Marcus Alexander McGee-Sakurada, also known as "The Kane", is the main protagonist of the XP4 Series of fanfics.

Marcus is a young man in his early twenties. Marcus is also a prince from the Sakurada Kingdom.

Marcus first made his presence in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!. He officially debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries.

In the AWA fics, Marcus is a student at the AWA Academy.


XP4 Fics

According to his sister, Arinah. Marcus was a part of an underground orphanage after they we're abandoned by their parents. The orphanage, which doubles as an underground science facility, trained him as a Child Soldier where he participated in assassinations, dangerous operations and even wars. Around the age of eleven to twelve, he along with his fellow Child Soldiers participated in a war against invading aliens and won without effort. After discovering that the scientists plans on disposing them, he along with his comrades rebelled and slaughtered every personnel and destroyed the underground facility.

After that, he along with his sisters went on a journey but their youngest sister left them to go an adventure on her own.

Marcus and Arinah then arrived at the Sakurada Kingdom and were adopted by the Royal Sakurada Family making them royalties.

Years later, Marcus was suddenly grabbed by the mysterious blue hand and was dumped at Peach Creek while losing his memories on the process. He was later adopted by the McGee family. He would spent his time there until he joined the Heroes Coalition.


Marcus is a tall young man with a shaggy blue hair and dead fish eyes. His choice of clothing changes on different occasions but it will always be a simple shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath.

But as a leader of the Union Vanguards, he would wear a black suit over a red dress shirt with a black necktie, dark pants and white leather shoes. He also wears a large brown trench coat wrapped around his shoulders and a pair of sunglasses on top of his head. This either a clear imitation or a mockery towards the Marines' attires.


Not much is known on how Marcus on he acts during his time in the underground facility. But according to his adopted sisters, he used to be a sweet and gentle person which disgusted him to no end. After loosing his memories and meeting Eddy, most of his current behavior were influenced from him.

Marcus has so many traits that people find outlandish, he is a jerkass, had a childish personality, he is very rude, a slap happy maniac, a coffee and parfait addict, he speaks randomly, he is prone to speak very bluntly, would often give gross remarks, he shamelessly picks his nose, would not hesitate to shove two fingers in someone else's nose, he drinks alcohol, he smokes, and would often call other with nicknames(which mostly embarrassing). He also had this habit of having a bokke and tsukkomi routine to literally anyone, though sometimes he's a tsukkomi himself. He also loves to play pranks which mostly gets him into trouble in the end.

All in all, he is a person not worth looking up for.

Despite all of those flaws, he is brave, courageous and will do anything that he thinks it's the right thing to do, and would risk his own life just to protect anyone. He is also a very determined person and won't stop at nothing just to accomplish his goals.

Despite his rude and jerkish personality, he is kind person and had a certain charm that made him well-beloved by everyone earning him their undying loyalty.

Despite not even trying, he managed to capture the hearts of several girls which includes Malvina but can be pretty dense. However, he does reciprocated their feelings and even becoming Malvina's boyfriend. But his relationship later turns into a harem after Nodoka revealed that he was destined to marry twelve woman. While everyone agreed and supports this relationship, he admits that he don't know if he can make a relationship with many woman work but he's willing to work it out.

Despite looking incompetent, he had shown time and time again that he has very good leadership traits whenever the situation is dire. Despite or due to all of these traits that he possesses an immense amount of charisma and has amassed a quite large group of friends. When it is needed, he is able to impart words of wisdom and can make those around him feel much more alive even with his inappropriate jokes and deadpan statements. This ability has given him very loyal allies and friends. His leadership skills, although underplayed, can be seen when he leads some of his present allies in fights. His charisma is the most notable thing in the series as it is thanks to this that he gained friends and allies by both his actions and words.

As of lately, he had been showing questionable behaviors, displaying more horrifying traits that no one though he had such as his desire to kill. Unbeknownst to everyone, Marcus has began killing others again, but he only kills to those that he feels deserving of death. He would kill his enemies mercilessly but despite that he is aware of the consequences of his horrid actions.

He also hates getting any attentions, preferring to stay obscure from public as much as possible.

