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Lucky Glauber is a character from the King of Fighters games.

The best friend of Heavy D! who uses basketballs in his own style of kung fu. Contrasted with his more arrogant teammates, Lucky comes across as slightly less condescending and more spirited.

In the XP4 fics, Lucky is currently a member of the Heroes Coalition and is a part of the Triumph Division. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.

In the AWA fics, Lucky is a student at the AWA Academy.


Lucky is an African-american male with short black hair and blue eyes. He is currently wearing a yellow bomber jacket over a yellow sleeveless shirt with purple linings, yellow & purple shorts, yellow & purple socks and white sneakers


Even when fighting, Lucky is always seen smiling around. He is very cheerful towards everyone and likes to fight very much.


Super Speed - Lucky can move past his opponent at a high speed.

Energy Pillar - Lucky can create a pillar of energy with his ball.

Weapon of Fire - Lucky can put his basketball on fire, without burning it.

Lucky fights with a mixed of karate and basketball.


  • His prototype design was based on the character Hakim in the martial arts film, Game of Death.
  • Lucky's fighting style was inspired by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's fighting style in Bruce Lee's Game of Death. 


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