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Meramon is a character from the Digimon franchise.

Meramon is a flame Digimon.

In the AWA fics, a Meramon appeared dressed as a waiter and seems to be allied with the All Worlds Alliance.


Meramon is a tall humanoid figure shrouded in crimson flames over its entire body.


As a Digimon generated from the defensive "Firewall" which prevents illegal entries from the Internet and the like, it possesses a violent temperament like the flames that envelop its body, and tries to incinerate everything it touches. Its fire power is stronger than those of the same species on File Island, and because taming this Digimon is extremely difficult, even if it's tamed, there's no telling when it will bare its fangs.


Burning Fist - Flares up its arms and either punches the opponent or throws one or more fireballs. In Digimon Masters, flares up its entire body to burn the opponent.

Magma Bomb - Emits magma rocks that rain upon its opponents, or throws one large, explosive rock.

Heat Wave - Unleashes a wave of flames.

Heat Knuckle - Punches the enemy, sending heat through them.

Guren no Hono - Shoots fireballs at the opponent.


  • Meramon is an enemy Digimon in the Tactimon challenge.


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