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Makoto Kino, also known as Sailor Jupiter, is one of the main characters of the Sailor Moon anime and manga.

Despite her brawny appearance and terrifying reputation, Makoto is a friendly, nurturing girl who enjoys traditionally feminine pursuits like cooking in addition to fighting and working out. Often seen pining for her old sempai, who rejected her in the days before she transferred to Usagi and Ami's school. She's the physically strongest of the inner soldiers, and it shows.

In the AWA fics, Makoto is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the TWA fics, Makoto is a member of the Honor Fighting Force.


Makoto has brown wavy hair that is always seen styled into a ponytail and held up by a green hair tie. She is also always seen wearing pink rose earrings on her earlobes. Makoto is very tall for a Japanese schoolgirl and is the tallest girl in the Inner Senshi.

Her school uniform is a white long sleeved sailor fuku with white laced ribbon at the center and has a cross corset design on her uniform with two white designs with khaki linings in each sides at the edge of her uniform, a long khaki skirt with a matching long lace ribbon at the back and black heels. Her fuku is khaki with two white linings attached. Her summon uniform is a contrast to other female students from her previous school as seen in the fourth season where she is friends with Tomoko during flashbacks. She retains her winter school uniform only her long sleeves are folded into cuffs to make it short sleeves.

Her casual outfits are mostly seen wearing pants or shorts in the first season up to the earlier fourth season. During the fourth season she was seen wearing dresses. Her primary casual outfit is an orange and pale yellow jersey jacket with a yellow short sleeved undershirt, pale blue pants and sneakers. She also wears a cap while wearing the outfit.


Makoto Kino is a tomboyish teenage girl who transfers to Juuban Municipal Junior High School in the first season. Makoto had lost her parents in a plane accident when she was younger, and lives on her own in an apartment. People are usually intimidated to approach her due to her height, tough appearance, strength, and ability to fight, and she was believed to have been kicked out of her previous school due to fighting. She also practices karate. Despite her tomboyish exterior, Makoto is a kind person who enjoys cooking, gardening, flower arranging, handicrafts, and dreams to have a happy marriage and own a flower and bakery shop. Like the rest of the Sailor Senshi, her loyalty towards Usagi never faltered.

However, her tough side does kick in when she deems it's needed, like when seeing a friend being bullied by peers. She took down a group of boys who harassed Ami because of a rumor that her grades are a result of cheating.

Makoto's specialty is indeed her strength. If she feels weak, she puts in the effort to get stronger.

Makoto has a habit of always bringing up "the guy that dumped [her]".


Makoto possesses immense physical strength, as high as Haruka's, and combined with some knowledge of martial arts, she, as Sailor Jupiter, is the "hand-to-hand combatant" of the Inner Sailor Scouts (unlike Sailor Mercury, the "brain" of the team).

When she is sick, she becomes electrically charged, as shown in the Act 17, when she unintentionally shocked Ittou Asanuma when he touched her shoulder.


  • "Kino" could mean "of the Tree", if it had been written with the possession-particle の.
  • Her first name is usually known to be a boy's name.
  • Makoto's membership number in the Three Lights Fan Club was 1606.
  • In the anime, Makoto had four image songs: It's Not Your Fault, Kissing in the Starlight, In Order to Forget, Don't Fall in Love, and We Believe You.
  • In Japan, brown hair connotes rebelliousness, which enhances Makoto's tough girl image. 
  • In the original English dub, Makoto was named "Lita". 


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