Karen is the playable character from the Sword of Resistance game.

Karen is a scantily-clad angelic warrior whom descends down from the Skyward Empire to bring back the realm in order from the hands of Coledohra.

In the AWA fics, Karen is a student at the AWA Academy.


Karen is a young girl with a long orange-blonde hair tied in twintails and has red eyes. She has a very ample breast and a curvaceous figure. She wears a reddish-orange two piece skimpy swimsuit, black fingerless arm gloves, black knee-high socks, gray stilleto boots and an orange headband with wings.


Karen is dignified and chivalrous, she will do anything to restore things in order.


Karen can double jump, duck, sprint and chain a three-hit combo attack with her short sword. The attack button can also be held down for a few seconds to unleash a short ranged attack. Apart from that, she can also use an area-of-effect magical attack that instantly vaporizes all nearby enemies, excluding bosses. Since the magic attack is so potent against regular enemies, Karen can only use it thrice, as indicated by the green orbs beneath her portrait. To recharge the magical burst, the player needs to collect green orbs spread throughout the game’s four levels. There are also two additional types of orbs to collect: blue ones that recover your lost health points and red ones that fill what I like to call the “chastity meter.”


  • In the AWA fics, Karen seems to have a rivalry with Sylvia van Hossen as she does take it well getting defeated by her.


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