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Lester the Unlikely is the titular main protagonist from the Lester the Unlikely video game.

In the beginning, a typical teenage boy named Lester, who is "kind of geeky" and "kind of sleepy", recently got a new issue of the Super Duper Hero Squad comic book. He was reading it while walking on a pier, until he fell asleep next to a cargo crate lying beside a cargo ship. After he and the cargo were loaded onto the ship by a crane and cruised off, the ship got hijacked by pirates who scuttled it. Lester luckily found a life jacket and swam toward the nearest island while the cargo ship sank. Lester must find his way home by exploring the island for someone or something that can help him survive.

In the AWA fics, Lester is a student at the AWA Academy.


Lester has a dark-blue casual hair, and has blue eyes and wears large round glasses. His attire varies but he usually wears a white hoodie jacket, blue pants and white sneakers.


Lester is a geeky and sleepy teenage boy. At the beginning, Lester is basically a wuss. Lester can't even jump down a cliff or spiky rocks without shaking in fear, something most game protagonists can do without hesitation. Although he runs from an enemy, screaming like a complete wimp the first time he encounters it, it doesn't happen in subsequent encounters. On his adventure through the island, however, he becomes more confident as he travels as he becomes a lot less of a loser.

AWA Fanfics

Lester is still the same nerdy boy but is far less than the loser he once was.


Despite Lester's frail physique, he is skilled in wielding swords and boomerangs, and has a decent speed. Lester is athletic enough to jump through edges and swing in vines.


  • Lester is the first character from Lester the Unlikely to appear in the AWA fics.
  • In the AWA fics, Lester is a close friend to Levi Ackerman, of all people.
  • Once Lester defeats the Killer Gorilla and gets a Smooch of Victory, Lester's posture improves, he no longer flails his arms while running, and he loses his cowardice.
  • "Lester the Unlikely" is given to Lester by Tikka after he suggests going to rescue her kidnapped father from the Pirates.
  • Lester, as mentioned previously. At the start of the game, he's a coward who gets scared of things like crabs and turtles. By the end, he's much more confident in himself, loses his cowardice, and capable enough in combat to be shanking pirates with a Sword.


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