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Miaka Yuuki is the protagonist from the Fushigi Yuugi anime and manga.

Miaka is the priestess of Suzaku. Along with her bestfriend Yui Hongo, she is one of the last priestesses to go inside the book. 

In the AWA fics, Miaka is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 5.

In the TWA fics, Miaka debuted in TWA - Fuushigi Yuugi.


Miaka almost always wears her school uniform: white blouse, brown jacket and skirt, and a light-blue ribbon which shares the same color as Yui. However, during her times in the palace, she changes into clothes from her world and wears slippers or rubber shoes instead.

When summoning Suzaku, Miaka's hair is adorned with a headress. She wears a red robe with a veil underneath and added lipstick is seen. When they journey to Hokkan, she wears a pink coat due to the cold weather.

During their time in Tokaki's house, Miaka takes off her jacket and only wears the dress and the shoes. In the second OVA, Miaka and Yui's uniforms change since they enter Yotsubadai High School. In her uniform Miaka wears a light-brown skirt, a short green jacket, and a white blouse.

Her clothing changes in Eikoden to a simpler set of clothes, mostly a dress.


Miaka is outgoing and optimistic. She is naïve, but sometimes surprises adults with an insightful comment. Amiable with friends and strangers, she has the tendency to be guileless and sentimental. But, she is generous and cares greatly for other people. And she perceives herself to be a considerate person.

Can be unassuming and unsophisticated, Miaka creates the impression of a person who always needs help. But, she also magnanimous and courageous. And the impression she has creates only makes her has the good fortune of almost always having someone looking after her.

Miaka also has a primary weakness. It is her gluttony, and she can eats constantly. She also has an interest in any type of food.


Miaka has a good reflexes, in which considered as inhuman by other characters, and she can use it whether conciously or not.

As the Priestes of Suzaku, Miaka also has the power of Suzaku bestowed upon her. That is including a protection barrier and the power to summon Suzaku. She is also capable to use a sword, although untrained, and it was shown during the trip to Hokkan.


  • Miaka is the first character from Fushigi Yuugi to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Miaka is the Priestess of Suzaku and the clue to this exists even in her name. The kanji for Miaka are as follows: (Mi - beauty) and (Aka - crimson, scarlet, vermillion, red). So, she is the "scarlet beauty" - and Suzaku's holy color is red.
  • Miaka's name is pronounced "Mi-ah-ka", with short concise syllables, although in the English dub it's often reduced to "Mi-yah-ka". Her name is Miyara in the Arabic dub.
  • Her favorite color is pink, and she dislikes insects.
  • Miaka quoted Sailor Moon in the first episode of the series.
  • Instead of a son, Miaka has a daughter in the anime.
  • Her zodiac is Taurus, and her birthday is on May 12.


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