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Kenjirou Hato is one of the main characters from the Genshiken anime and manga.

Cross-dressing yaoi fan who is the very picture of a shy, demure, fashionable girl. However, she is a he. Became the main focus in Nidaime, along with Madarame, as his issues take up a good chunk of the manga's frame time.

In the AWA fics, Kenjirou made his debut at the sixteenth chapter of All Worlds Alliance Stories.


Hato's actual appearance is of a young looking bishounen boy with short dark hair. He is described as having a flawless complexion, which is attributed to his daily use of various moisturizers. He also meticulously plucks his body hair (but uses hair removal lotion at times), giving him smooth and supple skin all over.

As a regular boy, Hato dresses in typical men's casual wear like collar shirts and cargo pants. In his crossdressing form, he will typically wear one of several wigs, the most prominent being a long, thick brunette inspired by his senpai Michiru Kaminaga. He will also dress in very feminine clothing, which garners attention from men as well as jealousy from certain women.


Hato is a mild mannered and generally calm individual. He can get flustered quite easily in embarrassing situations.

When dressed as a male, Hato has a casual way of speaking to people. When Hato crossdresses, he assumes a very feminine identity, including a female voice and a feminine manner of speech. According to the extra manga chapters, the minimum requirement for him to assume his feminine identity is to wear girl's underwear.

Although Hato can change his voice at will, his feminine voice is so strongly intertwined within him that he even speaks in feminine tone in his sleep.


  • Since the mid-60 chapters, he's pretty much become the main character. Highlighted by the opening animation of the Nidaime anime.
  • He seems to support Madarame X Saki, even though he knows there is little chance of it actually happening.
    • And his inner girl ships him with Madarame.
  • Sue calls him a fudanshi (rotten boy).


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