As for his alignment, he is pretty much a neutral person. Besides working as a hero, he would sometimes gets along with an enemy that he likes such as the Summoner, whom someone he had an affection with. He admitted himself that he is beyond good and evil, and cannot comprehend between the right or wrong, and believes that he's just doing what he thinks is the right thing to do.

Marcus is later revealed to be pansexual as he admitted that he gets attracted to guys at times. But he clarified that he is not into men. As evident of having four girlfriends.

XP4 Fanfics

Marcus is part of the Heroes Coalitions and is the leader of the Bullet Kingdom(formerly New Age Avengers) and the Union Vanguards. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 1, Marcus' name isn't mentioned but he was part of the citizens who've witnessed the Universal Guardians and the Squad of Excellence taking on the Emotionless. He was eating a hotdog at that time.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 1, Marcus narrated the first chapter.

In Chapter 17, Marcus is seen meeting up with Eddy Skipper McGee, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith, Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams and Rolf Yrmi at a sidewalk of the cul-de-sac in Peach Creek. The five then began to argue about going to camp is good or bad when a bus arrived with a large hand grabbing all of them and pulling them inside. They then met Major Richard Stronghold where they learned a bit about the Training Camp. Later, they arrived the Training Camp and were in awe upon seeing the place. After meeting Penelope von Steiner and Yoshika Miyafuji at the lobby area, Yoshika began to show them around the Training Camp and even meeting Danny Fenton, Jake Long and Randy Cunningham at the training area. After the tour, they decided to call it the night and made their way to their designated rooms with Marcus and Eddy becoming roommates with Rex Salazar.

In Chapter 18, Marcus decided to take a stroll around the dormitory after unpacking his stuffs. He later met Aria "Arinah" Sakurada at halls and when she acted shy, he easily pointed out that she's just pretending to be shy which she complimented him for noticing, the two had a conversation and even flirted a little before they parted ways. Later Marcus met up with Lyndel Flamburge and Regan Bladeworks at one intersection, and accidentally bumped on the former but he managed to catch her and her drink, the three had a conversation and a got along well before Marcus decided to press on. Later, Marcus arrives at a spacious courtyard, he came across Duncan "Firenbreather" Rosenblatt and Raya Amanda, he had a conversation with them and quickly became good friends. After that, Marcus arrives at the training area where he encountered Andres "Singko" Alvarez doing some training, the two had a conversation and here Marcus learned that Singko is doing his best to become a hero to support his sister, and after Singko said his goodbye and left, Marcus was inspired by Singko's determination that he decided to take things seriously and started by smashing a punching bag to bits. Unbeknownst to him, Louie watches him from a far with an interested look.

In Chapter 19, Marcus, alongside Eddy Skipper McGee, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith, Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams and Rolf Yrmi, started their first day in training with the other trainees. During the training session with the Heavy, Marcus witnessed Double D accidentally tossing a heavy disk backwards and hitting Eddy on the head, knocking him out silly. Later, during the training session with Major Strong Hold at a heavy traffic, Marcus, along with Danny Fenton and Chad Mordetzky, witnessed Double D comically getting hit by a vehicle twice. Later that night and after a whole day of training, Marcus took part of the little get-together at the training facility's cafeteria.

In Chapter 20, Marcus is seen walking in the hallways of his dorm when he came across Erika Yaeger and a sleeping, Karizza Stronghold with Erika shoving the responsibility of Karizza towards him, much to his annoyance. Later, Marcus with Karizza on his back, came across Duncan "Firebreather" Rosenblatt, Kenny Rogers and Cesaro Barbossa with Kenny shooting glares at him, much to his amusement, they had a small conversation before parting with ways with Kenny giving him a finger which he chuckled in response. After a minute of walking, Marcus and Karizza arrives at the Rabbit House and were greeted by Chino Kafuu and Tippy, and is later served by Cocoa Hoto. Marcus had a strong coffee while Karizza had three mochacinnos and strawberry coffee, the two then shared a smile.

