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Misa Kakizaki is a character from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

Misa is the leader of the class's cheerleaders, Madoka and Sakurako, and a member of the chorus club.

In the AWA fics, Misa is a student at the AWA Academy.


Misa has a waist-length purple, wavy hair and has purple eyes. She usually wears her Mahor Academy uniform.


Misa loves shopping and hates carbonated drinks. She also has a fondness for karaoke. Misa also has some "adult" tendencies, far more than any of the other girls in the class (see also chapter 120, where she thinks to "educate" Negi as her future "hot" boyfriend... in 5 years time, although it is believed that noticing how Negi's "father" looked like in the festival, a red-haired super-hottie, instigated her "reverse Hikaru Genji" plan). The "reverse Hikaru Genji" plan is a reference to The Tale of Genji where the protagonist (Hikaru Genji) had a special fondness for younger girls. She also uses the term onee-sanwhen she talks about herself, if Negi is around. She is the only girl in the class to have a steady boyfriend. Along with her fellow cheerleaders, she takes part in the "Mars vs. Mages" game and is stripped to her underwear when she is hit by the robots' beam weapons. Recently, she has started considering the implications of falling for a ten-year old, leading to suspicions she could be a closet shotacon like Ayaka.


  • Misa's hair color was originally brown (as used in the Introduction OVA and the cheerleader CD of the monthly collection), but changed to purple when she became one of the infamous "hair color changes" in the original Negima anime, leading to Akamatsu to admit that she had purple hair all this time (however, Misa's hair was purple in the initial colorspread of the series, showing that the color change to brown was wrong in the first place).
  • In The What-and-Why Of Negima!, when Ken Akamatsu was asked who he would most like to make a pactio with, he replied 'probably Kakizaki...'.


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