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Medaka Kurokami is the main female protagonist from the Medaka Box anime and manga.

Medaka is literally better than everybody, no matter how accomplished. The student council president, elected with 98% of the vote, Medaka is one of the mysterious Abnormals — genetically perfect human beings. In addition to being vastly better than average, this manifests itself in a special power — she has the ability to copy other people's special power along with their personality and master them instantly, then use them at will. This ability is known as "The End".

Near the end of the Thirteen Party Arc, it turns out she has an even more terrifying nature hidden beneath that.

In her second election, she gains the vote of the 2 percent that didn't vote for her, though the other 98% didn't give their vote to her because they loved her.

In the XP4 fics, Medaka debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.

In the AWA fics, Medaka is a student at the AWA Academy. She is part of Class 5 and serves as it's Class Representative.


Medaka has very long purple hair that reaches down to her waist and bangs that barely overlap her red eyes, as well as a semi-straight ahoge. She has a beautiful body, and especially large breasts, which she has no scruples about showing off. Medaka's height is 166.2 cm (5'5), her weight is 56 kg (123.5 lbs), and her three measurements are B98-W59-H87, making her bra size a J-cup in Japan. Medaka wears the uniform of the Student Council, black as opposed to the usual white. Her original uniform displays her impressive cleavage and has a shortened skirt, but after Hitomi Hitoyoshi arrives at the school, she modifies Medaka's uniform to cover her breasts and lengthens the skirt. During the battle to decide the academy's new Student Council, Medaka wears the Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model. During the Treasure Hunt orientation prepared for the Candidate Student Council, Medaka switches back to a uniform without Hitomi's modifications, thought it now includes two bands of material just above her breasts. With all versions of her black uniform, she wears a red ribbon in place of the usual tie. The red armband of the Student Council president is worn around her left arm. When dressed to break dance, Medaka wears a large cap, as well as baggy clothing in hip-hop fashion. After Medaka loses the election, she changes to a long-sleeved version of the standard women's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, and gives up her armband.

At the start of the third semester, Medaka has Zenkichi cut her hair at shoulder-length, and puts the rest in a small ponytail. She now wears an open, light yellow jacket and a dark red shirt which shows her stomach. She also wears jeans and detached sleeves that match her shirt. After withdrawing from Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka changes back to the standard women's uniform. After taking over as the academy chairwoman, Medaka wears a dark vest with the academy insignia over a long-sleeved collared shirt. She ceases to tie up her hair and dons a small pair of glasses. Ten years later, Medaka wears a white suit with six buttons down the front. The suit has a dark section at the center and at the cuffs. She has regrown her hair, and her breasts have gotten bigger.

At age one, Medaka wore a light green dress with white wristbands. She had short hair that only reached her ears. At age two, Medaka wore a pink dress with a red ribbon at the collar. A few years later, she wore a pink, long-sleeved dress with a red collar, along with black socks and brown shoes. When she was a middle school student, Medaka wore the uniform of Hakobune Middle School. She initially had her hair done in two ponytails, though later changed to one single ponytail. When she entered Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka wore the standard women's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, with her hair in two ponytails once again.


Medaka is an excellent academic student, placing first in the national test. In addition to her academic achievements, she has excelled in various other areas, such as calligraphy and sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. However, she is somewhat lacking in practical knowledge, as no one expects her to have the need to understand subjects "below her". Before Mogana Kikaijima's intervention, she did not know what the Baseball Club was for, nor had she ever been to an amusement park. Zenkichi even once describes her as being "so smart she crossed back into stupid".

Medaka is known to look down on people, but despite this, she sees the good in everyone. She believes everyone who seems to be a bad person to have "strayed from the right path", and that they used to be good people. So far, she has always been right about this assumption, even if the people themselves don't know it. Her personality is one of helping others, and she is determined to finish any task placed in the suggestion box. For every task she completes, Medaka buys a vase with flowers. She one day hopes to have completed so many suggestions that she fills the entire academy with blooming flowers.

As noted by several characters, Medaka's personality is overwhelming: her approval rating is proof of her ability to convert people to her followers. This force of personality often manifests itself in Medaka's Proof of One's Worth (Shinkocchou), also known as her trump cards. However, this overwhelming force of presence only works on humans; animals can only sense her power, and not the personality that accompanies it. Medaka loves animals, but they are utterly terrified of her, leading her into bouts of depression when an animal rejects her.

