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Lyon Vastia is a character from the Fairy Tail anime and manga.

Gray's former senior and rival who studied together with him under Ur's. He uses a special variety of Ice Make that can create living ice golems. First appearing before Fairy Tail as the villainous "Reitei", he is obsessed with achieving his lifelong dream of surpassing his teacher by resurrecting and defeating Deliora, whom Ur sacrificed herself for to seal away. After being thwarted by Gray and his friends, Lyon is convinced to join the Lamia Scale guild, where he rises among the ranks to become one of its ace members.

In the XP4 fics, Lyon debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.

In the AWA fics, Lyon is a student at the AWA Academy and yet to make an appearance.


Lyon is a slim young man of average height with a muscular and toned body. He has bluish silver hair, most of which are spiky strands that jut upwards on top of his head, except for some which are kept pointing down and partially cover the upper left part of his face. Lyon’s eyes are slanted, with dark round pupils and surrounded by similarly dark lines. He has small, linear, dark eyebrows. During his first appearance, he donned a small, light-colored earring on his left earlobe, which takes the shape of a stylized snowflake. After joining Lamia Scale, Lyon had the guild stamp imprinted on his right pectoral, in the same spot where Gray Fullbuster has his own Fairy Tail stamp. Upon Team Tenrou's return seven years later, the only difference in Lyon's look is reappearance of an earring on his left ear, larger than his first one and seemingly consisting of a small chain as well.

When first introduced as "Reitei," Lyon wore an imposing outfit which initially hid his identity. He sported a large white cape, with a wide collar, golden edges and fur trimmings over the shoulders, held closed by belt, adorned by a stylized snake with rectangular coils, and its corresponding buckle, with more belts and buckles, placed a few centimeters away from one another and below the first, being left untied. Below this cape, Lyon wore a blue, high-collared tunic with golden edges, reaching down below his knees, with the part coming down from below the simple belt tied around his waist having an opening in the front. The tunic sported a large, dark cross-like design on the back, and is worn over a dark shirt, which was partially revealed and torn as a result of Lyon’s fight with Gray. Lyon’s outfit at the time also included baggy dark pants tucked inside armored greaves, composed of different plates and sporting knee caps, and an ornamental helmet obscuring most of his face. Bearing resemblance to a skull, this helmet sported a front part which covered Lyon’s upper face, revealing his mouth and nose, with a line of sharp teeth beneath it, and Lyon’s eyes not being visible from the eye slits of the mask, which was adorned by a spiraling motif. The helmet also came equipped with striped horns pointing frontwards and with a large crest made of spiky fur, falling on Lyon’s back.

After joining Lamia Scale, Lyon switched to a less imposing, yet still showy attire. He sported a white jacket reaching down below his waist, distinguished by large, dark fur trimmings around the neck and cuffs, together with similarly dark belts circling each of his arms, one above his elbow, and another above his furry cuff. Below this jacket, Lyon wore a high-collared tunic reminiscent of his old one, but much shorter, just reaching down to his waist, and colored extremely dark purple, with lighter purple edges. The most distinctive piece of his outfit at the time were his pants, which appeared to be composed of snakeskin, with a pair of dark belts circling his thighs and an intricate dark pattern adorning the front of each leg, this consisting of many rounded, rhomboidal figures linked together, each possessing a smaller figure in its center. Lyon's pants were held up by a simple light belt with a plain rectangular buckle, and his outfit was completed by simple dark shoes with lighter soles.

As Lyon welcomes Team Tenrou from their seven years of disappearance, he donned a new outfit. He retains a short, high-collared tunic, which is now dark in color and has light edges and cuffs, together with many decorative motifs on the lower part of the chest and sleeves; unlike before, the tunic's collar is now left slightly open. Lyon doesn't wear a jacket anymore; instead, his shoulders are covered by a dark mantle with a high collar and light, jagged edges matching his tunic. In addition, he appears to wear dark pants with light parts circling his thighs and gray boots.


