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Long is a playable character from the Xuan Dou Zhi Wang video game.

Long is a 22-years old actor from China.

In the XP4 fics, Long is a member of the Heroes Coalition and is part of the Destiny's Empire. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.


Long is a young male adult with a short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a yellow track overall jacket with dark-blue lines, a yellow belt, white fingerless gloves and white sneakers.


Long grew up in a big steel city, under a rigorous martial arts training. During the day, he’s a popular martial arts movie star; but his nights are dedicated to fighting evil. Considered a descendant of the creator of Jeet Kun Do, Long has not yet learned that he is in fact a literal clone of Bruce Lee. But like it happened to the original, a new tragedy could be on his way...


Long is a master Chinese martial artist. His quick hands and feet make him a deadly adversary and he has the ability to intercept and counter an opponent's attack. He draws heavy inspiration from martial arts cinema legend Bruce Lee and his style is derived from Lee's "Jeet Kune Do" teachings. He uses nunchaku in battle and wears a yellow tracksuit similar to Lee's infamous attire in The Game of Death.

  • Blind Kick - Long does a short hop kick that hits overhead and will knock down. During that brief moment, Long is considered in air and may evade ground and low attacks. This move can be performed after a close normal attack and will hit instantly, but won't cause knockdown.
  • Backstroke - Long lurches forward with a open back hand attack to the midsection. This move works as an overhead that doesn't cause knockdown. It can be used to cancel a close normal attack, but won't work as an overhead if done this way. In turn, it can be cancelled into any special move.
  • Uppercut - Long executes a front-hand uppercut. This move works as a good anti-air and decreaces Long's effective hurtbox. The start-up is fairly quick and there's no much recovery at all. It may be weak, however, against low and ground attacks.
  • Cún Jín - Long slides forward with an open-handed midsection jab then proceeds to execute a string of hand attacks that altogether does six hits, ending with a two-hit nunchaku strike. The strength of the punch used to start the chain determines how far Long slides forward.
  • Jíe Lóng - Long leaps forward with a kick then comes down and executes a string of kicks that ends with a roundhouse kick and does six hits. The strength of the kick used to start the chain determines how far Long leaps.
  • Floating Air Kick - Long does a flying kick at his opponent. The strength of the kick used determines how far Long flies forward. You can hold down the kick button to delay the release of the kick. Pressing QCB + B/D again once the move has hit will cause Long to land then swing his front leg around and hit his opponent on the ground.
  • Air Split Kick - Long does a backflip kick. The light version he flips low and remains somewhat stationary during the flip, doing one hit. Using the hard version will cause Long to flip backwards during the kick, flip higher, and do two hits. The hard version must have both hits connect to knock down.
  • Countercurrent Nunchucks - Long holds out his nunchaku in front of him. If an opponent connects with a physical attack during this period, Long will launch them into a juggle state with the nunchaku. This move also covers Long's back; if the opponent someway attacks him by his back, the attack will be caught and Long will turn round and perform the launcher. This move lasts for a second, and Long himself could be attacked with projectiles or low hits.
  • Jingwu Roundabout - Long runs towards his opponent. If he doesn't get hit or his opponent doesn't jump when he touches them, Long will grab them then spring forward and drop them on their head. The strength of the punch used determines how far Long runs.
  • Wild Dragon Flurry - Long will roll forwards and connect with a powerful midsection punch. He will then execute a flurry of punches, ending with another fierce midsection punch before nonchalantly shoving his stunned opponent to the ground. Does nine hits altogether.Long FlurryMAX version has the same start. After starting his assault, Long will increase in velocity, ending with a final fierce midsection punch before nonchalantly shoving his stunned opponent to the ground. Does 21 hits altogether.
  • Snake Dragon Sailing - Long turns upside down and then leaps vertically into the air with a ki-infused kick. It's supposed to work as an anti-air, or to juggle an opponent. When it manages to catch a standing opponent, Long will lift him with his leg to the heights, then knock it away, scoring 5 hits max.
  • Flying Dragon In The Sky - Long does a series of fast kicks that hit the area directly in front of him. He then launches his opponent with a powerful roundhouse and finishes by slicing through them with a flying kick.


  • Long's hobby is photography.
  • Long is 22 years old.


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