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Lala creates a multitude of inventions through out the whole series, most of them are seemingly childish and toy-like with some of them having no original purpose aside from having fun. Her inventions seem to have a black swirl logo with four points, one on top, one below and one on each side, it's unknown if this symbol is unique to whatever Lala creates or if it is common on her planet. A running gag in the plot is that her inventions usually do not work as well as Lala and the others had hoped, often resulting into a perverted accident. A list of some of her inventions that are given by name and their functions (and also the downsides to them) are as follows:

Peke - ​Lala's most significant invention, a sentient costume robot, who can transform herself into clothing for Lala to wear or repair and modify other clothing, and grow wings to enable Lala to fly, and serves as Lala's adviser. Peke is one of the few of Lala's inventions that causes the least trouble especially to Rito, but there are times when it does happen (To Love-Ru Chapter 39). Ironically, rather than for other people, Peke would cause more trouble for Lala herself, as more than a few times, Peke's deplenished energy, distraction, or untimely removal, would leave Lala completely naked. Interestingly, Lala names nearly all of her inventions with the honorific "-kun", whereas she almost never uses honorifics for actual living people, not even Peke, who is both her own character and Lala's invention.

Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun - Lala's earliest introduced, and probably most infamous invention. This bracelet-like invention allows any living person (or "unit", as used by Lala) to warp a short distance to a random destination, as the user cannot specify the destination. Lala explained that it was only used in emergency situations such as being chased. After the ring is used once, it will take a whole day for it to recharge its energy for another time's use. Another infamous setback is that Warp-kun can only warp living things, and not anything artificial including their clothing, meaning that when the person warps to a random place, they will be completely naked. Later in To Love-Ru Darkness, when used by Rito and Tearju to escape the principal, it has apparently been upgraded just enough to warp them with their socks.

D-Dial - Like a standard phone, she can use it to call other people. But unlike a standard phone, it uses dimension technology that contains her inventions which she uses to "call" upon them. She made copies for her sisters, Nana and Momo, who use them to call upon animals and plants respectively. When a D-Dial malfunctions, it has shown to randomly summon objects from the user's virtual space into the real world.

Space Distortion - Lala built her own house and lab, being roughly the same size as the Yuuki house, yet actually existing within the household itself through space distortion. Even within her D-Dial which she uses to call upon her inventions stored within.

Go-Go Vacuum-Kun - This invention works exactly like a vacuum; it sucks things up inside it. However, the power of this vacuum is so great that it has the potential to suck up anything in its path. It was destroyed afterwards, so Lala invented another called Go-Go Vacuum-Kun 2.

Anti Gravity wing system - It is an invention that can give the user a pair of devilish wings and enable them flight. Peke probably has this within her, which is how she is able to fly. The appearance of this device is unseen.

Almighty Tool - Also known as an all purpose tool, is a wand-like device that Lala uses to quickly build a new invention wherever she is, or modify and upgrade any old Earth object into another one of her inventions. The devilish wings on the sides can make a lighter  to create a camp fire, they can also come together to form a long blade thus turning it into a sword.

Buzzing Bat-Kun - An ordinary baseball bat at first but after Lala modifies it with her Almighty Tool, it now has three hidden rockets for extra force when hitting the ball, but thrusts are so great that it sends the bat flying along with it's user who still has a hold on it.

Sniff-Sniff Trace-Kun - A robotic dog that can sniff out anything with a trace. However, he has a tendency to wander off if he smells another thing that has a nice scent, like girls panties for instance.

Slosh-Slosh Warp-Kun - A toilet-like machine that warps a creature to another planet by "flushing" them down the machine. It seems to work just like Pyon Pyon Warp-kun, as it transports a living thing to a random place, but the creature still has their clothing and it does not need a whole day to recharge.

Splish Splash wave-Kun - A turtle shaped machine that creates waves on a swimming pool, however it causes panic when it creates a huge whirlpool in the center and could send people flying.

Chomp-Munchy Eater-Kun - A dinosaur-like device that (as the name suggests) eats anything in Lala's choosing. It was first used when Lala wanted it to eat away a typhoon but it got blown away.

Deru-Deru Vision-Kun - A small machine that projects life-like images of ghosts, which Lala used during her class' Kimodameshi (test of courage). This invention was damaged (when Haruna threw Rito at it, out of fear) and later exploded.

Easy-Easy Runner-Kun - Shoes that make the user run incredibly fast but the shoes function on their own so the user has no control over the speed and direction of them.

Berserker DX Modified Version Spray Type-Kun - A spray used to try to cheer up Rito but he dodged it and accidentally hit some mice, causing the mice to become very aggressive and perverted, as they began to bite students and go up girls skirts.

Sticky-Gooey Launcher-Kun - A huge cannon like gun that shoots a really sticky goo substance. It was first used by Lala on her first battle with Yami but misses her and hits Rito's face instead.

Grabby-Grabby Hand-Kun - A claw like invention that extends its to grab certain objects or people. This was also used against Yami by Lala in their first battle, it was less effective as Yami kept dodging it.

Spinny-Spunny Rope-Kun - A long metal rope like device with a heart shape part on each end. It is used to tie around certain objects really tightly and is incredibly hard to break free from (except for Yami who was able to cut her self free). This invention is mainly use for packing, but it can be really embarrassing if it wear to get tangled onto a girls body. Lala created a second version called Wind-Wind Rope-Kun 2.