In Chapter 21, Marcus, alongside Erika Yaeger, Cornelius Fillmore and Ingrid Third, are seen inside the lobby area of the Training Camp having a conversation about the bathroom from Vanguard Academy getting vandalized, Marcus then pointed out that Alden Cole is the suspect which they all agree on. After watching Cornelius and Ingrid chases after Alden, Marcus and Erika had a short conversation before the latter left to look for Anna Maymorie. Later, Darren Cross met up with him and quickly become fast buddies. Later in the training area, Marcus and Darren had an awesome spar, much to everyone's awe.


Gift - Upon becoming a Blessed, he obtained the ability called Gasoline Distortion. With this and his wild imagination, he can create powerful explosions by just swinging his fist or legs, but it gets more dangerous if his attacks are combined with fire which makes it more powerful and effective.

  • Gasoline Blasto - is his primary punching attack. He ignites his fist with green,orange and yellow light of energy.
  • Gasoline Kicku - is his primary leg-based offensive. He ignites his legs with green, orange and yellow of energy.
  • Gasoline Fastball - creates a green, orange and yellow ball of energy before throwing it at his targets.
  • Gasoline Impact - is his sort of trump card. It is a very powerful punch that would create a huge explosion and the impact of this attack would rock an entire area. The attack differs depends on how much power Marcus puts into it.
  • Gasoline Drill Gazer - is an air-based maneuver where he spins his entire body like a drill and ignites his entire body with his Gift.

Error - as an Error according to Arinah, he is a quick, agile, menacing and scariest of all... he is smart. While his full Error abilities are yet to be displayed, Marcus' feats are very wide, being a former Child Soldier.

  • Immense Strength - his physical strength is not to be scoff.
  • Tremendous Endurance - one of his defining traits is his extreme level of physical endurance. Marcus fights without consideration for his life, most of the time, and while this gives him the ability to fight without limits, it is also a testament to how little Marcus values his own life.
  • Agility - he is incredibly nimble, his reflexes (while often downplayed for comedic purposes) are great and he is capable of dodging, deflecting or in some instances throw back knives, arrows and similar projectiles.
  • Swordsmanship - he never once held a sword but he was able to display a rough, but far from unrefined swords skills by just wielding a baseball bat.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant - he is noticeably skilled in terms of battlefield tactics, likely due to his extensive experience. He is capable of developing adaptive strategies as he fights, often within seconds, and knows exactly what to look for in an opponent's fighting style to create openings for himself.
  • Weapon Expertise - though he doesn't fight much with weapons but he appears to be skilled at it.


  • Baseball Bat - originally belongs to the Battle Baseball Ninja that he found at the Junkyard Planet. He has been using this as his primary weapon. He later gave it to Leon Kuwata.
  • Unspecified Pistol - he once used a gun when he killed Gerry Genius.
  • Hoshi no Ou - bokuto is created from a twenty-thousand year old tree from another planet that cuts through almost anything. Marcus is yet to demonstrate it's true potential.


  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actor for Marcus are Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted) and Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki Sakata from Gintama).
  • Marcus once shared a room with Eddy and Rex. After the renovation, he now shares a room with Raya, Sylvia and Malvina.
  • So far, he is in a relationship with Raya, Sylvia, Karizza and Malvina.
  • Marcus can be considered both as an Ed, Edd n Eddy OC and a Castle Town Dandelion OC.
  • Marcus' early running gag is whenever he said "what's the worst that could happen" and then getting choked was later dropped in later fics. Though he still gets choked by Eddy.
  • During his first arrival in Peach Creek, many mistaken him to be 14 years old when he was actually sixteen at the time.
  • Marcus is sometimes called the Walking Gasoline Station.
  • Marcus originally had a horrible voice but was later fixed.
  • The Summoner is so far the only person that he kissed by his own will.
  • Not counting those who've he killed before loosing his memories, his kill count so far is two.
  • Marcus is a member of the Service Club.


