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K1-B0 is a character from the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony video game.

A robot equipped with an advanced learning AI. Invented by a robotics genius named Professor Idabashi, Ki-bo was born as a blank slate and matured the way a human child would and even went to school normally, which is why he can be titled the "Ultimate Robot" at the high school level. He is polite and rather serious and has trouble with human social interaction. Robot rights are also a sore point for him.

It is later revealed that he was an Unwitting Pawn working for Team Danganronpa as the first person camera in the Killing Game and the In-Universe protagonist of the Danganronpa Reality Television Show, giving him the real title of "Ultimate Hope Robot". His actions and inner monologue throughout the game was manipulated by viewer surveys. In the final trial his personality is overridden by the mastermind when he decides to abandon hope and join Shuichi's Suicide Pact, forcing Shuichi to instead make a plea to the audience controlling Ki-bo. He is successful, resulting in Ki-bo abstaining from voting and sacrificing himself by destroying the entire facility, but sparing Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko due to the will of the audience.

In the XP4 fics, K1-B0 is brought back to life. K1-B0 is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


K1-B0 is a robot, therefore having a fully mechanical body structurally engineered to, in shape, resemble a human being. His body is mostly made up of metallic, armored plating, not wearing actual clothing, but resembling a gakuran, a school uniform worn by male high school students. He has four glowing buttons that run from his chest to his stomach down the middle of his torso, a metallic left breast pocket, and something that resembles a belt around his waist, two red buttons attached.

As a robot, K1-B0 is considered sexless and lacks the means to have reproductive functions, but still appears masculine via physically and the voice of a teenaged boy. His face has very pale skin. His eyebrows press closely to his round, mechanical blue eyes, making it appear that his brows are a part of his eyes. Thick black lines run from around his eyes and down his cheeks to reach his chin. He can make his eyes glow a bright yellow or blue and emit light. He has a tongue, but it doesn't seem to have any other purpose than speaking, as he cannot actually eat food. He has white hair that is very sharp and swayed to the left, along with the very large ahoge on the top of his head.

K1-B0 possesses a very tall, round and metallic collar around his neck, his previous school's emblem on the left side of his collar. A thin strip of screen wraps all the way around it, displaying a constantly changing string of green text. A softer black material covers his neck entirely, but he is capable of moving it up to cover the lower half of his face to resemble a face mask. The collar is usually open in the middle, but is able to clip the two metallic parts together to protect the area of his neck entirely. He doesn't seem to have actual ears, but black, headphone shaped objects in the area around them. He can use his ears to take recordings and play them out loud.

Later, it is revealed that K1-B0's ahoge is an antenna that receives information from Team Danganronpa, which will take the form of an "inner voice" and persuade him to take certain actions, said actions being decided through viewers' surveys.

In the prologue, he wears the uniform of his original high school, including a student hat. It's a plain, black gakuran with white buttons buttoned down the middle and on his cuffs, and he wears black gloves. His uniform is a bit too small for him, his jacket described as "bulging as if it's about to burst" due to the robotic body underneath it. Still, he looks more human, lacking some of his more mechanical traits such as the black lines on his face and the black headphone shaped ears on the sides of his head.


K1-B0 is a polite and serious teenage robot, who has some trouble with human social interaction, and often comes across as unintentionally comical as a result. According to Kazutaka Kodaka, K1-B0 has both cute and cool characteristics, with him being socially awkward but serious. Nevertheless, K1-B0 takes pride in his form and often boasts about his wonderfulness and efficient functions, though the other students never seem to find them impressive much to his disappointment. His aim is to overcome being an ordinary robot and because of this, he may get offended if he is compared to much more simple machines. While generally well-mannered, he is quickly angered by any prejudice against robots and sometimes threatens to sue people who make "discriminatory remarks". He considers robots a minority group among humans and can get slightly paranoid about "robophobia", supposedly because of past experiences. However, ironically, he himself is shown acting condescending and perpetrating "robot-on-robot abuse" towards simpler machines such as the robots with Monokuma's likeness, considering them mere stuffed animals who are beneath him.

Since he is a maturing AI, K1-B0 learns and develops similarly to a human, making him an unique existence. While he has no heart nor brain, he uses his calculations to speak "as if he had a heart". Even still, he often can't read the mood around him and is oblivious to things, sometimes taking things very literally and occasionally acting insensitive. Due to being overly serious about certain topics and unable to understand sarcasm, he is an easy target for bullying and it's easy to make him heated up, and he is rather easy to read. According to Izuru Kamukura in the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, K1-B0 has a tendency to rely on others in difficult situations, and he overall gets very nervous in bad situations. Furthermore, he feels a bit self-conscious about the fact that he cannot strengthen his body on his own like humans, and he needs help for maintenance and upgrades. Overall, he is a bit conscious about being unable to do some things humans can, causing him to act condescending towards humans at times and proclaim that he can do lots of things humans cannot. In Chapter 4, when the students enter the program world, K1-B0 appears disappointed and secretly wished he would have a human body. In Chapter 5, he is seen wondering his existence and being very interested in whether or not he is considered a person by the hydraulic press' safety function and Miu's Electrohammers, and even wants to test them despite the risk. In one scene, he is scared of the idea of a huge mecha suddenly appearing, not realizing the irony of it. He himself has also pointed out that he doesn't really like "sci-fi" things, even though his existence alone is quite sci-fi, and he would rather be more like other people instead of possessing things like rocket jets. He greatly loves Japanese culture, including Japanese food (though he can only look at it), kimonos and wind chimes. However, he also feels insecure about being too ordinary and not deserving his title as the Ultimate Robot, which is why he has a dream of becoming a pop star or doing some other type of work. For a short time, he even considers becoming a "tragic hero" figure in order to become more interesting, with a new tragic backstory and weapons, even though it's not something he would like. In general, he has a strong desire to be accepted and be like everyone else.