Maru-Maru Change-Kun - A Machine that switches the bodies of two people. This invention has only been used three times in the manga; the first was when Lala switched Rito and a stray dog; then Lala switched bodies with Haruna; lastly Yami and Mikan switched bodies for a day.

Bye-Bye Memory-Kun - An invention that resembles a short joy stick with a button on top with two small wings beside it, it's purpose is to wipe certain events from people's minds. Lala used it to wipe any memory of herself from everyone on Earth after she canceled the engagement with Rito to start over, however this had no effect at all on anyone except for Zastin, who lost all of his memories.

Skip-Skip Warp-Kun - Lala created another teleportation device, except this time it can teleport the user to wherever they desire but still leaves them naked.

Peke Badge Express - A badge with a similar face of Peke but different shaped, it's either heart shaped with spiral eyes or diamond  with heart shaped eyes. Also like Peke, it can change the users clothing when wearing it, but it can only contain data from one pair of clothing. The two possibly attract each other like magnets.

Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun DX - A modified version of the original Warp-Kun and it can transport several people with their clothing, but unfortunately when it teleports someone, the machine itself stays where it is, making the teleportation a one-way trip, perhaps stranding the passengers at their destination.

Swim-Swim Dolphine-Kun/Jet Dolphine-Kun - A talking robotic dolphin that Lala made after the dolphin in chapter 17, it was used for Yui to ride on the water (who couldn't swim) but Yui couldn't control the speed,  the direction or whoever it hit.

Sui-Sui Board-Kun - An ironboard shaped machine that hovers of the ground and has a tremendous speed (too much in fact for humans to handle).

Kon-Kon Snow-Kun - A huge fox like machine that hovers to the sky and controls the weather by making it snow, however after a while it creates a terrible snow storm because Lala forgot to turn it off.

Horibiro-Bath Time-Kun - A device put next to the door of a bathroom and turns the whole room into a huge public bath.

Pai-Pai Rocket-kun/Change Boy Girl-Kun - Pai-Pai Rocket-kun was (inexplicably) a rocket that was supposed to change Lala's breasts to perfect proportions. When Rito unwillingly crashed into it, it was destroyed, but not without turning Rito into a girl.

Change Boy Girl-Kun - A gun-like machine that can change a boy into a girl, hence the name. Unfortunately it has a time limit so it can be embarrassing when a girl changes back into a boy in public.

Suke-Suke Goggle-Kun - A pair of glasses that Lala uses to look inside her inventions. Apparently it can also look through other peoples clothes and see their undergarments and there is dial on the side, when turned the user can see others naked completely. It can attach itself onto the user so can be hard to take of.

Slapping-Firework-Kun - A round bomb with a fuse on top. When lit and thrown to the sky, it creates a huge firework display. This was used to send Lacospo flying and going out with a bang (literally)!

Umapaka-Kun - A robotic horse that by riding on it the user will lose weight, unfortunately it was to fast to withstand and the user will lose too much weight and become too skinny.

Flap-Haitastu-Kun - A huge robot messenger bird that can even carry an actual person and fly off somewhere, Lala apparently forgot that she left it carrying Rito while flying for hours. It also lacks attention span. And when Rito told it to put him down, it dropped him while still airborne.

Clingy-Clingy Glue-Kun - A device that turns any two objects or body parts into powerful magnets that attract each other. It can trouble just holding it, as there is no telling when it will activate or what parts it will cause to attract to.

Boobie-Boobie Up-Kun - A small device practically in the shape of a breast with a cute face on it, similar use to Pai-Pai Rocket-Kun which is to increase the size of a females breasts. It was used to grow Nana's breast when it exploded, which it did but it also decreased Momo's due to being too close. However this invention was still a prototype and incomplete so the effects for both of them wear off after a short while.

Look-Look Show-Kun - A wand like device with an angel-like figure on top wearing panties on it's head. The purpose of this invention was to turn Rito into a pair of panties to be worn by Mikan to see what might be bothering her. While like this Rito can still move on his own and sweat, there is also a time limit so it can also be really embarrassing to change back in public, especially without any clothes on.

Gone-Gone Hoop-Kun - Lala created yet another teleportation device, a hoop that by going throw it the user will be warped into some random location, but with the same flaw as Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun as it also teleports people almost completely naked.

Go-Go Vacuum-Kun A (anglerfish) - An invention that resembles an anglerfish with the same capabilities as the original Go-Go Vacuum-Kun which Lala created at school when Celine turn over a garbage bin and used it to clean up the mess with the scanner on its head to detect nearby trash. This invention seems to work pretty well unlike Lala's previous ones, however due to being affected by Oshizu's ghost abilities, it goes out of control and started vacuuming girls' clothes instead (conveniently ignoring the boys). When this invention was destroyed, it is revealed that it was powered by a micro black hole that nearly sucked up the whole school.

Chilly-Chilly Container-Kun - An invention similar to a huge ice cooler, it is used to store food inside and keep it fresh. This invention also has space distortion so it is a lot bigger on the inside to contain large-sized and large amounts of food in it. In the anime, it was shown containing a giant octopus, a giant squid, a giant lobster and a giant worm like creature that destroys a large part of the school.

Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun - A dog-like invention that is used as a guard dog to attack anyone suspicious. Unfortunately it attacks almost anyone in sight (especially Zastin) and rips their clothes off with its teeth.

QQ-Service Ace-Kun - Similer to Buzzing Bat-Kun, this invention is a sports equipment with built-in rocket thrusts on, instead of baseball bat, its a tennis racket.

AA Rocket-Kun - A huge rocket that was used to send Pikari back to his planet.

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