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Luna Platz, known as Luna Shirogane in Japan, is one of the main characters from the Mega Man Star Force anime and games.

Luna is the perky and bossy fifth-grade class president of Echo Ridge Elementary. She constantly tries to get Geo to come to school, claiming that it is her job to get him there. When Geo finally comes to school, Luna basically treats Geo like another flunky. Luna openly admits she adores Mega Man from the second he saved her. However, throughout the game, it is constantly implied that Luna has developed strong feelings for Geo, stemming from Geo's declaration that he would protect her, and various times other times. Luna sees Sonia as her rival.

In the XP4 fics, Luna debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.

In the AWA fics, Luna is listed as a purchased slave from the Slave Fortress and is later rescued.


Luna is a young girl with a long, platinum blonde tied in drilled twintails and has light-brown eyes. She wears a blue long-sleeve jacket dress with a red ascot and a green brooch on her left chest and a light-blue with white stripes thigh-high boots.


Luna is a very perky and bossy person in both the games and the anime. She is also a capable leader (to some degree) as she was able to lead Zack Temple and Bud Bison without much difficulty. Luna is, in most cases, a perfectionist, partly due to having parents with incredibly high standards. She is also a very persistent person, trying to convince Geo to come back to school early and fail several times in the first game. Eventually Geo made the decision alone to return due to a suggestion from Sonia. Luna has a fondness of cute things like her rabbit-like Wizard named Vogue.

XP4 Fanfics

Luna is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is the leader of the Squad of Excellence. She also attends Vanguard Academy as a student. 

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 1, Luna alongside her team, the Squad of Excellence and the Universal Guardians are seen in Peach Creek City taking on a large number of Emotionless. And after getting rid of the creatures, Luna alongside everyone celebrated their mission's success.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 3, Luna is seen on top of the training facility alongside Hsien-Ko observing Geo Stelar and Sonia Strumm down below. Hsien-Ko then pointed out Luna's inability to express her feelings towards Geo which she argued back that Hsien-Ko is doing the same thing towards her crush on Frank West which Hsien-Ko denied. The jiang shi then pointed out that Geo and Sonia are gone, much to her disappointment. Later, Luna is seen walking down the streets looking for Geo and Sonia when car, occupied by Brent Dark, Nicco Bondarev and Tucker Noble, drives by her and splashes her with water, much to her chagrin.

In Chapter 4, Luna is seen walking towards the Sakura Tree where Geo Stelar is sitting underneath while reading a comic book. Upon getting his attention, Luna tried to confess her feelings to him but was interrupted by Kazeyoshi Imai's surprise appearance. Kazeyoshi then told them about about an upcoming mission which involves the entire Universak Defense Force, much to their awe. After Kazeyoshi left, Luna said goodbye to Geo and met up with Hsien-Ko. The Chinese zombie then asked Luna how her confession but she replied that she'll save it for another time.

In Chapter 7, Luna, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, is present in the Mission Briefing Room in the Training Facility where Dr. Michael Pating brief them about their mission in the Halidom of Ylisse before departing.

In Chapter 21, Luna, alongside Hsien-Ko, is seen walking towards the Sakura Tree at the Training Camp where Geo Stelar and Netto "Lan" Hikari are seen reading comics.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Awakening

In Chapter 1, Luna, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, arrives in a forest somewhere in Ylisse and appears to be lost. They later came across Chrom, Frederick, Lissa and Robin and quickly befriends them. After having conversation about the Emotionless, both sides decided to work together to eliminate the creatures. They decided to camp for the rest of the night.

In Chapter 2, Luna, alongside members of the Universal Guardians, the Squad of Excellence and Chrom's group, arrives in Ylisse and met up with Owain. Later, after Chrom decided to have a meeting with Frederick, Geo Stelar and herself, the rest decided to meet up with the Shepherds at the garrison. Later, Luna and the others arrived and Chrom claims to have an announcement.

In Chapter 3, Luna is seen having a conversation with Maribelle at the garrison. She then expresses her worries towards Geo Stelar which Maribelle then teases her crush over Geo, she could only humor her in response.

In Chapter 4, Luna, alongside her team, Lissa, Donnel, Ricken, Henry and Miriel, are seen walking around a forest somewhere in Ylisstol when they came across Nowi. Then Emotionless emerges from the dark before taking on and defeating the creatures.

In Chapter 6, Luna, alongside her team, Chrom, Sumia, Robin, Owain, Gregor and Olivia met up with Basilio, Flavia, Lon'qu and Cordelia at East Ferox to discuss about the Emotionless when Raimi arrives and told everyone that the fort is being attacked by the Emotionless. Everyone fought the creatures and managed to get rid of them before heading back inside the fort.

