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Mira Yamana is one of the main characters from the Trinity Seven anime and manga.

Mira is the Trinity Seven of the Superbia Archive, as well as the Head of Grimoire Security. A user of the Gehenna Scope, she is initially hostile towards Arata after his transfer to Biblia, but learns to accept him, becoming a reliable ally and friend.

In the AWA fics, Mira is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 3.

In the XP4 fics, Mira debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Mission Chronicles.


Mira is short, slender girl with long blond hair. Her hairstyle is mostly short all around with her bangs swept to both sides, along with twin ahoges on top of her head. A portion of the back is grown much longer, reaching all the way to her legs. Lastly, she has a small red ribbon tied to the right side of her hair. 

Mira's daily attire is usually her school uniform which consists of a white collared dress shirt worn under a dark blazer jacket with the school symbol under the right breast,  and a plaid ribbon tied in a cravat knot around her neck. Additionally, she wears a plaid mini-skirt, black dress socks, and brown penny loafers. 

After exhausting her magic during her match against Anastasia-L and Arsha, Mira's vision deteriorated, requiring her to begin wearing glasses.

Some time after Arata departed to train at the Royal Akarsha Academy, Mira began to braid her hair into a ponytail tied with a ribbon.

Magus Mode: In her Magus Mode, Mira's attire does not change, except with the addition of a white cape.


Mira is a serious and driven individual, having a very passionate belief in justice. Dedicated to her role as the head of Grimoire Security, she can be quite cold and ruthless sometimes. In order to stop or prevent a Breakdown Phenomenon, she will not hesitate to take a life in order to complete her mission. Because of her strong sense of responsibility, she normally has a no-nonsense attitude, appearing unfriendly and strict most of the time. Furthermore, Mira greatly dislikes anything or anyone she considers impure, becoming agitated or even greatly embarrassed in some situations. However, she has shown some concern about her role as Grimoire Security, feeling conflicted about the dark nature of her job. Despite this, she remains determined to fight against impure existences. Mira has also been shown to be a very capable leader and fighter, usually remaining calm and collected during dangerous conditions. This allows her to act and think intelligently, planning her moves ahead to avoid trouble.

However, underneath her stern exterior, Mira can be a very kind and caring girl. Notably, before becoming the head of Grimoire Security, she was initially someone who could not express and assert herself, being very shy and distant with everyone. As a result, she became very isolated from the school until she met Akio who inspired her to change. While she rarely shows this side of her anymore, since meeting with Arata, she has become more mellow and honest with others. Additionally, Mira is quite pure, becoming very unnerved when anything perverted happens, sometimes even reacting violently. As such, this has been exploited as a weakness many times. However, since interacting with Arata, Mira has become more accustomed to perverse situations. Particularly, when she loses her clothes, she reverts back to her original personality, becoming very meek. Although Mira is often considered a genius, she herself has never thought of herself as one. However, she nevertheless has pride in her magic and strength. Overall, Mira cares deeply for her friends, willing to fight and protect them. Although she is usually surprised or distressed by many of their antics, she continues to enjoy their friendship.

XP4 Fanfics

Mira is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of Team Kasuga. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Mission Chronicles

In Chapter 17, Mira is present when the Emotionless made an attack at the Royal Biblia Academy and with the arrival of the Of Guns and Magic team, they worked together to defeat the creatures. After that, Mira and the others thanked the team for their assistance and was later shock when the headmaster of the academy revealed that he has knowledge about the Heroes Coalitions.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 65, Mira alongside her team are being shown around at the Vanguard Academy by Lina Inverse and Merlin. Mira commented about the various impure presence, Lina reassured her that everything is fine but when Owain walks-by and made a weird remark towards his own hands, Lina advises Mira to ignore him.

In Chapter 66, Mira is present during Vegeta's serenade in the school grounds of the Vanguard Academy.


