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Korriana Ramzyse is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Korriana was the daughter of Countess Lorra Rau Ramzyse and Count Aaron Ramzyse leaders of House Ramzyse with a younger brother Lukz Ramzyse.

Korriana is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Korriana was the daughter of Countess Lorra Rau Ramzyse and Count Aaron Ramzyse leaders of House Ramzyse with a younger brother Lukz Ramzyse. When she was 6 years old, she, her brother and the children of House Ramzyse were left in the care of Fenn Rau, Korriana and Lukz' uncle and the Protectors before all of House Ramzyse left to try to free Mandalore from the Empire's grasp and failed. Years later when she was 16, she finished her training and became a member of the Protectors, she'd often go on solo patrol missions and it would often get her into trouble due to her recklessness and her uncle would always lecture her about it. A month after her brother left to see the galaxy, she was having thoughts about what Fenn Rau told her, before Lukz left, her uncle told her that she's a natural at leading a team just like how her parents led House Ramzyse and one day, he might appoint her as the new leader of the Protectors but she needs to fix that reckless attitude of hers. And so with some hard thinking, she decided to travel the galaxy as well to search her inner self and with approval from Fenn Rau, she left Concord Dawn on her Fang Fighter and just like her brother all the members of the Protectors and her uncle saw her off, she may be reckless but the Protectors still respect her for her natural leadership. She traveled around different planets and she heard rumors about someone in a Fighter like hers known as the Defender and she could already guess that it's her brother and people were mistaking her as the defender because of her Fang Fighter. Awhile after, she stumbled upon the home base of Clan Kryze, an old ally of House Ramzyse where she helped them hold back a band of arrogant pirates attacking their base but unfortunately her ship got hit and she crash landed on Clan Kryze's landing pad and got out just in time for her ship to blow up. She then met up with other members of Clan Kryze and asked them if she can help with anything and they had her help out in the front lines after giving her a jetpack. Soon her brother came just in time to defeat the rest of the pirates but her armor got damged beyond repair (including her helmet) and just like her, her brother crash landed. Later after that, Korriana along with the rest of Clan Kryze met up with Bo-Katan along with Lukz who he and Korriana were happily reunited. They then explained of who they are and Clan Kryze was surprised that they were the children of their old ally and they welcomed them to their home. After almost a week, the siblings forged new armor and painted it with Clan Ramzyse's colors and symbols to honor their clan and Clan Kryze provided them with new transports, Korriana got a new Fang Fighter and Lukz a Kom'rk-class Fighter/Transport, Korriana wondered why Lukz would want something like that and Lukz told her that he wanted to use something different and with their final goodbyes the siblings left Clan Kryze and went their seperate ways. She went to more adventures where she took up freelance jobs of protecting villages from bandits and other dangerous creatures, along the way, she later befriended a little Loth-cat while traveling in Lothal, she took it in as a pet and named it Tamee (pronunced Tammy (after finding out it was female)) and she'll do anything to protect her little friend. Korriana and Tamee went onto lots of great adventures and it was very exciting, awhile after when Korriana became 17, she met a Lasat mercenary named Girozod or Zod, it was a little misunderstanding when they met and they started fighting each other hand to hand. Soon the fight ended in a tie and they became friends, respecting each other's strength, they helped each other through and through until one day while they were protecting a village in Lothal, the Empire came and they were testing a new weapon: a new prototype walker and they were gonna use it on the village Korriana and Zod were protecting. Korriana and Zod then engaged the Imperial forces (which were composed of Stormtroopers) in order to destroy the new walker to protect the village. They fought hard but then Zod got fatally injured and then Korriana got angry and out of instinct, lightning engulfed her right fist then she ran torwards the Stormtroopers and then she slammed her fist to the ground and the Imperial soldiers instantly died on the spot from high amounts of electricity and then she did it again but this time on the prototype walker and it was destroyed, after that she looked at her hands that were sparking with electricity, surprised of what she could do. She then went to Zod who was on his last moments of life, before dying, he gave Korriana his Lasat Bo-Rifle in the name of Boosen Keeraw, even though their fight from before was a tie, to Zod, Korriana was stronger than him and with that, he gave her his weapon and soon after he passed on. With a heavy heart and respect, Korriana gave Zod a proper burial and wielded his Bo-Rifle to honor him. Soon during the passing months Korriana trained with the Bo-Rifle so that she could do better with it in battle and she also augmented her new powers with it and trained to improve her new found powers and she also modified her Bo-Rifle to suit her comfort. Awhile after turning 18, she along with Tamee returned to Concord Dawn to visit the Protectors but when she arrived, everything was in ruins, destroyed ships and fallen Protector equipment on the floor and her Uncle Fenn Rau was nowhere to be seen. She tried searching for clues but found none, when she was gonna return to her ship, an ambush occured, Imperial Jet Troopers led by a member of Clan Saxon, the shameless traitors of Mandalore (in Korriana's point of view). They chased her and Tamee until she arrived at her ship, but before she had a chance to board, the Jet Troopers threw Thermal Detonators at the Fang Fighter, destroying it, leaving Korriana stranded, it was very difficult for her and Tamee but Korriana and her Loth-cat friend managed to hide from the Imperials and Saxon. A week later she planned to steel the Imperial's ship and warn her brother of what happened to the Protectors but she was too late because her brother Lukz arrived and there was an ambush waiting for him. Korriana managed to make it in time before Saxon ordered his troops to fire and as soon as she and her Loth-cat friend landed on the center, she pounded her fist onto the ground, sending a wave of lightning at the Imperials and Saxon, knocking them out. Korriana and Lukz had a brief momental reunion before they fled to Lukz' ship and it seems that he has some new friends (the droids) with him, they then took off and left Concord Dawn and managed to escape the enemy. They then talked about their adventures and it was a bunch of crazy and it seems that Korriana wasn't the only one with new powers.