XP4 Fanfics

Medaka is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is the leader of the Dream Team. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 11, Medaka, alongside her team, the Dream Team, infiltrated the Bennington Adam's All-Boys High School in hopes of turning the students of the school in a new leaf. After defeating a group of students, Medaka and everyone met up with the school's leader, Akira Nova. After she challenged Akira in a one-on-one fight, the others took a step back as they watches her take on Akira.

In Chapter 12, Medaka is mentioned by Kazeyoshi Imai and it's revealed that Akira Nova defeated her but earned her respect which results with the Bennington Adam's All-Boys High School joining the Heroes Coalitions.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 10, Medaka is present during the Unification Ceremony, she is seen with Mina Majikina walking past Lazaris Gemstone, Kanonno Grassvalley and Lloyd Irvings.


Advanced Growth Rate: Medaka is incredibly gifted. By the time she was six months old, she had matured much more than her older siblings, progressing through infancy at an accelerated rate. Nobody was capable of teaching her anything because she could perfectly; learn, memorize, recall, understand, master, and utilize anything and any skill by experiencing or observing it once, within seconds. She has a limitless capacity for learning and growth.

Superhuman Physiology: Medaka naturally possesses superhuman: adaptability, agility, balance, coordination, dexterity, durability, endurance, flexibility, reflexes, senses, speed, and strength. Although she rarely uses it, she possess an ability called body supremacy; she is capable of near complete, precise control of the movements and functions of all her muscles, bones, flesh, blood, organs, nerves, hair, and veins, and she can control them with both conscious and/or subconscious command. This makes her immune to forced motor control by others and allows her to adjust or improve body functions. Inhuman feats include: balancing on a small arm water wing, destroying a school building while constricted by tiny wires, and quickly moving three members of the Student Council into lockers in seconds before a giant explosion occurred.

  • Intimidator/Alpha Presence (Doubutsuyoke): Medaka's raw power, which humans perceive as either as a supernatural charisma and eloquence which inspires them to follow her, or as an overwhelming fearful aura that forces them to obey her. This raw power when sensed by animals inspires only pure terror. Thus, although Medaka adores animals, they in turn are frightened to death of her and will avoid contact at all costs.
  • Animal Gathering (Doubutusyose): By age twenty-six, Medaka seems to have gained the ability to attract rather than repel animals, as seen when she is surrounded by dogs of many sizes and breeds in her office.
  • Revised Echolocation Cannon Echo Counter Cannon (Seitaihouaratame Seitaihou): Medaka's version of Iizuka's technique. A powerful shout, it vibrates on a reverse phase that cancels out other sounds.

Combat Expert: Medaka is a Red Belt in Judo and is highly skilled in Kendo (even thought she just "tried her hand" at it). Using only the basics of what is taught, she could do the Replication Technique (stepping forwards and backwards so fast that she creates clones of herself) and steal things out of peoples hands without anyone noticing (bare hand disarm). Medaka has also learned to catch bullets in her mouth as a form of self-defense. Zenkichi has commented that she is best in mid-air.

