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Kaede Nagase is a character from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

Kaede is a chuu-nin-ranked shinobi from the Koga village. As a ninja of considerable skill, Kaede is generally a wise mentor figure to the group when she's not serving as its muscle. She is portrayed as more powerful than Negi himself in the early stages of the story despite initially not knowing about magic at all and it is not until a decent length into the story that Negi manages to catch up to and surpass her. Her grades are not that great, but she doesn't appear to be unintelligent. Rather, she apparently spends too much time training. 

In the AWA fics, Kaede is a student at the AWA Academy.


Kaede is a tall teenage girl with a waist-length green hair tied in a low ponytail and has green eyes. She usually wears her Mahora Academy uniform.


Kaede is the gentle and calm yet strong and tall girl. She has an easy-going attitude and is almost always seen with her eyes almost closed. She frequently ends her sentences with "de gozaru", an archaic verb form historically used by samurai. She also has a tendency to address people, particularly in the second series, with the honorific "-dono" ("lord", used by samurai towards superiors; example: Konoka-dono, Setsuna-dono) In her free time, she trains in the mountains, displaying a wide range of ninja-like abilities such as kage bunshin no jutsu. She later uses her abilities to great effect when aiding Negiand his companions during their battles. She actually comes from the Koga ninja clan, but was born a generation too late, since her parents do not carry on the family ninja traditions (Volume 3). As a result, many of her abilities are self-taught. She is "Baka Blue" of the "Baka Rangers" study group, meaning that she is among the lowest scorers on tests in the class. She is also a member of the Mahora Walking Club, along with Fuka and Fumika. Kaede acts as one of Negi's guardians as well as a surrogate mother figure towards him.


  • PactioSpeculatrix Clandestina (literally, "Hidden Observer"): Fitting well with her ninja skills, Kaede's artifact, Tengu no Kakuremino, is a cloak that can be used for camouflage/invisibility purposes. While underneath the cloak, Kaede is in another plane of reality which includes a house, complete with a kitchen. Aside from stealth and travel, Kaede's artifact has other clever uses, such as absorbing enemy attacks or catching someone who is falling in midair. Her artifact appears to be based on a folk tale of the same name. Kaede is the ninth student to make a provisional contract with Negi.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Being a Ninjutsu master, Kaede is skillful at various ninja techniques, such as kage bunshin no jutsu , which allows her to split into numerous shadow clones, and shukuchi mukyou, a speed-step maneuver. In one instance, Kaede is able to combine ninjutsu and body manipulation techniques in order to make herself appear younger. Kaede refers to her ninjutsu techniques Kaede ninpou, or "Kaede ninja arts". She also appears to be teaching Kotarou these techniques, as Kotarou demonstrated the kage bunshin in the fight against Fate's harem. The Narutaki twins also mention using the "stealth escape technique" passed down to them from Kaede, although little is known if she has truly taught the twins any abilities. Kaede sometimes fights blindfolded as part of her training.
  • Weapon Mastery: Kaede also appears to be adept at using several ninja-style weapons, such as kunai and a giant shuriken. One of the attacks she uses with such weapons is the Bakusa Bakuenjin (translated as "Binding Chain Eruption").
  • Shukuchi - Kaede's own version of Instant Movement.
  • Shukuchi Mukyou - A extreme long range version of Shukuchi.
  • Kage Bunshin - This technique allows Kaede to split into multiple shadow clones.
  • Bakusa Bakuenjin - Kaede ensnares her enemies in a chained shuriken before causing a giant explosion. This technique was powerful to take down a dragon.
  • Kage Nui
  • Tenma Fukumetsu Bakusa Chimoujin


  • She has a habit of using the first person pronounce "sessha" and she uses "de gozaru" at the end of her sentences instead of the more modern "desu".
  • She has the second biggest bust of the class, beating Mana only by a miniscule amount.


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