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Miho Nishizumi is the main protagonist of Girls und Panzer anime.

Miho is a scion of a clan of famous tankers. She left the discipline after a certain incident and transferred from Kuromorimine into Ōarai, since its Sensha-do class was defunct for over two decades. She was promptly drafted into becoming the leader of its first class in twenty years (as a loader, then later commander of not just her team, but of the school's squadron) after the Student Council discovers her experience.

In the XP4 fics, Miho debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Mission Chronicles.

In the AWA fics, Miho is a student at the AWA Academy and yet to make an appearance.


Miho is a medium-sized girl with a short, light brown hair and a pair of light brown eyes. She bears a striking physical resemblance to her sister.

Miho is usually seen wearing the Ooarai Girls High School uniform. During battle, she wears the school's Sensha-dō jacket. In less formal situations, she has worn assorted casual wear at home or in social situations. Most notably, she wore a yellow dress with white sleeves when she visited her home.


Miho is known for her cheerful and polite demeanor, occasional shyness, and as a highly talented Sensha-dō commander. During every Sensha-dō match, she becomes serious, calm and decisive. Her hobby is collecting bandaged teddy bears called Boko, of which she already has a lot in her apartment and her room back in the Nishizumi's house.

One of her most important traits is without doubt her loyalty to her friends, being ready to do everything for their sake (such as when she saved her teammate's life, or when she accepted to join Ooarai's Sensha-dō team when her friends were being threatened for supporting her). It can also be directed to her new school, as when she learned that defeat in the [[63rd National High School Sensha-Dou Tournament|tournament]] means that Ooarai will close, she became determined in doing her best to achieve victory. Also, although she took a different path, she still loves her sister and holds her in high regard.

XP4 Fanfics

Miho is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and works as a Solo Hero. She also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Mission Chronicles

In Chapter 1, Miho took part of a mission in an amusement park at West Coast Pop.


XP4 Fanfics

Miho is a Blessed an unspecified Gift which she yet to demonstrate.


  • Miho is the first Girls und Panzer character to appear in the Heroes Coalition fics.
  • Miho's favorite tank is the German Panzer II Ausf.E/F. However, the tank which she is most commonly seen using (both in the main series and in the Little Army prequel) is the German Panzer IV.
  • Miho directly become the vice commander of the Kuromorimine school on her first day of High School.
  • Despite leading her team into victory both in Anime and Film, and also able to instruct and direct her team with incredibly well, Miho still can't overcome her inability to speech in front of large crowds.


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