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King Forest is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

King is a man in this early thirties and is currently a member of the Heroes Coalitions and he is the leader of the Triumph Division as their commander. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.

He also works as a temporary teacher in Heartcross Academy. King is also one of the three Generals of the Union Vanguard.


King is a tall man with a slightly large build. He has a long dark-brown curly hair, and has a ducktail facial hair and brown eyes. He wears a purple tuxedo over a white shirt and black crook tie, purple trousers and white leather shoes.


Despite his rough looks, King is actually very friendly and a very caring person. King is kind-hearted and trusting with his subordinates. King also cries a lot over a lot thing like never getting married, pointing out that he is still single or the fact that he'll die single.

King can be naive at time. This was demonstrated when Gingka tricked him in a duel.

King deeply in love with Yumi Agnes as he stalks her to end which ends him getting beaten for his troubles.


King seems to be a talented swordsman but his true capabilities are yet to be demonstrated. King also had a mysterious ability to knock out a target by just unsheathing his sword.


  • King often gets called as the Tarzan in a Purple Suit.
  • King went in the same College as Miyako Kougami.
  • King calls Miyako, "Miyako-mama" much to her embarrassment.
  • King mentioned that he was bullied back in College.
  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actor for King are David Wald and Susumu Chiba (both voiced Isao Kondou from Gintama).

Notable Quotes

  • (to Yumi Agnes) "LET'S DO IT AT THE ALTAR!!!"
  • (to Yumi Agnes) "I won't give up after being turned down once or twice! Women want to be loved more than they want to be love! My mom told me so!"
  • (to Arachnus) "I'm... I'm a thief, yes, but a thief... of love!"
  • (to Gingka Hagane) "Hmm... you got a silver-tongue their kid."
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