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Kohaku Hearts is the main heroine in Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R games.

Kohaku is a girl setting off from her home town in need of Soma, along with her older brother, Hisui Hearts. At the beginning of the story, they are chased by Incarose, but she saves them by pushing Hisui and herself off of the cliff before Incarose's energy beam hits them. Later, Kor Meteor finds them collapsed on the beach. While giving explanations, Kohaku refers to Incarose as "her". She is the owner of the Soma Rondeau ("Elrond"). During the events of the story, she develops a love interest in Kor and shows a real trust toward him.

In the AWA fics, Kohaku is a student at the AWA Academy.


Kohaku has a long black, hime-cut hair tied in two long pigtails and has light-purple eyes. She wears a white backless and long-sleeved short legged unitard with frills at the ends, and pink, black & indigo linings and designs. Blue frills around the neck and chest area, and a blue and yellow chest circlet. She wears a white ribbon laced shoes.


Originally an emotionless girl, she starts gaining them one by one. She has a phobia of heights because she fell from a high window as a child. She tries to suppress it, but it becomes downright paralyzing when her Fear Spiria Crystal is one of the first emotions she regains and she keeps finding herself well above ground.


Kohaku's weapon does not change through the story. Even from the process of Soma Evolve, it will not change forms during battle. However, upon reaching its final Soma evolution, the weapon will change into one of two forms that affect its appearance during battle, depending which Soma Evolve path the player chooses. Both of these options are considered Kohaku's ultimate weapons. Kohaku fights by using a mix of martial arts and Fire, Wind, and Light magic, though she is mainly of the Fire element. She can act as a decent healer, though that role is generally filled by Hisui. Her Combination Blaster is Satsugeki Bukouken, which consists of a mixture of many of her artes, finishing with a cherry blossom kick. In Tales of Hearts R, she gains two new soma artes Triple Blossom and Skyscraper at the cost of Cherry Hail, gains a new hybrid arte by the name of Crimson Twister, she looses several healing artes with the exception of Revitalize that now belongs to Hisui, Fairy Circleand Infernal Prison that were once her combination artes are incorporated to her repertoire.

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  • Kohaku's name refers to the gemstone amber, known in Japanese as "kohaku", which is the basis of her localized name of "Amber" in Tales of Graces ƒ.
  • Kohaku's fear of heights stems from the time in her childhood when she fell out of a window.


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