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Kyouya Ootori is one of the main characters from the Ouran High School Host Club anime and manga.

The vice-president of the Host Club, and one of Tamaki's closest friends. Kyouya tends to take a more responsible approach to the club's activities, and tries to make sure that Tamaki and the others don't go overboard.

In this AWA fics, Kyouya is a student at the AWA Academy.


Kyoya has short, black hair, styled into a casual look and has brownish-grey eyes. He is tall, thin and wears slim, rimless glasses which flash whenever he is scheming, angry or secretly frightened, though this trait is not limited to these emotions. He also has a habit of pushing his glasses to the bridge of his nose or adjusting them somehow when seeking to clarify an ideaLike the other Hosts, he prefers designer wear with his fashion sense leaning towards a modern classic look interspersed with trendy items of clothing. He is always impeccably groomed, dressed appropriately for any occasion, and is naturally stylish and neat, though he appears rumpled and disheveled upon awakening in Kyoya's Reluctant Day Out! when forced to join the other club members in order to tour a commoner mall.


As the vice-president of the Host Club, Kyouya handles all financial and planning aspects, from managing budgets to selling off merchandise in order to keep the club solvent, while still funding Tamaki's extravagant schemes. His manner in dealing with clients is self-assured and charming, and he is said to be the "Cool" type. He uses his wiles as a Host to entertain guests while simultaneously earning the club money through events, online auctions of personal host objects, fanzines and doujinshi. As a complete foil to Tamaki, even in appearance, he often realizes things Tamaki or the others are too naive to understand, keeping the information to himself for his own amusement or to watch things play out in order to determine how best to help the other members. He is the "Mommy" to Tamaki's "Daddy" position in the club, though he eschews the title in relation to Haruhi in the anime; while in the manga, he sometimes uses the title to his advantage.

Kyouya is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when need be. He is a diligent secretary for the club and tracks continuous data on the club's guests and fortunes through his netbook, tablet or notebook. He is very fond of his best friend, Tamaki Suoh, giving him free rein when it comes to club matters. He gets along with Haruhi and they often chat, both being level-headed people of equivalent intelligence and low emotionality.

He is from the wealthy and influential Ootori family, which manages a health care zaibatsu. His family is extremely well-known in their chosen field and employs a private police force called The Black Onion Squad. Though equally qualified to become patriarch of the Ootori family, he feels overshadowed by his two older brothers, who are far more likely to inherit their family's mantle than he. However, despite the circumstances, he has confidence in his own abilities and finds the situation to be more of an interesting game than a roadblock.

He prefers to sleep late, often due to business and schoolwork keeping him up until the wee hours; and he suffers from hypotension, which makes rising difficult. In Ep 17 - Kyouya's Reluctant Day Out!, he chastises the other Hosts for waking him up because he himself did not fall asleep until 5 a.m. He is called the "Low Blood Pressure Lord" by his friends due to the murderous aura he emits whenever they wake him up loudly or prematurely and because of his generally bad mood in the morning.

He is very polite to people who are in power or related to it, and claims he only helps people who can benefit him somehow. Haruhi finds this to be untrue when they spend time together at a mall. While there, Kyouya prevents a woman from being scammed and tells Haruhi that he did so because he knew she was the wife of a family business client due to a ring she wore. Haruhi disputes his being able to see the ring and chides that Kyouya is a lot like Tamaki - a good person who willingly helps others out of his own free will - but different in that he prefers to maintain an indifferent facade.


  • Kyouya along with the rest of the Host Club are the first characters from Ouran High School Host Club to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Kyouya's blood type is AB, which superstitious people believe indicates a split-personality or, at the very least, mood swings.
  • His many nicknames include "Demon Lord," "Hypotensive Devil", "Low Blood Pressure Evil Lord", "The Shadow King" and "Mommy".
  • Kyouya's nicknames usually result from his habit of being a grouchy rise, puppet master, vice-president of the Host Club and outwardly detached nature.
  • Kyouya's laptop, along with all other forms of technology, have a pineapple on them as a parody of Steve Job's Apple-logo products.


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