  • Kurokami Rolling Savate (Kurokami Rōringu Sobatto): Medaka performs a Savate style reverse figure kick to the opponent's face.
  • Kurokami Lariat (Kurokami Rariatto): Medaka strikes her opponent's neck with the inside of her outstretched arm.
  • Kurokami Climb (Kurokami Kuraimu): Using Yoshinogari's claws and Isahaya's spikes, Medaka can scale building walls as high as the fifth floor. Medaka doesn't seem to have much control over her momentum however, as she reached the fifth floor while only intending to climb to the third. This may have been because she was in a hurry however.
  • Kurokami Dancing (Kurokami Danshingu): Using Kunisaki's bicycle, Medaka can quickly maneuver around multiple people, even while moving up a staircase. Because of how quickly she moves, Medaka needs to tie up her hair before beginning.
  • Kurokami Reflect (Kurokami Refurekuto): Borrowing Unzen's Super Balls, Medaka unleashes a barrage of attacks from several angles at amazing speed. However, Medaka claims that the angles are completely random, as she lacks Unzen's calculation abilities, at least for the quantity of balls she uses to attack. The actual effectiveness of this attack is unknown, as her opponent, Takachiho, was able to dodge every single ball.
  • Kurokami Open Blow (Kurokami Ōpun Burō): In War God Mode, Medaka charges forward and attacks with a palm strike. The hit packs enough force to knock back Tsurubami, and caused him to spit up blood.
  • Kurokami Hip Attack (Kurokami Hippu Atakku): While her body is being restrained, Medaka lifts herself with her stomach muscles, then drops herself on her opponent's chest with enough force to make them cough up blood. Medaka labels this as a "girly" attack.
  • Kurokami Phantom (Kurokami Fantomu): One of Medaka's signature moves, she first jumps up and down, dragging out the noise so that the sound of her feet tapping on the floor isn't heard until after her feet have left the floor again. Once the sound lag is at its fullest, Medaka blows forward, producing a sonic boom that destroys everything in her front of and behind her. Because she moves faster than the eye can see, the opponent won't be able to react until after she has already hit them. Takachiho, so far the only person she has used it on, theorizes that she is faster then light, but Medaka claims that she just speed forward when he blinked. The aim of Kurokami Phantom is to forcefully break through the sound barrier.
    • Kurokami Phantom: Proper Version (Kurokami Fantomu Chantoshitahan): After witnessing Hinokage's Theme Song, Medaka becomes capable of using Kurokami Phantom without any physical strain or damage. However, to use the Proper Version, Medaka must be in Altered God Mode and can only use it three times in one day. The aim of the Proper Version is to, instead of break the sound barrier, work with it in order to create a less self-harmful attack.
    • Kurokami Final (Kurokami Fainaru): Kurokami Phantom's final form, only usable after Medaka enters End God Mode, wherein her blood flow is greatly enhanced through the use of vibrations. To use this technique, Medaka first creates a shadow clone in front of her in order to break the sound barrier without losing any of her own speed or power. Afterwards, she follows the slip stream created by the clone. Kurokami Final utilizes blind spots; Medaka hides within her opponent's shadow while optimizing her speed. In the case of Iihiko, who dodged the attack, Medaka made a U-turn and attacked him from behind.


The End (Ji Endo): Medaka is capable of learning Abnormalities and completely mastering them, to the extent that she can use them to one hundred and twenty percent of their capability, becoming more skilled with them than even their original owners. This ability allows her to learn any skill quickly, from simple skills like baseball to the impossible feats performed by the members of the Thirteen Party. Medaka has learned super ball usage from Unzen, Auto-Pilot (automatic movement) from Takachiho, hidden weapon techniques from Munakata, accelerated healing from Koga, syringe usage from Naze, Reading Minds (the ability to receive electrical waves) from Yukuhashi, and Weighted Words (the ability to send electrical waves) from Oudo. As her Abnormality has developed, Medaka can now learn abilities based off of information or word-of-mouth and can now copy Minuses, successfully learning Five Forks from only a secondhand description. Throughout her time at Hakoniwa, Medaka has also managed to learn Encounter, Scar Dead, Ice Fire, Unknown Hero, Mother's Task, Book Maker, All Fiction, and a portion of Ajimu's quadrillion skills, of which she has demonstrated one hundred Trample Skills. However, The End does have its limits. While Medaka can learn skills that exceed her physical capabilities, she cannot copy the physical capabilities of the original skill holder. Medaka is unable to stop herself from learning an Abnormality when she experiences it. She is also unable to learn styles.

  • Observation (Kansatsu): Very similar to Maguro's Analysis, it is the method through which The End copies other abilities. In Altered God Mode it is "perfected" and allows her to see the processes of actions broken down to allow easier observation and copying.

