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Kyoutarou Suga, also known as Kyou, is one of the main characters from the Saki anime and manga.

The one guy of Team Kiyosumi, who mostly serves as comic relief and errand boy, as well as Saki's long-time classmate since middle school. Between his mediocre skills, his unrequited crush on Nodoka (and later Mihoko), and being delegated with heavy work by Hisa, Kyoutarou generally has a hard time. His relative lack of familiarity with mahjong allows him to act as the Watson, giving Hisa and Yuuki the opportunity to explain things for the benefit of the audience. During the tournament, he becomes their errand boy and is currently serving as Yuuki’s taco delivery boy.

In the AWA fics, Kyoutarou is a student at the AWA Academy. Kyoutarou is a part of the AWA Rookie 20 and is ranked #2. He is also a member of the Loser's Club.

In the XP4 fics, Kyoutarou debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition: Neo-City Diaries.


Kyoutarou is a tall young man with a slim yet fit physique, he has a shaggy blonde hair and reddish-brown eyes. He usually wears a dark-blue buttoned up uniform jacket over a white dress shirt, dark blue trousers and white & gray sneakers.

AWA Fanfics

In his days off, Kyoutarou wears a white long coat over a black leather shirt, dark pants and black boots.

When in battle, Kyoutarou wears a red leather jacket over a black top, red leather jeans with black straps and red boots.


Although he fights off Yuuki's flirting, he likes to repeatedly poke her and is inevitably rewarded with a punch. While Yuuki flirts with him, she also treats him like a dog when he fetches Yuuki her tacos. Between his mediocre mahjong skills, his unrequited crush on Nodoka Haramura (and later on Mihoko Fukuji as well), and Hisa delegating all of the club's heavy lifting to him, he gets mimimal attention and respect.

AWA Fanfics

Kyoutarou is far more respected by many people outside the Mahjong Club. He is a lot mature and responsible. Kyoutarou is hardworking and very responsible, often putting others before himself.

XP4 Fanfics

Unlike his canon counterpart, Kyoutarou is seen highly by many people outside the Mahjong Club. According to Miyako Kougami, Kyoutarou is hardworking and very responsible, often putting others before himself. He is also known to have a relaxed attitude in the battlefield, showing no signs of fear and anxiety.

XP4 Fanfics

Kyoutarou is originally from Mega-Tokyo before moving to Neo-City and is currently working in the Heroes Coalitions as a Solo Hero. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition: Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 64, Kyoutarou arrives in Neo-City as a new recruit for the city's Heroes Coalitions and is later greeted by Anna Maymorie and Nagito Komaeda at the Neo-City National Airport.


AWA Fanfics

Kyoutarou is very skilled in martial arts, has a very quick reflexes and has very strong & hard punches and kicks. Kyoutarou also fights with relaxed mind making his opponents unable to see what he's up to or what he is planning.

Kyoutarou also learned how to use chakra and magic. He also learned six moves of the Rokushiki and also gained the power to use Kenbonshoku Haki and the Haohoshoku Haki.

XP4 Fanfics

Kyoutarou is a Blessed with an unspecified Gift which he yet to demonstrate. 

Kyoutarou is a master of all forms of hand to hand combat. 


  • Kyoutarou is the first character from Saki to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • According to Mako, Kyou can't remember anything and isn't very good. His Love-jong, stats seem to indicate this as well but clearly shows that he has potential.
  • Kyoutaro has a pet capybara that is featured in Yuuki's miniseries at the beginning and end of almost all Saki manga volumes.
  • Kyoutarou Suga is the first character from Saki to appear in the Heroes Coalition fics.
  • In the XP4 fic, Kyoutarou has gotten over his crush on Nodoka Haramura.
  • In the XP4 fic, Kyoutarou is referred to as the Shinsuke Nakamura of the Heroes Coalitions as most of his personality and moves are based from the said wrestler.
  • In the XP4 fic, Miyako Kougami admitted that she wanted to adopt Kyoutarou as she sees him as a son.
  • In the XP4 fic, Grad the Speed Demon considers him as a very worthy opponent.


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