While typically cold and composed, Lyon had also once been ambitious to a fault, and takes his goals and dreams extremely seriously. He is very proud of his own powers and takes immense pride in possessing them. This had led him to attempt to revive the Demon Deliora, in hopes of surpassing his teacher Ur, who gave up her life to freeze the Demon indefinitely. Lyon also tends to get carried away by his emotions as well. After joining Lamia Scale, he has loosened up significantly, but still retains his impulsive nature. During the Allied Forces' meeting, he rushes off after Natsu Dragneel into the woods and towards Oración Seis' presumed headquarters, without even a plan of attack. He is also shown to be slightly arrogant, as shown in the Grand Magic Games Arc when he is talking to Sherria about his teammate Jura. However, when it comes down to it, Lyon is extremely quick witted and observant. He was able to discover Racer's weakness by watching the birds fly in the sky. He, much like Gray in this regard, ignored Sherry's obvious affection for him. He has also been known to have a grudge against Gray. He considers himself to be Gray's superior and tries his best to prove his superiority over him.

XP4 Fanfics

Lyon is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of Of Guns and Magic. He also attends at Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 10, Lyon, alongside his team, Of Guns and Magic, are seen in the kingdom of Reste Sig where they had a mission to defeat the rebellion going against the Royal Blomma Family. After driving away the rebels, Lyon and everyone were ordered to stay in the kingdom for a while until all rebels are captured which they complied.


Ice-Make (Aisu Meiku): A form of Molding Magic that allows the user to create ice at his will and to shape it into objects. Lyon's proficiency in Ice-Make spells, after joining the Lamia Scale Guild, allowed him to quickly be selected to do S-Class jobs. Whether this indicates that he is an S-Class Mage or not is yet to be confirmed. As an Ice-Make user, Lyon is an individual resistant to cold and as such able to take damage from ice and snow-based attacks without sustaining major injury and is either completely to immune snow based attacks such as Eve Tearm's Snow Magic or is more resilient to it than other people.