Gehenna Scope

Mira's Thema is Justitia and her branch of magic is called Gehenna Scope from the Superbia Archive. Gehenna Scope enables her the ability to analyze and reflect magic, giving her very high offensive and defensive capabilities. Mira can scan an opponent's magic, allowing her to pinpoint their weakness and create a counterattack. However, this process can sometimes take a while, which requires someone else to run interference. Because she can also reflect magical and physical attacks back to her opponent, Mira is nearly invulnerable. Most notably, she was able to reflect Arata's stripping magic, causing him instead to become stripped. However, Mira's defense is not entirely perfect, only able to partially protect herself from Lieselotte's Demon Lord Candidate spell. Nevertheless, Mira has since been able to bolster her defense, creating multiple barriers or multi-layered aria capable of blocking even a Demon Lord Weapon. Another implementation of her barrier allows her to place one in an area that will cause a combustion should someone attempt to enter.

Mira can also utilize Gehenna Scope to scan a large amount of space for magical disturbances and even recover her magic inside of a pool by substituing the water as her crystal.

Additionally, Mira's experience and talent allow her to remain calm in most dangerous situations, helping her fully utilize Gehenna Scope to its full potential. She has also been shown to be a skilled tactician, able to predict and prepare for her opponent's next moves. During her team battle against Akio and Levi, Mira foresaw that Levi would attempt to exploit her feelings for Arata, using that moment to seal Levi's movement. However, she is weak against perverted concepts due to her pure nature, a shortcoming that Ayesha once attempted to exploit. Although, Mira has since overcome her inexperience due to her interactions with Arata.

Another skill Mira has displayed with her magic includes neutralizing magic, once destroying a Breakdown Phenomenon by countering with equally destructive magic. She is also able to freeze opponent's movements, temporarily paralyzing Arin and Lilith's movement as well. Moreover, Gehenna Scope allows her to perform magic without any tools. However, since the Royal Liber Academy mission where she was unable to use her magic, she has started to save money to buy magic tools to avoid the same situation. Furthermore, after studying Arata's magic, Mira is able to cast anti-spells, rendering any opponent's magic defense useless. Mira is also capable of forcibly removing her opponent's magic such as cloaking spells.

Due to her high magic levels and skills, Mira has been described as the most talented of the Trinity Seven, although she has never considered herself as such. Regardless, Mira is skillful enough to even defeat Arsha, a Paladin magus.

Hero Candidate

In spite of her role as a Trinity Seven, Mira is also a Hero Candidate, the opposite of the Demon Lord, who protects the world. If Mira can awaken her ability as a Hero Candidate, she could fight against the current Deus Trinity in his weakened state. But to be fully awakened as Hero is becoming part of system to dispose all threat to the world, regardless if it means she will have to kill Arata too.

Ayesha described Hero Candidate as "Someone who shoulder the fate to endlessly fight Demon King or Evil Gods who threaten the world no matter how many time". In practice, a Hero's ability is to revive, to challenge evil again and again.

As her training, Ayesha will kill Mira repeatedly using her swords. Mira revived from her first death after 12 hours, but Ayesha give target that she can revive instantly against any kind of death. It's either Mira mastered the ability or her mind breaks down from the trauma.


  • Thema Verum no Shouei (Reflecting the Truth) - Reflects any attacks back at surrounding enemies and causing a lot of damage.
  • White Universe - Mira creates a powerful magic wave capable of causing great destruction. Damages the area immediately around Mira while with she herself remains unharmed. It can also be stacked to increase the output to the point where she is able to injure Astral Trinity. However, this overusage leads to a temporary loss of sight, to the point where she still requires glasses to see.
    • Multiple Aria - Variation of White Universe by creating multiple areas in succession to bolster the power of the spell; capable of weakening a Demon Lord Knight. However, in return, the caster will temporarily lose her vision.
  • White Castling - A binding spell that seals her opponent's movements.
  • Jabberwocky Lines - Summons a giant rock golem that can be controlled to physically attack an opponent. Furthermore, the golem is capable of absorbing then implying an opponent's magic before returning the attack.


  • Book of the Mirrored Lands - Taking the form of a pink crystal ball, Mira is always seen carrying her grimoire which stores all of her spells and allows her to perform magic without magic tools. This grimoire has also been shown be very durable but can be damaged by very powerful magic. If the grimoire is destroyed, Mira becomes unable to perform any of her magic.


  • Prior to her current appearance, Mira went through several concept designs. Initially, she had long straight hair without double ahoges in one draft. Later, her hair became shorter with wavy tips which were seen in earlier chapters. 
  • Mira has a part time job at a Maid Cafe. 


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