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Lux Arcadia is the main protagonist of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut light novels and anime.

Lux is the seventh crown Prince of the Arcadia Empire that was destroyed in a revolt five years prior to the start of the series and Nicknamed "The Weakest Undefeated Drag-Knight" due to having never lost a fight (all his fights end in draws). He is later revealed to be the dangerous and mysterious "Black Hero" who destroyed 1200 drag-rides of the empire during the coup d'etat and single-handedly ended the war in the process. He wields a Wyvern Drag-Ride and the Divine Drag-Ride "Bahamut". His mother died in a carriage accident when he was young, and the people refused to help him out of resentment towards the Royal family, with only Philuffy showing him kindness. He failed to reason with his father the emperor about the people's suffering, and his older brother Fugil convinced him of doing the coup to protect Philuffy, only for his brother to betray him by killing the emperor and the royal court, leaving him and Airi to pay for the debt towards the old kingdom. He is also engaged to Krulcifer.

In the XP4 fics, Lux is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is an honorary member of the Cross Guards. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.


Lux has medium-sized silver hair with grey eyes. He wears the standard school uniform. Most of the girls at the academy have said that Lux has a cute, childlike face.

When the Triad forced Lux to disguise as girl in Volume 3, he wore a long chestnut-colour wig and the female school uniform. He was described as looking like a very pretty girl by everybody who saw him in his disguise (much to his embarrassment).


Lux has a very kind personality, willing to help anyone in need. Lux has proven to have a strong morale code, even trying to avoid killing his enemies during the revolt.

Most of the time, Lux is very shy around girls his age. This is not helped by how most of girls at the academy try to get closer to Lux because he's the only boy there and how they try to make him do "odd jobs" for them.

However, Lux can become very serious, calm and calculating when he wants to be. Krulcifer once mentioned that when angered enough, Lux can become aggressive and destructive in battle.

As his sister mentioned, Lux also has the trait that makes him stubborn. When he wants to help someone, he does it, regardless of the situation.


Lux is an extremely skilled Drag-Knight. He was the youngest Drag-Knight in the history of the Old Empire, gaining a license at the age of 12. Under the New Kingdom, he was skilled enough to never receive an attack during mock battles in the capital.

High Drag-Ride aptitude: Despite being a male, Lux has a higher Drag-Ride aptitude than the average female. This allows him to operate even a Divine Drag-Ride for a long period of time.

Master swordsman: Lux is an extremely proficient swordsman, capable of aiming at the vital points of Drag-Rides (the arm, the Force Cores and the Sword Device) while not hitting the pilots' bodies. Lux can defeat an entire army of Drag-Knights without killing any of them.

Throwing weapons master: In Bahamut, Lux can throw objects with enough power and accuracy that they possess speed comparable to bullets and can strike down Drag-Knights at a distance. He can even do this while fighting a Ragnarok at the same time.

Quick Draw : The first of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a high-speed slash performed by using mind control operation in addition to body control operation. As the inventor of the technique, Lux's mastery of it exceeds Velvet's.

Recoil Burst : The second of the Drag-Knight secret arts, an extremely destructive slash possessing dozens of times more power than a normal one. It is powerful enough to instantly inflict crippling damage on Azi Dahaka, a Divine Drag-Ride with tough armour that is additionally protected by Auto-Shield and a Reload on Fire-enhanced barrier. This involves Lux intentionally allowing Bahamut to rampage, then using body control operation to attack at full power while simultaneously using mind control operation to restrain that same attack. This technique is extremely dangerous to the point of being called forbidden, as if Lux cannot perfectly restrain the energy flowing from his Drag-Ride's Force Core, then Bahamut will rampage and become a threat to both the surroundings and Lux himself.

End Action: The third of the Drag-Ride secret arts, a seemingly endless series of consecutive attacks. Using this technique, Lux can sever the several hundred tentacles of Poseidon with melee attacks while simultaneously taking down several dozen Drag-Knights using thrown weapons. This involves alternating between use of the two control operation types, body control operation and mind control operation, to eliminate the interval that normally exists after a Drag-Ride attacks and thus attack almost indefinitely. According to Airi, it ends when he finishes predicting his opponent's intentions, not when his attacks are interrupted. In practice, this technique is limited by Lux's stamina. When Lux uses it against Yoruka (who uses End Action at the same time), both of them stop out of exhaustion after unleashing over a hundred attacks in a few seconds. In the anime, he is shown to dart all over a Ragnarok, slicing tentacles continuously at an absurd rate.

Tuning: After observing Singlen's use of this technique, Lux learns how to use it himself. This involves manually changing the Drag-Ride's settings in the middle of battle. These techniques are extremely risky as they leave the user's body vulnerable to attack.

  • Battle Array - Vicissitude: Lux stops his Drag-Ride's automatic barrier generation and instead manually creates a moving barrier to parry an enemy's attack. This is tough enough to repel an attack from Dilwy, an EX Class Drag-Knight with the increased strength of a Nocturnal.
  • Battle Array - Aeon Fire: Lux diverts power from other functions to his weapon, increasing its power. The resulting attack can break through the maximum output barrier of an EX Wyvern and damage it to the point that it cannot move for several seconds. This technique weakens other functions such as defence.


When hiding his identity, Lux uses a customised Wyvern with heavier armour. The added weight makes it slower than a normal Wyvern and increases the burden on the user. Despite the additional defence, it still isn't durable enough to withstand a direct attack from a Divine Drag-Ride's main armament. Even so, Lux is capable of lasting five minutes against Lisha using Tiamat and going all out, when an ordinary Drag-Knight would be defeated in dozens of seconds in the same situation.

When fighting seriously, Lux uses the Divine Drag-Ride Bahamut.

Reload on Fire : Bahamut's Divine Raiment, which slows and then accelerates time within a target. Specifically, it slows time to a fraction of its usual speed for five seconds, then accelerates it several times in the next five seconds.

  • Quick Shot: A special move in which Lux sees through the preliminary movement of the enemy’s attack, then uses the acceleration by Reload on Fire or Quick Draw to instantly destroy the enemy.
  • Violent Strike: A technique that combines Reload on Fire with tuning in order to apply the time alteration effect to part of the enemy's armour instead of Lux himself. This involves Lux attacking the enemy while invoking Reload on Fire. The parts of the armour that he attacks are then accelerated, tearing them apart and even injuring the flesh of the enemy.

Linker Burst: The special armament of Bahamut, which moves objects. Its usual power isn't particularly high: it can only pull small objects (like weapons or pieces of rubble) towards the user, not destroy them or send them flying. However, it can be used in combination with End Action, in which Lux pulls objects to his hand and then throws them with the speed of a bullet.

Over Limit: A state in which Bahamut's limiters are removed, resulting in increased output and a different shape. In Over Limit, Bahamut has an extra pair of wings and cartridges attached to the arms that increase flight output and offensive power of the blade, and additional armour. In this state, Bahamut has several times its normal power. Linker Burst is strengthened and can now be used to throw objects at high speed. Reload on Fire is also strengthened. In Over Limit, Lux can defeat opponents as powerful as an evolved Yggdrasil or Rosa in Devil Machia Mode singlehandedly. However, due to the increased burden to the body, Lux can only use Over Limit for a limited period of time.


  • Lux is the Latin word for 'light'. It is also used as the SI unit of illuminance or luminous flux.
  • Arcadia was a colony of New France in northeastern North America that included parts of eastern Quebec, the Maritime provinces, and modern-day Maine to the Kennebec River.


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