In Chapter 7, Luna is having a conversation with Sumia, Geo Stelar, Chrom, Basilio, Flavia, Robin and Owain at one table in the garrison.

In Chapter 10, Luna is seen in the garrison having a conversation with Shun Kazami and Chimera Wyld about the Chikara Masters & the Quanli Vessel.

In Chapter 11, Luna is at the garrison when they heard a noise, they ran to the corridors to see Ryuuko Matoi and Ricken chasing a strange hooded figure. Everyone went after the figure and led them to a large grassy fields, and reveals itself as a Pokemon known as Hitmonlee. The Pokemon then revealed that he stole an ancient alien artifact called the Ara-Ka Cube inside the castle. Everyone watches in horror as Hitmonlee uses the alien artifact to summon a zombified version of Emmeryn and Phila, much to everyone's disgust. Hitmonlee then summoned a large number of Emotionless, forcing Luna and everyone to fight. Luna then witnessed Donnel activating his Gift.

In Chapter 12 & Epilogue, Luna, alongside everyone, witnessed Donnel activating his Gift turning both Emmeryn and Phila back to life. After defeating the remaining Emotionless, forcing Hitmonlee to flee, life in Ylisstol went back to normal.


XP4 Fanfics

Sonia uses a blue-colored rapier as a weapon.

Luna is a Blessed with an unnamed Gift that has the ability to summons a large amount of dagger-like crystals and uses it to attack her enemies.


  • In the XP4 fics, Luna is the first ever female to lead a team.
  • Luna's pigtails are meant to resemble bunny ears. Her name is the Latin word for the moon and in traditional Japanese folklore the markings of the moon were believed to be a rabbit pounding ingredients for mochi (rice cakes) with a mallet. The fact Luna's name has to do with the moon is most likely how her character design came to be and why her Wizard, Vogue, is a rabbit.
  • Luna has an important role in awaking Geo's true strength as Mega Man twice.
    • The first is in Mega Man Star Force, when the school is attacked by Libra Scales, Geo was overwhelmed with fear that he could not defeat a Jammer G blocking his way to the Teacher's Lounge. Luna cries out for Mega Man's help, and Geo feel guilty for letting her down. One of Satellite Admin(Pegasus Magic, Leo Kingdom, or Dragon Sky, depending on the game's version) appears, saying, "She will believe till the bitter end." Geo finally toughens up and vows to protect her, which results the awakening of his Star Break power.
    • The second time is in Mega Man Star Force 2; after defeating Queen Ophiuca and saving Luna from Hyde, Geo is about to be consumed by the OOPArt's power. Geo told Luna to run as he is about to lose control, but she refuses. Luna insisted that she will stay by Geo's side no matter what and support him whether she can do something or not. Comforted by Luna's words, Geo calms down and the Link Power between the two activated, nullifying the OOPArt's mind invasion. Spirit of the Lost Tribe (Zerker, Saurian, or Ninja; depending on the game's version) noticed Geo's plight and taught him how to use the OOPArt's power. Using Tribe On ability, Mega Man defeated dozens of Murians with ease. However, that role has ended in Mega Man Star Force 3 since Geo received the Ace Programto control Noise by Ace, and Luna disappears at the ending of chapter 3 by an attack made by Dread Joker.
  • In the anime, while Luna was reading her horoscope, she read out Leo's fortune; this could either mean that it's a fortune based on the Leo satellite (which she is connected to) or that she was born in between July 23 and August 22.
    • In the anime, Luna is also directly associated to the Leo Satellite through her red transer.
  • In the later anime, Luna decides to learn how to cook so she might win MegaMan's affections. After initial catastrophic failures (including giving the head butler and later herself food poisoning), she apprentices herself to Akane Hoshikawa (Hope Stelar) and begins using Subaru (Geo) as a guinea pig. Eventually she succeeds at cooking a RockMan-inspired bento, much to her hero's surprise. Later in the Tribe anime, Luna's cooking skills have developed to a level that tempts Geo to try and steal one of her confections.
  • In the anime, Luna reveals that she wears contact lenses, due to how she asked Geo to help her find it at one point at school, during which, Luna was affected by Gemini's powers that increased positive levels, making Luna laugh the entire time, despite her worry and desire to find her contacts and avoid crushing them.
  • In the Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star ending credits, when both Mega Man and Harp Note return from the time portal, Luna gets mad, likely because of jealousy of seeing the two together.
  • Her role in the story, along with features from her personality gives her a close resemblance to Yai from the Battle network Series.
  • Her appearance somewhat resembles Sherrice from the Japan-only mobile game Rockman.EXE Legend of Network.


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