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Lingyin Huang, also known as Rin, is one of the main characters from the IS:Infinite Stratos anime and novels.

Representative of China for the IS Academy and Class 1-2 Representative. A childhood friend to Ichika and has feelings for him.

In the AWA fics, Lingyin is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Lingyin is a trainee at the Heroes Coalitions. She also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.


Rin takes the appearance of a young teenage girl. She has light brown hair tied into twin tails, with a yellow ribbon at both sides. Compared to the other IS heroines, she is quite petite.

She has green eyes and usually wears her IS Academy uniform Her uniform seems be specifically altered for her as her sleeves are detached from the uniform.

In all of her appearances, she often appears smiling with an exposed fang, which is why many fans misspell her name as "Fang Lingyin".

For her IS practices and battles, she wears a pink version of the training uniform.


Rin is depicted as a very energetic girl with a slight competitive streak. This is seen when Houki and Cecilia were arguing with Linying about her relationship with Ichika. She effectively answers them while hinting that she has an advantage over them (e.g. when Houki said that she has eaten and slept with Ichika when they were kids, Lingying said that he has been coming over to her place to do the same when they were in grade school, though Ichika is quick to clarify by saying he ate at the restaurant her family owns).

In her middle school year, Rin was usually the target for pranks due to her nationality. However, Ichika helped protect her from these situations (e.g. when he protected her from four school bullies). Because of this, she developed romantic interests for him and made him promise that if she became an excellent cook, he would become her boyfriend. When she meets Ichika again at IS Academy she becomes disappointed and extremely hostile to him because he had forgotten the details of the promise. When he asks what she means, she just says that it means she will give him free meals, hoping he would not understand the meaning, which is technically a lie.

She can become extremely jealous when there are other girls around Ichika who are trying to get his attention, to the point of showing the stereotypical lifeless eyes of a "yandere" girlfriend (this trait is shared with Cecilia in episode 9 and at the end of episode 12). This trait is also showed at the end of episode 8, when Charlotterevealed that she was a girl. Rin crashed into the classroom and was immediately about to shoot Ichika with her Shenlong's Ryuhow without giving him time to deploy his own IS. Similar to Houki as she's also his childhood friend, Rin's cruelty towards Ichika hinders her from getting closer to him (meaner than Houki to be precise). However the case may be, Lingyin highly expected Ichika to notice how she feel about him. But she keep her true feelings as a secret. Despite being the same age as Ichika, Lingyin's too immature to give him a chance to bond with her, which also hinders her from getting closer to Ichika despite them being childhood friends. Like Houki, she has a tendency to be self-righteous of her actions.

Lingyin is very sensitive when it comes her bust size. She can become easily enraged when her size is mocked or pointed out by others. Her friends are aware of this and don't talk about it (in the LN, Houki made it a point not to ever' complain about her large breasts in front of her). Strangely, she usually brings up this topic when she starts thinking about it or notice other girls' breasts. In Season 2 Episode 5, she became enraged and jealous when she saw Ichika look at Charlotte's breasts, believing he was only focused on them (Charlotte's breasts).   

Similar to Cecilia, Lingyin has shown to a lewd imagination when it comes to Ichika. Often, she would imagine him having a strong desire for her and making advancements on her. Sometime, she would mix up her delusion with reality, embarrassing herself when she realize what she was thinking.   


Lingyin is supposedly skilled in her piloting of her Personal IS, as she has the same rank as Cecilia. She has good combat senses when it comes to 1-1 combat, but tends to under-perform at times when she loses her temper. She received military training.

Lingyin is also able to quickly perform a partial deployment (summoning a part of the IS), first seen when Houkitried to hit her with a wooden kendo sword also known as a Shinai.

Outside of combat, Lingyin is skilled at cooking, mainly Chinese cuisine. This is because her family used to run a Chinese restaurant.


  • Lingyin's name in kanji means "sound of the bell". Bell (Ling) and Sound (yin). Her name matches her loud voice. In Chinese, her name literally means "Phoenix Ringtone".
  • Among the 5 girls in Ichika's harem, Lingyin has the lowest rate of public appearances.
  • Lingyin's Main Theme consist of an erhu, a bowed instrument from China.
  • Her IS's design seems to be a reference to the XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam, XXXG-01S2 Altron Gundam, OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon from Gundam Wing, and the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam from Gundam SEED.
  • Lingyin's voice actress, Asami Shimoda, also provided the voice for Kagamine Rin (and Kagamine Len) for Crypton's VOCALOID2 software. Interestingly, Lingyin is usually addressed as "Rin" in the anime.
  • Asami Shimoda is also casting as Alice from Killer Is Dead game, which her monster mode has same model
  • Even though her voice actress did Kagamine Rin's voice, Lingyin more closely resembles Hatsune Miku in design.
  • Lingyin has many similarities with Houki:
    • Both are childhood friends of Ichika  
    • Both had bad starts with Ichika until he stood up for them against bullies.  
    • Both can be really cruel towards Ichika at times.  
    • Both are stubborn, prideful, and good cooks.  
    • They both kept their hair styles the same because Ichika said it suits them (which allowed him to recognize them when he first saw them again). Their hair style also make reference to which childhood friend they are: the first childhood friend has a single ponytail (Houki), well the second has twin tails (Lingyin).  
    • Both are rather boyish and, as a result, both like it when Ichika looks at them as girls.  
    • Both have problems about their breast size's, but for a opposite reason: Houki's breast keep getting bigger, well Lingyin's breast are still small.  
  • As seen in volume 8, Linygin's ideal world is back when she was in middle school, but in a relationship Ichika. This could be the reason why she usually tries to bring up her past history with Ichika.  
  • She has a similar appearance to Ryutaros & Minami Shimada.
  • Her IS's name is used for hoax character from Street Fighter series.
  • Ever though she is in Class 2 she appears in all class 1 events (training, field trips ...).
  • She alongside Cecilia make a cameo in The manga Kampfer chapter 34.


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