Then out of nowhere a big blue portal appeared, startling the siblings and their little friends and the ship was pushed into the portal by an unknown force as their ship was sent spinning like crazy inside and they were getting dizzy and the next thing they knew, they crash landed and got knocked out. When they woke up, they were on an unknown planet and the ship was damaged and with them working together, they managed to repair it in just a week, along the way Korriana and the others learned from the intel Lukz gathered was that they were in a backwater planet that had technology that was milleniums away from their level of tech and before the day of their departure, Lukz informed them that their are other people with powers like them as well and there's a place where they can find more like the both of them and train their powers to the next level and so the following morning, they set off to the Heroes Coalition in Neo-City to start their life as trainees. Currently in the Coalition, Korriana would spend her spare time polishing her close combat moves and staff fighting and she'd also spend her spare time either in the tech garage and fix up her bike that she made or reading a book in the lounging area or cafeteria like Suzie.


A tall young woman an inch taller than her brother Lukz with shoulder length ginger hair with part of it tied in a high ponytail (Similar to Iroha Utsugi), fair skin, slim and strong build, medium bust and gray eyes. She's clad in a black protective upper body skin suit and pants over light gray, dark blue and electric blue Mandalorian armor composed of light gray and dark blue outlined torso armor, dark blue and light gray outlined shoulder armor (same as Sabine Wren's) with an electric blue ankh symbol on either shoulder armor, light gray gloves with electric blue armor on the top of the palms, dark blue Mandalorian Vambraces on her forearms, light gray utility belt, light gray lower body armor, light gray and dark blue outlined hip armor, light gray and dark blue armored boots with electric blue knee stripes, dark blue and light gray JT-17 jetpack, two WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols holstered on two light gray holsters, a Lasat Bo-Rifle magnetically strapped to the back of her jetpack and a dark blue female variant of the Mandalorian helmet with a big electric blue ankh symbol on the face (similar to how Bo-Katan has her Clan's symbol on he helmet's face in Star Wars Rebels), light gray helmet sides and a vision scope antenna on the right side of her helmet. When out of her armor, she wears a sleeveless light gray shirt with a dark gray ankh symbol on the upper left side under an open dark blue jacket with electric blue cuffs, light gray fingerless gloves, a black computer watch on her left wrist, gray cargo pants with a belt, her WESTAR-35 blaster pistols holstered on her hips, her Bo-Rifle horizontally on the back of her waist and a pair of light gray and electric blue strapped combat boots.


She's very relaxed, calm, cool and collected, upbeat and cheerful. She loves the thrill of adventure and loves to laugh whenever she hears something that sounds funny, see something surprisingly funny and see someone becoming a victum of pranks and she'd sometimes roll on the floor while laughing like crazy like an imature child, but she can hold it at times when a situation needs to be taken seriously. Just like her brother she has a sense of honor and respect of being a Protector and daughter of a once mighty House and she doesn't take kindly to those who'd insult her old and current family and the 1st thing she'll do is send a lightning bolt to the face before beating them up. She's a natural born strategic leader just like her parents but she tends to rush in recklessly without a second thought. She can also be reckless sometimes when she's flying and it would sometimes get either her or her friends hurt (a reason why her little brother doesn't let her pilot the Sentinel). She also loves reading, it helps her think and calm her mind or just to get rid of boredom. Whenever something bad happens, she'd say "Karabast" a Lasat word that she learned and soon her brother used that word as well. She'd often butt heads with Lucy Ashley about who's the better fighter or just plain old arguing over insults.