Proof Of One's Worth

  • #1 Preaching To The Lesser Mortals (Uekara Mesen Seizensetsu): Medaka's most well known trump card, she preaches to "pitiful" people who need help. She says out loud her views about them, saying they can be saved and that something horrible must have happened in their pasts for them to have fallen so far in life.
  • #2 Strict Girl/Cute Girl Switch (Tsundere): Medaka's second trump card, she changes abruptly from her usual personality to a softer attitude, adapting her expression and mannerisms to appear more cute. She has used this ability as an encouragement for Zenkichi and Kikaijima.
  • #3 Over Flowing Love (Ikisugi Aijouhyougen): Medaka's third trump card; she used it so much in class that almost everyone lost their first kiss to her until Zenkichi put a stop to it when they started elementary school. When using this ability, Medaka first makes her face look cute and then gives a kiss to the other person showing that they are loved. The only people in Hakoniwa Academy Medaka used this on are Kikaijima and Zenkichi.
  • #4 War God Mode (Ranshin Mōdo): Medaka's fourth trump card; when Medaka is enraged, she goes into War God Mode. When in War God Mode, she loses her sense of humanity and goes berserk, while her hair turns a lighter shade of purple (fluorescent red in the anime). Medaka's presence becomes so ominous and evil that even Abnormals can be unnerved by it. Her physical strength and healing rate both increase drastically, allowing her to deal out devastating attacks while shrugging off horrific injuries. Medaka only assumes War God Mode when her friends are threatened, and even then, only when she is under heavy emotional stress. Amusingly, Medaka will also assume War God Mode when being harassed by Maguro. During her fight with Tsurubami, Medaka gains the ability to enter War God Mode at will, without losing herself to her anger. Because Medaka does not hear words when she is in War God Mode, she becomes immune to the effects of styles when she assumes this state.
  • #4.2 Altered God Mode (Kaishin Mōdo): Altered God Mode is an upgraded version of War God Mode that Medaka achieved by mastering the numerous Abnormalities of the Thirteen Party and attempting to brainwash herself with Oudo's Weighted Words.[424] Unlike War God Mode, she retains her thought process, doesn't go berserk, her hair turns black instead of light purple, and her eyes grow a darker shade of red. In this mode, Medaka is able to control everything about herself, and is capable of overwhelming Oudo and resisting his Unreasonable Taxation. In Altered God Mode, Medaka is also able to use an improved version of Kurokami Phantom that utilizes the speed and power of Hinokage's Theme Song. Though Medaka has mastered this new form, she will still revert to War God Mode if angered enough. Altered God Mode falls under the classification of martial arts, rather than as one of Medaka's skills.
  • #4.3 Forsaken God Mode (Haishin Mōdo): Created to serve a similar purpose as Kumagawa's Book Maker, Forsaken God Mode makes Medaka weaker than her opponent. No matter how weak her opponent is, Medaka will be weaker than they are; she labels it as an ability that allows her to forget about strength and skills and just go all out. Forsaken God Mode was developed as a byproduct after Medaka's fight against the Minus. With it, Medaka can intentionally make herself weaker so as to better understand people who are weaker than she is. But the aspect of understanding her opponent doesn't exist due to her complete lack of empathy. In this form, Medaka's hair turns completely white, and her eyes become a lighter shade of red.
  • #4.4 Hybrid God Mode (Konshin Mōdo): A combination of Forsaken God Mode and Altered God Mode, Medaka labels this form as "matching strength with weakness". The exact capabilities of this mode are unknown; however, it was useless against Tsurubami's style. In this form, the left side of Medaka's hair turns black, while the right side becomes white. Her right eye also turns a lighter shade of red.
  • #4.5 End God Mode (Shuushin Mōdo): In this form, Medaka's hair turns black and increases in volume drastically. With her increased blood flow, Medaka is able to move at supersonic speeds and create shadow clones in front of her. These clones have enough speed to break the sound barrier, creating a slip stream to remove the obstructions to Medaka's power.


Language User: (Kotoba Tsukai): After fighting the Eight Hundred Lies User Yuzuriha, Medaka has grasped the basics of a style. She is able to read her opponent's feelings to counter appropriately, thought at present the best she can do is throw a punch. Though the most basic of the basics, Medaka's punch is now recognized as an attack by Iihiko. By using sound ("words") to vibrate and stimulate her muscles, Medaka can pump blood through her body even without a heartbeat, allowing her to continue moving even with a stopped heart. This state is only temporary however, and is a last resort. As a side effect, Medaka's skin convulses, repelling physical contact. The vibrations also cause her entire body to act as a heart, increasing both her blood flow and physical skill beyond that of an average human.


  • The members of the Kurokami family are named after marine creatures. Medaka means ricefish, a popular pet in Japan.
  • When translated from kanji, Kurokami means Black God.
  • When translated from kanji, The End means Perfection/Completeness Accomplished.
  • When translated from kanji, War God Mode can mean Perses Mode.
  • When translated from kanji, Altered God Mode can mean Mars Mode.
  • All of Medaka's copied trample skills include the kanji for "trample".
  • Medaka was voted the sixth most popular character in the series in the third popularity poll with 522 votes.
  • Medaka was voted the second most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 992 votes.
  • Medaka was voted the most popular character in the series in the first popularity poll with 832 votes.


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