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Michael J. Caboose is one of the main characters of the Red vs. Blue webseries.

Caboose, who accidentally enlisted in the Blue Army after mistaking a recruitment center for a college, is introduced as the fool, but quickly devolves into a complete idiot. As his name suggests, he is the last to arrive at any train of thought's destination. Occasional journeys into his mind have revealed that Caboose's view of the world is at drastic odds with reality - he has mental constructs representing the rest of the cast running around inside of his head, ranging from a Church who vehemently insists that Caboose is his best friend, to a Sarge that talks like a pirate. Caboose is a bigger danger to his teammates than to his enemies, to the extent that the surest way to get him to shoot someone is to tell him they're on his team, and Command has a keyboard shortcut to report his teamkills (Ctrl+F+U). 

In the XP4 fics, Caboose is part of the Dimensional Defense Union and is a member of the Omega Squadron.

In the TWA fics, Caboose debuted in the Twisted World Animania: Red vs. Blue - Chorus Trilogy.


Caboose is wearing an blue-colored body armor over a black armored bodysuit. His armor consists of helmet with an orange visor that covers his entire head, a chest & back armor, a back & front cod piece, shoulder armor, forearm armor, hand plate, armored thighs, armored shins and armored boots.


Caboose seems to act very childish as his understanding of the world and actions are incorrect and shows a great amount of curiosity. However, Caboose does show a lot of care to many characters, even to the Reds, despite them being rivals. He often tries to impress others in order to gain their respect, although it often backfires in some way. Caboose shows a great amount of loyalty as well, as shown when he kept trying to resurrect Church through Epsilon. Because of his mentality, Caboose easily becomes hurt if insulted, such as in Change of Plans, and is easily abused, such as when he was tricked to shake the Alien's "other arm". Overall, Caboose may act like a child, but is very loyal and brave when the situation calls for it. He's also incessantly cheerful; always expressing enthusiasm and adopting an optimistic mentality on missions and in the face of danger. Upon passing through the Construct portal, Santa describes him as never having a negative attitude. He does show that when he feels lonely he can become highly obsessive and secretive; such as the events in Relocation and his discovery of Freckles.


Physical Strength - Though unintelligent and unskilled with weaponry, Caboose possesses tremendous physical strength when angry or in simple situations, thought by Church and Tucker to be "God's way of compensating."

Engineering - Despite his lack of intelligence, Caboose has shown a surprising skill in engineering. In Recreation Caboose alone was able to put Epsilon into an alien artifact, and in Revelation, he was shown to successfully use the crane controls in the battle against Epsilon-Tex.

Kills - Despite not having many skills, Caboose has killed several characters, although some were the cause of friendly fire.


  • Caboose is the first ever Red vs Blue character to make an appearance in the Heroes Coalition fics.
  • In the Heroes Coalition fics, Caboose claims Marcus as his third best friend. It is unknown if Marcus shares the same sentiment.
  • Caboose's rank is Captain.


Notable Quotes

  • (to Marcus) "What? Marcus! My third best friend! It's a me, Michael J. Caboose! Oh! How I miss you!"
  • (to Marcus) "Oh! I miss you so much, Marcus! Things haven't been the same since you left! It's like... it's like... loosing Church for the second time!"
  • (to Marcus) "Don't worry, Marcus! We can break bones together!" 
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