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Kenji Kazama is the main protagonist of the D-Frag! anime and manga.

Kenji is a delinquent and the leader of his three-man clique, who made the mistake of trying to bully the Game Development Club (temp) one day, only to end up being bullied into joining.

Now an unwilling member of the Game Development Club (temp), he is forced to spend his days bitterly dealing with their nonsensical antics.

As time passes however, Kenji slowly begins to accept his involvement in the group and finds himself participating in their insane antics more often than he would believe.

In the AWA fics, Kenji is a student of the AWA Academy and is a part of Class 1. Kenji is also a member of the AWA Rookie 20 and is ranked #1.

In the XP4 fics, Kenji is a student at Fujou High School. Kenji was once a member of the Bite Gang but later left to become a Freelance Hero. After the death of his friends, Kenji turns into the dark side.

In the TWA fics, Kenji is one of the major characters. Kenji is part of the Honor Fighting Force and is a member of The Ragtag of Heroes.


Kenji has spiky orange hair, he has brown eyes, and has an ear cuff on his left ear. In school he often removed his blazer and also opened his school clothes to get the impression as a delinquent, he shows his double clothes which are usually red. He is the tallest member of the Game Creation Club (Provisional).

AWA Fanfics

Kenji's attire differs on the occasions. His battle gear consists of a tight black sleeveless shirt with red linings, black tights, black gloves and black boots.


Despite being a delinquent, Kenji has a surprisingly kind and honorable side. He is always willing to help anyone in need because of a promise he made as a child with Shaun Konekone. An example of this is seen when he helps save Takao who was attacked by 50/50 Fujisaki (who had perverted intentions) during the preliminaries of the fight for Roka's pouch. However, most of the time, his personality can be very rough and loud. As a result, along with his appearance and gang reputation, the other students are still afraid of him. He has a strong desire to be the strongest at the school, but is hindered by the fact that most of the girls in the school are stronger than him. He usually plays the straight man to many of the club's situations, often commenting on the fact that most of the members are weirdos.

Despite his deliquent personality, he still manages to attract some girls' attention such as Roka, Funabori, and Takao. In addition, Kazama is quite competitive as he is willing to accept any challenges just to prove that he is better than his opponents. An example of this is when he tried to beat Roka at games rather than physical strength because of his rule to not hit girls, just so that he can be number 1 in the school.

XP4 Fanfics

Kenji is portrayed as a struggling and insecure person, but he is kind, helpful and very sociable. After the death of his friends, Kenji was swallowed with grief, sadness and anger, and later become unstable and violent, and would kill anyone who stood on his way.


Kenji's skills are downplayed for laughs in canon.

AWA Fanfics

Kenji is one of the strongest characters. Kenji is a skilled fighter and can dish out tremendous punches and kicks, and he is skilled in using different objects, from weapons to magical artifacts. His ultimate move is the Curb Stomp which he stomps the head of his opponent's to the ground, knocking them out.

Kenji later received a special briefcase that can transform into a machine gun, cannon and different kinds of firearms with infinite amount of bullets.

Kenji also learned how to use chakra and magic. He also learned six moves of the Rokushiki and also gained the power to use Kenbonshoku Haki and the Haohoshoku Haki.

XP4 Fanfics

Kenji uses a large sword in fighting. He also possessed a powerful demon magic.


  • Kenji is the first character from D-Frag! to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • So far, six girls have a crush on Kenji in canon, with them being Roka Shibasaki, Takao, Funabori,Tama Sakai, Hata Takafudou and Koushuu.
  • Currently, in the manga, Kenji holds a record of 3 times pouched by Roka.
  • Kenji's reputation has changed over the course of the series. In the beginning, people could not even remember his name despite it being in the name of his gang, the Kazama Party. After beating the Band of 14 Devils, he became known as the Student Council President Chitose's and underground boss Roka's underling to his dismay. His reputation further improves when it is said that he defeated Tama who was renowned as one of the strongest people at his school causing others to refuse to challenge him.
  • The only class he never skips is Shaun Konekone's Japanese Classics class.
  • In the manga, Kenji shaved his hair to beat Roka in a contest. He takes part in a experiment with the science club and ends up regaining his spiky hair to the surprise of his club.
  • In bonus manga omake, it is shown that in his childhood he met Takao, Chitose, Roka and Chitose's Older Sister. He recalls this after the flashback and is shocked that he already knew most of the girls beforehand.
  • In the AWA fics, Kenji is roommates with Oohori and Shinozaki.
  • In the AWA fics, Ryuuko Matoi, Mystery Mint, Gory Fangtell and Kaoruko Moeta are added to Kenji's unwanted harem.
  • In the AWA fics, Kenji is called the Orange-haired Architect and the Kingslayer.
  • In the AWA fics, Kenji's move sets are based from Seth Rollins from WWE.
  • In the AWA fics, Kenji has a band called From Better to Worse which is composed of him, Ben Tennyson, Edward Elric, Allen Walker and Shinozaki. Later on, Ben, Edward and Allen were replaced by Ichika Orimura and Yuuta Asaba.
  • In the AWA fics, Kenji is part of the Clique, a parody of WWE's The Kliq, alongside Chizuru Tachibana, Oohori, Shinozaki, Yuuki Asaba and Yuuta Asaba.
  • In the XP4 fics, Kenji is the first character to do a face-heel turn.


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