', she received powers from this fragment.

  • Superhuman strength: Although never stated directly, it appears that the VoidStone fragment in her body gives her some sort of superhuman strength in the anime and her magical capacity in the game, as she was able to seize all of the Five Kusakabe Treasures on her own. Her being the only one who can block powerful and deadly attacks from the gigantic Black Knight Gula despite their difference in size further confirms this fact.
  • Enhanced magic capacity: During the ending of Misuzu's route, she said that she is no longer strong enough to use the five swords and decided to return them to where they were. In addition, during the ending scene of the audio drama CD where Kakeru was forced to wear Cyberiad girl uniform, she used a binding spell on him as she claims that while most other spells she used to cast are out of her capacity now, she can still bind him, hinting that the fragment had given her a huge boost of magical power.

Swordsmanship expert: Even without the VoidStone, Misuzu is already an expert in kendo, being able to wield different katana effectively and can face almost all kinds of enemy. By the time of the story, there is hardly anyone who can fight her and win in a one-on-one battle. Misao however, criticizes that she relies heavily on her weapon's powers, resulting in a sword style that is excellent in using the Kusakabe Swords to its fullest extent, but full of openings when it comes to combat skills alone.

Onmyoudou expert: Misuzu has shown the ability to effectively use shikigami for offensive, defensive and informative purposes throughout the series. Using the shikigami to create more choices in combat is also her style, which is a good compensation for her lack of advanced skills to face stronger opponents like Ira and Misao.


  • Misuzu is the first character from 11 Eyes to appear in the AWA fics,
  • Misuzu has a fast metabolism, and when prompted, can finish a large bowl of ramen in 2 minutes, much to Kakeru's shock. She also stated that she had shown this ability once before in a competition in the Kusakabe village, in which she was the champion for eating 290 bowls of wanko soba.
  • Misuzu is showed being a Kuudere toward Kakeru, as she acts cold toward the others in the beginning, but ends up by warming up towards him. She is more of a tsundere in the anime.


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