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Lyndel Flamburge is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Lyndel is the princess from the Flamburge Kingdom.

Lyndel debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries.


Lyndel has a fair skin tone, a black waist-length hair with red streaks, she has green eyes and a darkish-red lips. She wears a black cardigan with a white collar over a red top, yellow office skirt with a white trimmings and red ribbon underneath a black ruffled skirt, black & gray thigh-high socks, black heels, red gloves and a crown on her head. But her most notable feature is the large heart-shaped tattoo on her left eye.


Lyndel is a kind and caring girl. She is proud of her destiny but wishes to be a queen like her mother. Although Lyndel is aware of her reputation, and she intends to keep it that way, she appreciates that her close friends understand her for who she truly is.

XP4 Fanfics

Lyndel is part of the Heroes Coalitions and is a member of the Pact as it's second-in-command. She also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 4, Lyndel is seen making her way towards the Withered Tree at the Training Campgrounds and handed a paper with her number on it to Buccaneer "Buckles" Murphy, and told him to call her. After walking off, Lyndel has no idea that Akatora Tsujimiya and The Creepy Guy beating up Buckles.

In Chapter 5, Lyndel is mentioned by Vegeta where she went back to her kingdom to attend her cousin's wedding.

In Chapter 6, Lyndel returned to Neo-City and is seen alongside Sakura Kinomoto in the lounge area of the Training Camp. They were then joined by Regan Bladeworks and had a conversation. They then witnessed Nora Valkyrie smashing Alden Cole into the ceiling.

In Chapter 12, Lyndel is seen doing a jump rope in the Training Camp.

In Chapter 18, Lyndel, alongside Regan Bladeworks, are walking around when they came across Marcus "The Kane" McGee in an intersection when she accidentally bumps onto him but he managed to catch and her drink. The three had a conversation for a minute before Marcus left and Lyndel admitted in her thoughts that she is attracted to him.

In Chapter 19, Lyndel, alongside the others, are joined by Eddy Skipper McGee, Marcus "The Kane" McGee, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith, Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams and Rolf Yrmi in the day's training. Later that night and after a whole day of training, Lyndel took part of the little get-together at the training facility's cafeteria.

In Chapter 23, Lyndel entered the Vanguard Academy and met up with Rachael Blomma and Dawn Medrek.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Mission Chronicles

In Chapter 3, Lyndel is mentioned by Aria "Arinah" Sakurada dragging Elise Pearson alongside Regan Bladeworks in Marcia Imperial's store.


Lyndel has the ability to levitate objects at ease. She often uses razor-sharp cards that can easily slices anything in just one swipe.


  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actress for Lyndel are Wendee Lee (Lizzie Hearts from Ever After High) and Yoko Hikasa (Emi Yusa from Hataraku Maou-sama).
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