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Lucy Ashley is a character from the Fairy Tail anime and manga.

Lucy Heartfilia's Edolas counterpart, and the acting leader of Edolas Fairy Tail. She's tough-as-nails and masculine, and mostly garners her guild's respect through intimidation.

In the XP4 fics, Lucy is part of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. She also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.

In the AWA fics, Lucy is listed as a purchased slave from the Slave Fortress.


Lucy has brown eyes and blonde hair that is tied up with a skull hair band. She is dressed in a revealing, black leotard with a large erect collar that is exposed at the front and is cut to reveal her stomach and ample cleavage. The suit has no leggings and she wears a pair of long thigh-high boots that appear to be held up by thin overlapping belts. The leotard appears to be stylised with a single metal shoulder-guard on the right shoulder and a sheet of white fabric attached to her right hip cascading down to her knee. She also wears a single white sleeve over her forearm and has a decorative black tattoo encircling her upper left arm. In the anime, her attire has been slightly altered to cover her revealed areas. She also now sports a pair of knee-high boots. Not too long after meeting her counterpart, she cuts her hair so the two can be distinguished more easily.


Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Lucy Heartfilia, Lucy Ashley has a vulgar and aggressive personality. Despite this, she genuinely cares a lot for her guild, making her look like a tsundere. She also does not seem to like fickle men such as Loke. In Edolas, Lucy seems to have a crush on Natsu Dragion, as she seems slightly troubled when she hugs him and tends to look away when he asks her questions, also constantly worrying for his safety which was seen which she mistook Natsu Dragneel for the Edolas Natsu. When Natsu Dragneel pressured Lucy into purchasing their Magic Weapons, Lucy comments that she "sort of liked it."

Lucy also argues with Edolas Levy, unlike Lucy Heartfilia, who gets along quite well with Levy. She is also much less modest and more perverted than her Earth Land counterpart, being eager to show Natsu Dragneel how her body is exactly the same as Lucy Heartfilia's, only to earn a laugh and a comment about how funny it was to bathe with yourself, leaving both of them in shock. 


Torturing Techniques: Lucy innovated at least 48 different techniques, which she utilizes to bully Natsu Dragion and Natsu Dragneel.

  • Screwdrive Crush (Guriguri Kurasshū): Lucy wraps her legs around the opponents' neck from behind and twists her knuckles over their temple. She also locks one of the opponents' arms in between her legs.
  • Screwdrive Elbow Crush: Lucy wraps her left leg over the opponents' left shoulder and twists her right elbow over the opponents' right temple.
  • Technique 12: The Back-Crack Bridge: Lucy lifts the victim over her shoulders horizontally and pulls the opponents' legs and neck downwards, ramming their back into her neck vertebrae. She has been seen alternating into a modified version of Studly Bomber, by adding hip thrusts to inflict damage over the opponents' lower back.
  • Technique 28: The Give-Up-Already Lock: Lucy hooks each of the opponents' legs with both her arms with the recipient lying face down on the ground and pulls upwards.
  • Technique 31: Studly Bomber: Lucy wraps her legs around the opponents' back from the rear and stretches the opponents' arms upwards.
  • Technique 35: The Bitch Drop: Lucy wraps her left leg around the opponents' neck and her left arm around the opponents' right arm, and by pulling the opponents' right leg back with her other arm, she contorts their back for additional affliction.

Expert Whip Specialist: Prior to the loss of all Magic from Edolas, like her Earth Land counterpart, Lucy Ashley is proficient in using a whip. She could defeat a frog monster that attacked Wendy, Natsu, Carla and Happy by continuously hitting it in a quick succession with her Magic Whip alone.

Magic Whip: Lucy Ashley uses a whip enforced with Magic as her weapon. It is a powerful Magic Item composed of a handheld rod connected to a circular fragment centering a pink orb, presumably a lacrima. An electric blue whip emerges from the circular fragment of the whip at will and can extend up to a considerable length, similar to Lucy Heartfilia's Fleuve d'étoiles. Now that there is no more Magic in Edolas, it is useless

XP4 Fanfics

Lucy gained back her Magic Whip in a form of a Gift making her a Blessed.


  • In the manga, Lucy's outfit is far more revealing than it is in the anime, which required Lucy Ashley's attire to appropriately alter. In the manga, she sports a black leather leotard that is exposed at the front, and is cut to reveal her stomach and ample cleavage. The attire has no leggings and she wears a pair of long thigh-high boots with it. In the anime, her outfit resembles a black jump suit where her stomach, cleavage, and her legs are now covered and her thigh-high boots have been substituted with knee-high boots.


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