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Kushina Uzumaki is a character from the Naruto anime and manga.

Naruto's deceased mother. Originally from the Whirlpool country, she grew up in a time of very many wars before eventually coming to live in Konoha after her country was destroyed. Became Kurama's second Jinchuuriki, after receiving it directly from the first one, the First Hokage's wife Mito Uzumaki; Tobi somehow discovered this and extracted Kurama from her, taking advantage of the fact that Kushina had just given birth to Naruto. She dies soon afterwards but not before taking part in the defense of Konoha by helping Minato seal the fox (along with some of her own chakra) into their son.

Over 16 years after her death, the sealed chakra comes into play when she appears inside Naruto's head to help him defeat Kurama and to explain the details of Kurama's attack, as well as just to finally bond with the son that tragedy prevented her from raising.

In the AWA fics, Kushina is among the many people who was given a second chance to live again at ZeroTopia. Kushina is currently residing in Normal Earth along with her husband, Minato at the Uzumaki Hotel without Naruto's knowledge.


Kushina was a woman well known for her beauty. She had a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, and the common Uzumaki red hair. It reached her ankles (waist in the anime) with shoulder-length strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left. Generally, she wore a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long, loose-fitting dress with a wristband on her left wrist and standard shinobi sandals. While her style of clothing normally consisted of this, she has been seen wearing it in varying colours.

While on duty, she wore a blue forehead protector with her hair tied up in a high ponytail and strands at the sides of her face. Her attire consisted of a standard Konoha flak jacket over a black short-sleeved shirt and black form-fitting pants that reached her calves.

In her childhood, she had a round face, which, with her red hair naturally framing both sides of her face, giving her the resemblance to that of a tomato. Her attire was a sleeveless kimono-style blouse that was yellow in colour and held closed with a green obi over a short-sleeved mesh shirt with a pair of dark blue shorts and brown shinobi sandals. In her adolescence, she wore a short-sleeved, tan kimono-like blouse with a dark embroidered border, held closed with a black obi, a dark short skirt and stockings that stopped at her thighs along with the village's forehead protector and brown sandals.


In her childhood, Kushina was a headstrong, impulsive, eccentric, and stubborn girl. According to Jiraiya, Kushina was also talkative and tomboyish. Tsunade noted that much of Naruto's personality, as well as his ninjutsu style were inherited from her. Kushina also had a verbal tic: when flustered or excited, she would end her sentences with "(da)ttebane", a trait she hoped wouldn't be passed down to Naruto and her grandson. In the anime, it is shown that these traits are also how she hides her insecurities, such as having red hair, being a foreigner, and being Kurama's jinchūriki, along with being somewhat nervous.

As an adult, Kushina was very level-headed and cheerful with a noticeable sassy side to her. Despite her calm and kind nature, she retained her quick temper from childhood and occasionally lashed out violently at others if they angered her, something that even she finds off-putting. She also was fearless, as her friend Mikoto was slightly surprised when Kushina showed anxiety over labour pains. Kushina was prone to worrying about her husband and unborn son, showing strong maternal instincts as she correctly predicted her child's future personality and gender well-before giving birth. In the anime, possibly derived from her over-excited personality, Kushina is shown to be a selective hearer.

Kushina deeply loved her family and was not afraid to sacrifice her life to stop the Nine-Tails, even taking the fox's deathblow meant for her newborn son. Though afraid of the harsh and cruel life Naruto would have to endure as an orphaned jinchūriki, she did as much as she could in her final moments to shower her son with love. She also cared deeply about Minato's students, thinking that Rin Nohara was adorable and would often hug and kiss her on the forehead. She also had friendly fights with Obito Uchiha, her favourite according to Minato.


While still an Academy student, Kushina proved to be a strong and fierce barehanded fighter, being able to beat several kids (even a genin in the anime) "half to death" for teasing her, earning her the nickname "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero". While admitting her original lack of skill in the art, Kushina became a high-ranking kunoichi famed for her unique ninjutsu style; even gaining recognition from the Sannin for her prowess. Her nature transformations include Wind, Water, and Yin Release.

Life Force and Chakra Abilities

As an Uzumaki, Kushina was blessed with a strong life-force, granting her tremendous chakra reserves and vitality. This also gave her tremendous stamina, healing powers, and longevity. Even by her clan's standards, Kushina possessed a powerful and special form of chakra that made her well-suited for becoming a jinchūriki, effectively sealing the entirety of the Nine-Tails inside her and further enhancing her reserves. Ultimately, this trait let her survive the Nine-Tails' extraction minutes after giving birth, and still provided great aid to Minato on the battlefield shortly after despite her heavy exhaustion. Likewise, while still weakened, she did not die immediately from being impaled by the Nine-Tails' claw.


Kushina was very talented and knowledgeable in the art of fūinjutsu; which she later taught to Minato. From her clan, she inherited sealing techniques to seal a tailed beast within a target, which could also be enhanced. With her chakra, Kushina could materialise Adamantine Sealing Chains, which were strong enough to restrain and subdue the Nine-Tails. She could also form a barrier in conjunction with these chains keeping all from entering, even the Third Hokage.


  • Kushina's name was possibly inspired by the mythological Kushinada-hime, Susanoo's wife. When she was about to be devoured by the serpent Yamata no Orochi, Kushinada-hime was saved by Susanoo in exchange for becoming his wife. Susanoo transformed the girl into a comb and placed her in his hair, then defeated the serpent. He afterwards built a palace in Izumo where he married her.
  • As Kushina was nicknamed after a red pepper, and Minato was famed as the "Yellow Flash", Naruto's appropriate self-styled title of "Orange Hokage" refers to the fact that the colour orange is a mixture of both red and yellow.
  • Kushina mentions that her hair became her own "red thread of fate". The red string of fate, also referred to as the 'red thread of destiny', 'red thread of fate', and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend and is also used in Japanese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soul-mates or a twin flame.
  • Kushina's hobbies were pulling pranks and chatting.
  • Kushina's favourite food was salt ramen, while she disliked coffee and anything bitter.
  • Kushina didn't want to fight anyone in particular.
  • Kushina's favourite phrase was "Don't give up until the very end".
  • Kushina was apparently a very good cook, as Minato preferred her cooking the most.


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