Notable Quotes

  • (to XY Girl) "I'm not really good of being a leader, sure there are times I can say decent orders but how I execute it, is my flaw. But that doesn't mean that I can't correct it, like a friend of mine said, choosing a leader is easy but creating a leader is much better, and I'm doing just that... I'm learning to become leader from experience whether in success or failure, as long as I can learn then I know I can become a good leader."
  • (to Andy the Ragdoll) "Listen here and listen well cause I'm not gonna repeat it! You're an idiot! While you complained of being abandoned, have you ever, EVER thought that their are kids out there that can't afford to buy a toy! Yes! Their are families out there that can't even afford to buy their children toys due to poverty! I see a lot of kids without toys watching other kids playing with their toys in envy! You can complain all you want about getting abandon but don't you know, that even the dirtiest toy can make a child happy! A simple ragdoll can make a girl smile! A truck with no wheels can make a boy smile! A simple lego piece can bring joy to a child! Rather than planning on hurting children, you could have used your newfound abilities to make children like those smile, even if they grow up, you can find another child to bring smiles to their faces! Toys are objects! But it brings smiles to a child's face! You could have done that! But instead, you choose this meaningless crusade of yours!"
  • (to Aka Red) "I said pipe down Red! You Red-head should calm down with you're Red blood and you're Red temper or else you'll see Red."
  • (to Aka Red) "You know... trusts take years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. So when I tell you that 'I trust you' please... don't make me regret it."
  • (to Aka Red) "What's wrong, Red? Your face is all Red, do you have a Red fever? You need to drink a Red medicine, your Red grandma says so."
  • (to Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa) "Like I said, once more, don't worry, I know the consequences of killing, if you know how to shoulder the burden then there's nothing to worry about."
  • (to Eddy) "Are you an idiot? Are you really an idiot? Just what do you intend to use that chopper motorcycle in this situation? And where the hell did you get that?"
  • (to Arisu Nightmare) "What's up with that? What's up with the Avril Lavigne song? Why do you insist that Summoner is my girlfriend? You need to get a life, you moron!"
  • (to XY Girl) "Easier said than done! My legs are wobbly as the new-born Bambi! I can't fly to the sky with my ears!"
  • (towards the bad son) "Live on! Evil or not! All children need their parents!"
  • (to Flirtare) "You got to be kidding me?! Why is he having tea on a time like this?! Where did he get that?! Oi, if you want tea party that badly then go back home, invite your friends, wear frilly dresses and stuff you're ugly faces with cakes! You bastard!"
  • (to Mayaka Takehara) "HEEEEERE'S MARCUS!!"
  • (to a phone and to a notepad) "Screw you phone and your limited battery life and screw you notepad that I bought on a whim."
  • (to Kanade Sakurada) "Listen here and listen well! No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future! We all feel guilty for the things we could have done better. But we need to let go of that guilt and remind ourselves what to do better the next time!"
  • (to Shuu Sakurada) "King Marcus sounds cool but that's not up my alley. Old me can be king all he wants but new me has taken a different path."
  • (to Akane Sakurada) "Hmm... like you said it's really different. But to be honest I don't know what the answer of what it feels to be like a hero nor I care at all. I just do what I want to do, do things right. Even if other people thinks otherwise, that ain't changing what I always do. Some heroes are feel satisfied with the recognition that they deserve, some heroes believe that they deserve something more. I guess in the end, it depends on the person."
  • (to Akane Sakurada) "Like I said before I don't know... sometimes it feels good, sometimes it's not or maybe I just stopped caring about that... I guess what satisfy me, satisfies me. And like I said before I'm no hero, I'm just a guy who just do what's right."
  • (to Gerry Genius) "Because Emotionless or not... they don't deserve to be treated like this."
  • (to Luna and Nodoka) "Luna-chii! Nodo-chii! Open the door! My heart and soul are not ready with this kind of situation!"
  • (to Kamisato Jouzou) "You're an idiot! You're a total idiot! I can't believe you'll just ask someone you met to join your idiotic organization!"
  • (to Kamisato Jouzou) "YOU ARE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER! What the hell? What kind of childish motive is that?! Who in the right mind would blow up a bus because they sat on a gum?!"
  • (to Aty) "Normally... I'm not one to make a promise that I can't keep but...... I promise I will save her and bring her back to you.''
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