Junkyard Planet - a very eerie planet. Like it's namesake, the planet is filled with trash and scarps, it's basically a dumpsite by every universe. It's also inhabited by ingenious and very violent robot and they will kill any human that they encounter. Any persons without proper skills, supplies or weapons won't survive after 24 hours. How the planet made like this is yet to be explained.

Realm of the Watchers AKA the Watchers Realm – A parallel version of Earth, where people from other dimensions are fictional characters from TV, online shows and games. In here some people such as book, manga and comic authors, cartoon and anime artists and animators, movie writers, story writers and game makers unconsciously see the events of different parallel worlds and dimensions with endless possibilities, write them down into stories, put them off as fiction and share them to the rest of the world, the inhabitants of this realm (who are mostly all human) were affectionately called 'Watchers'. When the gods (including Louie before the founding of the Heroes Coalition and Dolph and Floyd before killing each other) discovered the existence of this world, they feared for the people of this world. If forces of evil were to discover this world's existence, they could kidnap the realm's people and use their information and gain advantage of their enemies. And so, the gods made a great decision to heavily guard this world from evil's hands, so a spell was cast into the realm, creating a barrier around it so that nobody but the gods may enter so long as they all live (meaning if all the gods get themselves killed the barrier breaks), isolating the realm from all other dimensions but at one cost: time now moves slowly in the Watchers Realm, where 'as one year in that world is only three years in other dimensions. The secret was well kept hidden and only the gods knew about it, and so when Dolph and Floyd got themselves killed, the time zones change to one day in that world equivalent to only twelve hours in other dimensions, making time faster in the 'Watchers Realm' and slower in other dimensions

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