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Kirika Kure is one of the main characters from the Puella Magi Oriko Magica manga and games.

A "black magical girl", and a friend of Oriko. She's the culprit behind the magical girl killings. Her wish involved becoming whatever Oriko needed her to be, and it grants her speed-slowing magic to contrast Oriko's future vision.

In the AWA fics, due to the interference of the AWA gang, her tragic fate was averted. Kirika is a student at the AWA Academy.


Kirika has a short dark hair and had purple eyes. She wears a white uniform shirt with black tie, a red skirt, a mismatch thigh-high socks and dark shoes.

Her magical attire consists of a black cropped jacket with tailcoats over a white Victorian dress shirt with a red necktie, black office skirt, white thigh-high socks, black shoes and a black eye patch.


Kirika is a rather eccentric, rash girl who is incredibly dedicated to her best friend, Oriko Mikuni. When it comes to Oriko, Kirika is willing to do anything she asks of, even killing magical girls, or becoming a witch to help her gain an edge in battle. Kirika is entirely dedicated to Oriko, as well as protective; even so, she is kind to Oriko, and often acts similar to a puppy dog in Oriko's presence.

To people other than Oriko, Kirika tends to be quieter and even moody. She also has bouts of childishness, such as commenting on how hungry and bored she is when in the middle of fighting with Mami Tomoe.

Kirika is also somewhat unstable at times, occasionally laughing madly. However, the Kirika seen in the alternate timeline in Symmetry Diamond and The Last Agate appears to be more stable. The reason is unknown; it's possibly because she isn't hunting magical girls in that timeline.

Kirika is also very touchy and serious on the subject of love, claiming that people who use terms like "crush" don't understand what "true" love is. Kirika also hates being called a child, unless the person in question is her dear Oriko.

In the past, before she met Oriko, Kirika was antisocial and quiet, even timid. She looked down on others as a way of making her feel better about herself. Kirika, however, was awed by Oriko when the girl helped her once. Kirika then became attached to Oriko, wanting to get to know her, but was afraid that Oriko wouldn't remember her, since no one would remember "someone like [Kirika]". So Kirika made her wish to "become a different [Kirika]", leading to her gaining her current personality.

Noisy Citrine further reveals that Kirika used to be a cheerful and happy child, before being betrayed her friend Erika Mamiya. Kirika then became unhappy and started avoiding others, and so they drifted away from her.


Kirika's weapons are long, curved claws worn on her wrists and hands. There are three blades on each hand usually, though she can manifest more and have five on each hand. With these, she is able to slice open her opponents with separate cuts, as well as tear apart restraining magic like Mami's ribbons.

She also has the ability to slow her enemies down, giving the illusion of her having exceptional acrobatic agility and speed. Kirika's ability can also be used on herself, as she shows when she slows down her own transformation into a witch. It's notable that when she first met Oriko she was gathering her fallen belongings while being told by bystanders to "hurry up"; it's possible her powers were derived from this event, as she wished to change her personality in order to befriend Oriko.

Noisy Citrine revealed that she has named two of her attacks. "Stepping Fang" is an attack in which Kirika releases her claws and throws them, in order to hit targets she cannot reach herself in time. "Vampire Fang" is a powered-up version of her normal attack, able to split a witch in half with one hit.


  • In the AWA fics, Kirika along with Oriko Mikuni has moved to Normal Earth.
  • Kirika commented in Oriko Magica that she often skipped school, which could explain her absence in Madoka Magica outside of meta reasons.
  • Kirika is seen reading yuri manga in Noisy Citrine.
  • Her first name is written in katakana and has no particular meaning. When written in kanji, it can be read many different ways, ex. "fog fire" or "fog perfume".
  • Her last name is written with kanji meaning "give" or "do something for", referring to her devotion to Oriko and willingness to follow her commands.


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