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Madoka Kaname is the titular main character of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime and manga.

A well-behaved girl who doesn't consider herself to have any particular athletic or academic prowess. This lack of confidence feeds into a strong sense of selflessness that on some occasions is a positive thing but a negative one on others. After saving Kyuubey from Homura, she considers forming a contract and becoming a Magical Girl, which she believes will finally enable her to help other people.

Kyuubey is determined on contracting her, but Homura intends to stop this from happening.

In the AWA fics, Madoka is a student in AWA Academy and is part of Class 1.


Madoka Kaname is a 14-year-old girl with bright pink twin tails and has pink eyes. When down, her hair is nearly shoulder length.

Madoka's school uniform is a light tan blouse with a black plaid skirt and white thigh high socks with a pair of brown shoes. Madoka also wears two red ribbons in her hair, which later on she gave away to Homura as a gift to remember her by.

Madoka wears a poofy pink dress with ribbons arranged at the neck, waist, and on the shoes. The middle of her torso is pale yellow with a white stripe and red buttons. On the back right under the white ruffles (at the hem of the dress) is a heart-shaped hole. For the waist is a flower-like pattern that is a pink-white fade. At the edge of this are three diamond shapes and a red border. Under it is a white skirt accompanied by a petticoat of the same color.

She also wears a pair of white gloves with pink trims, white, knee-high stockings, and dark pink heels.

As a Goddess, Madoka has very long pink hair and small twin tails held up by white bows. Her eyes appear to have a golden color in this form. She also has white angel wings on her back and on the heels of her shoes.

Her outfit consists of a light pink choker and an extremely long white dress with the universe on the inside of it. Her collar has a wavy cut, and in the middle of her chest is a diamond shaped hole with her soul gem at the top of it along with two smaller soul gems on either side. Her sleeves are short, airy, with white on the top and pink on the bottom. She also has white gloves, similar to the ones she wore when she was a magical girl. Her dress has three layers, the bottom one being pink. Under each layer is the universe.


Madoka is seen to be a very kind girl who attempts to help anyone to the best of her ability, but is also shown to be quite timid. In the past timeline, Homura Akemi and she seemed to have switched personalities, Madoka being the risk taker and Homura being the shy one.

AWA Fanfics

Madoka is more cheerful and out-going. After hanging out with Chizuru Tachibana and Oohori, she was influenced with their troublesome and reckless behaviors such being rude, cursing and being blunt.


Madoka uses a magical bow as her main weapon. She can fire an enormous storm of energy arrows to attack her opponents.

AWA Fanfics

But Madoka's ultimate feat is her Wild Side which she becomes a lot dangerous and powerful, all of her five senses are heighten up, speed and strength are increased, and would inhibits traits akin to a feral animal.

Madoka is also training to become a Pokemon Trainer.


  • Madoka along with Homura Akemi are the first characters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • The first character of her last name means "deer". The last character means "eye".
  • Madoka's name is in hiragana, which does not have a specific meaning. When written in kanji, however, it can mean "round, tranquil".
  • She appears to be double-jointed at times.
  • She is a libra.
  • In the AWA fics, Madoka is roommates with Homura Akemi and Amu Hinamori.
  • In the AWA fics, Madoka has a massive crush on Izuku Midoriya.
  • In the AWA fics, Madoka has a pet Arcanine which she named Arcy.


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