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Lee Garo is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Lee is a Chinese national whom is originally a trainee from New-New York's Heroes Coalitions for eight months until he got axed after his neck was injured.

Lee is currently a trainee at Neo-City's Heroes Coalitions. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.


Lee is a well-rounded young adult with messy black hair and dark eyes which are hidden by his dark aviator glasses, and a thick facial hair. He usually wears a black Pac-Man tee, blue pants and brown shoes.

In combat, he wears a gray & black camouflage jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans and yellow shoes.


Lee appears to be lazy yet a very determined person. Lee is cheerful and entertaining, and is pretty popular to the mass.

Lee has a habit of putting a toothpick in his mouth,


Lee is yet to demonstrate his true capabilities.


  • Lee's character is based from Leo Gao from WWE and Chow Yun Fat,
  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actor for Lee are Toshiyuki Morikawa and Trevor Devall (both Bai Ji-Shin Chang from Black Lagoon).
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