  • Dynamic Ice-Make: Unlike Gray whose version is Static (which allows him to create weapons and nonliving objects), Lyon´s Ice-Make is Living (aka Dynamic), which means most of his creations are animal familiars made from ice. However this may simply be a matter of preference, as Lyon has also demonstrated some Static techniques, such as Ice-Make: Sword, Shield, and Geyser.
  • Ice-Make: Eagle (Īguru): Lyon creates several eagles that fly to his enemy and strike it. As a dynamic form of ice magic, these eagles can avoid any obstacles to hit its target.
  • Ice-Make: Snow Dragon (Sunō Doragon): Lyon creates an ice Dragon that rushes towards its targets, and crushes them.
  • Ice-Make: Ape (Eipu): Lyon creates a large ape from ice. When he first employed it against Gray's Ice-Make: Ice Hammer, he created a static version of it. It was later revealed to be of the Dynamic type as well.
  • Ice-Make: Snow Tiger (Sunō Taigā): Lyon creates a tiger made out of ice that can rush towards, and bite its target.
  • Ice-Make: Wing: Lyon is able to grow wings made from ice. He used such technique to fly over onto the Magic Bomber: Christina.
  • Ice-Make: Panther: Lyon puts his palm on one side of the target, creating a panther made of ice that passes through the target and comes out from the opposite side.
  • Ice-Make: Diamond Cage: Lyon creates a diamond-sided sphere of ice on the enemy to destroy the target’s body. It was stated that it loses its hardness the further it is away from the Caster and eventually shatters. This ice has been proven to be unmeltable, as shown when Lyon first used it on Natsu, he couldn't melt the ice on him with the fire from his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • Ice-Make: Puffer Fish: Lyon creates a puffer fish made of ice and sends it towards the target, bashing it with its mass.
  • Ice-Make: Water Serpent (Mizuchi): Lyon creates a large, spiraling serpent made of ice that freezes his intended target upon contact.
  • Ice-Make: Mouse: Lyon creates a small, exceptionally cute mouse made of ice to function as a distraction, allowing him time to prepare more powerful spells.
  • Ice-Make: Dragonfly: Lyon creates many Dragonflies, made of ice, that quickly home in on and attack his target.
  • Static Ice-Make: Even though Lyon has shown himself to be a master at using the Dynamic variation of Ice-Make Magic, he has demonstrated a few spells that shows he is capable of using the Static variation as well, though his level of usage seen so far is not as abundant as Gray's.
  • Ice-Make: Sword: The user creates a sword made of ice for melee combat. The strength of the sword is powerful enough to combat normal swords.
  • Ice-Make: Lion: Lyon's entire arm is enveloped by a thick layer of ice which manifests as the head of a lion. This strengthens his punches and increases the damage it causes to his enemies.
  • Ice-Make: Shield (Shīrudo): The user creates large pieces of ice in front of themselves, which then quickly reform into hexagonal pieces arranged in a shield-like barrier to protect everything behind it.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Geyser (Aisu Gaizā): Lyon freezes the ground in front of him, creating a tower of ice spikes that impales his target.
  • Ice-Make: Hedgehog (Hejjihoggu): Lyon covers his body with ice spikes reminiscent of a hedgehog, to protect himself from melee attacks. This was first seen in his battle against Racer.
  • Ice-Make: Clone: Lyon creates a copy of himself made out of ice. The copy is perfectly identical to him, being revealed as made of ice only after a close, careful inspection, and thus coming in useful to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Ice-Make: Titan Feet (Taitan Fīto): Lyon creates a huge leg out of ice and slams it onto the target, crushing the victims underfoot.
  • Ice Blade: Swan's Wings (Hyōjin Hakuchō no Tsubasa): Lyon forms a plethora of bladed swan's wings which rush towards the opponent, attacking in a flurry to inflict lethal cuts.

Ice Magic (Kōri no Mahō): Ice Magic allows the user to manipulate or create the element of ice. Little is known about Ice Magic, as there have only been a few spells used so far, such as freezing objects the user comes into contact with, or Iced Shell, which requires the user to give up their body and transform into ice.

  • Iced Shell (Aisudo Sheru): While Lyon has never employed such high-level Magic, it is revealed that he knows how to cast it nevertheless.

Snow Magic (Yuki Mahō): Lyon was shown capable of using Snow Magic to create and manipulate snow against his opponents.

  • Blizzard: Lyon, after raising his hand, launches several freezing winds, creating a powerful snow storm around the target.

Dispel (Disuperu): A Magic that Lyon used to dispel Ur's Iced Shell.

  • Moon Drip (Mūn Dorippu): Moon Drip requires the light of the moon to act. It can deactivate every possible spell, even the "unmeltable ice" made by Ur's Iced Shell.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Lyon is proficient in hand-to-hand combat. He is skilled enough to have overwhelmed Gray, albeit he repeatedly aimed for the latter's injuries.


  • Lyon and his team once appeared in the cover of Sorcerer Magazine.
  • In the Oración Seis arc, he is seen stripping at the same time as Gray, meaning he picked up the habit from Ur's training as well.
  • Lyon's Edolas counterpart is said to wear multiple layers of clothing and is in love with a girl who ignores him, similar to Gray Surge.
    • In the manga, it is revealed to be Juvia.
    • Two of Lyon's followers appear to have Edolas counterparts in the anime, the two being asked by Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla and are scared off when they used magic.
  • Lyon ranked 3rd in The Wizard I'd Like To Be My Boyfriend poll held by the Sorcerer Magazine in X784, being bested by Hibiki Lates of Blue Pegasus and Siegrain (Jellal Fernandes), both of whom ranked 1st and 2nd place, respectively.


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