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Makie Sasaki is a character from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

Makie is the 16th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the energetic (and rather childish) rhythmic gymnast and one of the more prominent of the Sports Girls in the class. Although interested in cute things such as teacher Negi Springfield, her encounters with him lead her to become connected to various magical and supernatural phenomenon without truly knowing anything going on. Her connections with Negi also drive her into occasional confrontations with fellow Negiholic Ayaka Yukihiro.

In the AWA fics, Makie is a student at the AWA Academy.


Makie has a short pink hair tied in two short pigtails and has green eyes. She usually wears her Mahora Academy uniform.


Makie's greatest strength in ability is her athletics, particularly her abilities as a rhythmic gymnast. As a gymnast, her spirit is both the source of her strength and a significant weakness, as described by her coach, Ninomiya. Her training has given her superior reflexes and reaction time. But as amazing as her physical abilities are, Makie's mental abilities are lacking. Her test scores are the second lowest in the entire class and she is known as the "Baka Pink" of the infamous "Baka Rangers" (or Dummy Force in the FUNimation dub). Unlike many of the other Baka Rangers, which have other causes for their academic failings, Makie's weakness is solely due to her own airheadedness.

Since Makie is part of the rhythmic gymnastics team, she is also seen as member of the "Sports Girls", where she is friends and roommates with similarly athletically gifted students such as Yuuna, Ako, and Akira. Early on, Makie is mostly seen alongside these girls and is a close friend to both Yuuna and Ako. However, she also finds herself consistently paired off with Ayaka, who believes her as a rival for her own affections for teacher Negi. Unlike Ayaka's sisterly affection (with some underlying amorous intentions), Makie only thinks Negi's very cute, yet at the same time can recognize his maturity. Since she is several years older than him, she too believes this is more about being a big sister to her teacher instead of a romantic rival, yet she does get caught up in games and affairs to "win his heart," due to a fear that a girl who does get him might object to her wanting be friends with him. By chapter 288 however, Akira informs Negi that Makie's feelings have in fact become romantic.


Gymnastic Abilities: While she is depicted a skilled rhythmic gymnast, she is particularly deft with the use of the ribbon, as she is seen most of the time holding this implement, whether in practice or in cases that do not need it. She even uses this ribbon as an extending arm, picking small things that are out of her reach. Several promotional materials and other scenes also show her expertise with the ball. It is unknown how she does with either of the three other implements in the sport: the clubs, rope and the hoop. Nonetheless, she won fourth place in a recent gymnastics competition before heading off with Ayaka's group to England.

Magical Ability: With Makie being able to perform the beginner's Fire Spell (chapter 212) and shrink and enlarge breast sizes (although It was in Yuna's dream/nightmare), there is a possibility that she has a talent for magic.

PactioArmatura Quinquiplex - Made with Negi in Chapter 289. Makie's Artifact is a set of five items.

  • Liberum Lemniscus is the name of ribbon. It has the ability to stretch to extraordinary lengths.
  • Bombus Globus is the name of the ball. When she throws it at a target, it creates a huge explosion.
  • Frango Stipes is the name of the set of juggling clubs. It seems to have the ability to multiply and float in the air. It can also increase in size and be used as a club.
  • Cleaving Ring
  • Capturing Rope


  • Her obsessive behavior over Negi can rival that of Ayaka
  • Good friends with Yuuna, Ako and Akira.
  • Makie was never appear in the UQ Holder! manga (Or just a brief cameo appear in a flashbacks), she is actually appears in the key visual of UQ Holder! anime, which seem like it is hinted she will appear in the later chapters or episodes of UQ Holder! series.


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