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This are the list of Kohaku's Attacks:

Heartbreaker - Kohaku lifts her left leg up and thrusts it forward, also knocking back the foe.

Pummel Kick - Kohaku performs two elevating kicks, followed with a powerful diagonal downward kick.

Cerberus Strike - involves the character attacking an enemy three times in succession.

Skyscraper - Kohaku performs an upward front-kick that launches her foe into the air.

Pirouette Kick - Kohaku performs a series of six rising clockwise spin-kicks.

Blossom Bomb - Kohaku srikes her baton horizontally to the left, then to the right, followed with an upward strike, a spin paired with a downward strike, and finishing with a spin and an upward strike.

Burning Wheel - the user attacks by thrusting their weapon forward and rotating it, creating a tunnel of fire in front of them.

Blazing Ring - the user spins their weapon to create a small wall of flame around them.

Crimson Twister - Kohaku leaps into the air as she performs counterclockwise spins and strikes the surrounding foes with a blazing baton.

Scarlet Halo - Kohaku leaps into the air, then strikes with her baton, sending a burning ring diagonally downward at her foe.

Rising Phoenix - the user physically transforms into a phoenix and flies toward his enemy, but its subsequent appearances are more metaphorical to the name via the user wrapping themselves in flames shaped akin to a phoenix. The user jumps into the air and thrusts down with a fiery, blazing wave, striking downward with a crimson blade, burning dropkick, or blazing fist.

Infernal Torrent - the user slashes at the enemy while their weapon is engulfed in flames, creating a large wave of fire. This attack commonly reaches far distances and deals multiple hits quickly, affecting a large arc in front of the user.

Vermilion Ballet - Kohaku first strikes her flaming baton upward, then sweeps it horizontally rightward, and finishes with a diagonal downward strike to the right, all while performing elegant spins.

Dispel - When the spell is activated, the targeted ally is surrounded with light and healed from magical ailments. In earlier games, it could nullify the effect of statistical de-buffs, while Recover would be used to cure all types of status ailments. 

Fireball - the spell shoots off one or more fireballs at the enemy. These fireballs are capable of homing in on an enemy target, regardless of position on the battlefield.

Wind Blade - wind blades will shoot toward the location of the enemy when the spell itself was cast, so it could miss the enemy if it moves to the side, or if it is launched into the air by other characters.

Photon - Photon appears as a shining glyph on the enemy, which then explodes to deal Light-elemental damage.

Heal - This spell is most commonly learned as the intermediate-level healing spell that a character obtains after mastering First Aid.

Healing Circle - When Healing Circle is activated during battle, a shining orb appears over the targeted ally, refracting a circle of light onto the ground, creating a temporary field that heals all allies within its range.

Anti-Magic - it cures any magical ailment for one party member and provides immunity to all magical ailments for a short time.

Burninfg Strike - The user summons several flaming meteorites to rain down on the battlefield, successively striking the target with each meteorite and landing a few steps ahead of the previous one in a straight line.

Crosswind - The user conjures four spiraling spheres of wind on the ground around the enemy, which then implode and charge at the target, creating a blast of wind upon contact with it.

Ray - is a Light-elemental spell that, as its name implies, releases beams of light across the battlefield. The rays of light are usually angled and rain from the sky.

Fairy Circle - It heals party members almost to full HP, while occasionally damaging opponents.

Resurrection - This spell revives an ally that has been knocked out, performing a similar effect as a "Life Bottle".

Explode - This spell summons a small ball of fire that is dropped from the sky, creating a massive explosion upon impact with the ground. 

Infernal Prison - Infernal Prison creates a red glyph on the ground. Flame pillars then rise diagonally from four points within the glyph, trapping the foe in a pyramidal "cage" of fire. A final burst of flame gushes from the middle of the glyph, ending the spell effect.

Air Thrust - Air Thrust surrounds the target with sharp blades of wind, dealing many hits quickly while slightly lifting the enemy into the air. 

Grand Cross - When activated, a glyph is created on the ground beneath the enemy, summoning rays of light that lift the enemy into the air, followed by a cross-shaped blast that knocks them down.

Divine Saber - This spell creates a six-pointed glyph that calls forth lightning strikes at each corner before summoning a massive lightning bolt in the center of the pattern.

Final Fury - the move is a mystic arte that can be used by Kohaku Hearts. Kohaku kicks and smashes the enemies with her rod a dozen times or so, then kicks them down to the ground, ending with a spin and smash kick.

Fabled Union - Kor slashes his sword as it is imbued with light, while Kohaku twirls her baton in front of her as it catches on fire. They then charge at the enemy and assault them with a series of attacks: Kor with light-imbued slashes from various sides, Kohaku with a series of fiery baton strikes and kicks. They then strike their weapons upward, launching their opponent into the air with a whirlwind. The move finishes with Kor crushing onto the enemy with his sword imbued with lightning as he impales it into the ground, and Kohaku descends with her legs while the image of phoenix covers her, the attack assaulting the opponent with a fiery explosion that cracks with lightning.

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