Her Gift is called "Arc Light", this Gift allows her to create and control lightning. She can send streams of lightning at the enemy, augment her lightning into some of her weapons and into her hands and feet for close combat. She can engulf herself in an electric blue lightning aura (Destiny Arc Light) with her eyes glowing stark white behind her helmet's visor without affecting her armor or equipment. She can strike the ground with her fist and send a wave of lightning (Striker Titan's Fist of Havoc), create an explosive bomb of electricity (Arc version of Voidwalker Warlocks Nova Bomb), create lightning storms and absorb electricity. She's also immune to electricity and she can create weapon constructs out out of lightning.

She's an expert in Unarmed Combat and is an expert in using Mandalorian tech like any other typical Mandalorian warrior. When she became part of the Coalition, she became an expert in Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiujutsu, Hapkido, Wrestling, Boxing, Bojutsu, Systema and CQC. She's an expert gunslinger, markswoman and expert jetpack flyer. She's also an expert pilot despite being reckless and an expert in using a Bo-Rifle. She's also an expert mechanic, making her good with making and upgrading machines and she has very good Acrobatic skills.


Dual WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols - Korriana's main weapons. She had these weapons since completing her training back at Concord Dawn. She keeps them in 2 holsters on either sides of her hips.

Lasat Bo-Rifle - Korriana's secondary weapon and main melee weapon. It once belonged to Girozod, a Lasat mercenary who was once a good friend of Korriana before passing it on to her after his death. Korriana modified it to look similar to a CJ-9 Bo-Rifle and instead of emitting yellow electricity, it emits blue electricity and it fires blue lasers. She keeps it on the right side of her jetpack when in her armor and on the back of her waist when out of her armor.

Mandalorian Vambraces - Korriana's 3rd weapon that she wears on her wrists with different mods and equipment inside.

Right Vambrace:

  • Double Barrel Blaster
  • Fibercord Grapple Whip
  • Paralyzing Darts
  • Explosive Darts

Left Vambrace:

  • Remote Control
  • Double Barrel Blaster
  • Communicator
  • Flamethrower
  • Gauntlet Blade

JT-17 Jetpack - Korriana's main mode of light transportation. It also includes a back mounted rocket.

Utility Belt - This holds Korriana's ammo and grenades.

Arc Weapons: Special weapons Korriana makes out of lightning that takes an electric blue color and an electric glowing aura. She uses them for emergencies or as a trump card.

Storm Glaive - Korriana's signature Arc weapon. It takes the form of a double bladed Glaive with the blades facing different sides. This is her main weapon when she faces dangerous foes (such as Creatures of Grimm, Neuroi, Giant beasts and any other dangerous foe). She can encase the blades in lightning and use it for ranged and direct combat attacks and even create a twister filled with lightning.

Thor Cestus - Korriana's second signature Arc weapon. It takes the form of two Armored Gauntlets twice her arm's size and it covers most of her forearms except her elbows. She uses them for close combat and she can engulf them in different amounts of electricity.

Static Blade - One of Korriana's Trump Card Arc weapons. It takes the form of a Nodachi. She uses this for facing powerful swordsman type enemies or giant flying creatures (such as Creatures of Grimm or other giant creatures that can fly) he can encase the blade in lightning and unleash waves of electricity whether in the form of crescent waves or swinging it downwards and creating a fissure of lightning.

Electric Lance - Korriana's most powerful Arc weapon at her disposal. It takes the form of a Knight's Lance with a sharp point and rotating segments that turn like a drill only in different directions. Korriana uses this to gather massive amounts of electricity and then unleash a massive blast of lightning energy (similar to Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish from Fate/Stay Night) and possibly destroy almost half an army with the only side effect is exhaustion (unless there's someone who can provide electricity for her).

Signature Stance - Bojutsu Stance


Tamee - Korriana's Loth-cat companion. She has gray colored skin/fur and she follows Korriana everywhere she goes. She loves being pet on the head and being scratched behind the ears. She's also capable of attacking enemies by sensing if they have ill will against her or her friends.

Mode of Transportation:

Spark Chaser - Korriana's special mode of transportation. It looks like Yang Xiao Long's Motorbike "Bumblebee" but with a dark blue and dark gray trim with electric blue lightning designs on the rear sides and replacing the wheels are hoverpads and they are equipped with laser blaster at the front that shoot blue lasers. Korriana built it herself while at the Coalition and it can fly in the air and has a magnetic function, allowing it to climb buildings and move through all directions from up, down, upside down and sideways.


  • Korianna is an OC of AuraBolter.
  • According to AuraBolter, his ideal voice actress for Korriana are Allison Keith and Yū Asakawa (both voiced Leone from Akame ga Kill).
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