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Lord Dominator is a character from the Wander Over Yander series.

Described as "a greater hater", Dominator is a far more effective and threatening villain than the former big bad Lord Hater could ever be, which is metaphorically reflected by the similar outfit, name, Mooks, and ship. On the outside, Dominator is a no-nonsense Knight of Cerebus man with an intimidating voice, but on the inside? Dominator is a woman who acts like a dorky teenager and still a sadistic menace through and through. Her goal is to harvest Volcanium X from the cores of planets, which serves as a power source for her ship, powers, and army. This process turns the planet into a desolate wasteland and destroys it, which excites her. Dominator is all about bringing pain, suffering, and torment across the galaxy because she finds it fun and it brings her great pleasure.

In the XP4 fics, she made an unexpected heel-face turn of reasons unknown. She is currently working at the Heroes Coalition as part of the Science and Research Department. She also works at the Vanguard Academy as a teacher.


In her original version, Dominator is a tall, humanoid alien woman with pale-green skin, red freckles, pointy ears, bright pink eyesand white hair that's been shaved into a lengthy mohawk. She wears thick, black mascara and black eyeliner that's drawn on to resemble running teardrops. She wears a black crop top with spiked shoulder pads, a black, floor-length skirt with a thigh-high split on each side, and yellow gloves just like Lord Hater's. She also wears a black helmet topped with giant serrated yellow horns.

XP4 Fanfics

Lord Dominator remains the same except she is currently wearing a red poloshirt over a black office jacket, black trousers and white sneakers.


Originally, she is a sadistic menace with an overly-enthusiastic personality.

XP4 Fanfics

Her attitude was mellowed down and seems to be friendly.


Magma Manipulation - Dominator's most prominent ability is her power over lava, being able to generate it from her body to fire as projectiles, shape it into different weapons, or change into her battle form at will.

Optic Beam - she can demonstrated the ability to fire an energy wave from her visor powerful enough to vaporize Hater's ship in one shot.

Ice Manipulation - following the events of "My Fair Hatey," Dominator gained the power over ice and snow. She acquired these powers when Peepers attempted to destroy her ship's core with the frostonium Ray, not knowing that this would backfire. She still keeps her fire and lava powers and uses them in conjunction with this ability, making her twice as powerful. As of "The End of the Galaxy," she has become proficient in its use, shown when she created an ice sculpture decoy of Sylvia before immobilizing Wander in ice.


  • In the XP4 fics, Dominator holds a Galaxy Class.
  • In the XP4 fics, Dominator prefers to be called "Professor".


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