K1-B0 seems to understand most human emotions and many of their habits, though some of them only in theory, and he prefers to make decisions and actions based on logic. He claims that he works very hard every day to understand human emotions, and he's often quite hurt and saddened whenever the other students tell him that he wouldn't understand something because he is a robot. He tends to find abstract ideas frustrating and difficult, and sometimes has a hard time understanding why someone would do something that is very illogical. In general, he can get confused and a bit uncomfortable by his strange classmates, and sometimes reminds them to speak in a way he can understand. He can also get some habits a little wrong, like confusing the action of handholding and handshaking. Like a human, he blushes when he is feeling shy and feels awkward when talking about something inappropriate, though occasionally he may say inappropriate things without realizing it due to his naivety. For example, he considers nudity very shameful and embarrassing, but doesn't seem to see anything inappropriate in going to the bathroom, as he sometimes casually tells his classmates they're free to do that if they are close to a bathroom or even telling them they can do it right there even if they're in public surrounded by people, seemingly trying to be polite with this gesture. He can be very expressive with his body language since as a robot he can move his ahoge and some other parts according to his emotions. Being a robot, he is also very innocent when compared to most teenagers, and some situations make him very nervous and shy. In Chapter 3, he claims he is ticklish and it's implied that he might be able to feel pleasure similar to sexual pleasure when sensitive spots underneath his armor get touched. In general, he doesn't seem to have very much interest in sexual matters, considering it quite scandalous and claiming at one point that he would never expose professor Idabashi's strong AI to pornography. He has also bashfully pointed out that there isn't much he can do about it anyway, since he lacks any reproductive functions. However, he secretly seems to have some interest in such subjects, as he once accidentally admitted this without thinking. When he is asked about his ability to fall in love, he says he doesn't know because he hasn't had any romantic feelings yet. In the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, it's eventually confirmed that he can fall in love and dreams of romance and intimacy. In the topic of romance, K1-B0 is shown to find the idea that robots should only date their own kind very offensive. When he does develop romantic feelings, he is shown to be very serious and surprisingly bold about the matter, assuming that you constantly have to do typical things couples do and be very dedicated in order to truly understand love. However, he is simultaneously very shy about the subject, as he gets very embarrassed, blushes a lot and stutters when he just asks to hold hands. He also seems to consider the maintenance Miu performs on his body very intimate and he is very embarrassed about it at first, especially if it's mentioned in front of others, as if it is a sexual relationship (though, it does resemble a one). While he doesn't speak to Miu in explicitly romantic manner, he does care about her a lot and even gets jealous of a computer.

Overall, K1-B0 appears to be quite well-meaning and kind, and he genuinely wishes to be friends with everyone (even considering Kokichi his friend during the bonus mode). He has mentioned multiple times that he wishes to make people smile and happy. He even likes comedy movies, because he enjoys the feeling of people having fun and wishes to become a robot who can make lots of people smile someday, like a comedy movie. He is also pacifistic and refuses to hurt humans, greatly respecting the First Law of Robotics, and in general dislikes violence and weapons. He also dislikes certain action movies for the way they portray robots as evil and murderous killing machines, considering it robophobic since most robots are friendly to humans. During the bonus mode, when Shuichi suggests making their own movie, K1-B0 would like to make a drama about hero stuff, which would be popular with children. K1-B0 wants to be the fearless hero while Shuichi would be the innocent citizen he saves from a villain.

K1-B0 often serves as the butt of jokes and is rarely taken seriously by the other students, which isn't helped by his somewhat wimpy and oversensitive personality, but he gets increasingly confident throughout the game and begins to motivate others and talk about hope and defeating despair, especially after remembering Hope's Peak Academy. During Kaito's execution, he even leaps forward to protect his friends with his more durable body. Furthermore, with his logical way of thinking, he quite often makes correct arguments and points out important things, not letting feelings cloud his judgement. He is willing to approach even unpleasant topics, such as the possibility of Gonta being the murderer, for the sake of reaching a logical conclusion and he tends to stay calm and sensible whenever most other students get too emotional to argue properly. Some of this could be a result of his "inner voice"—voices inside his head that guide him in difficult situations. He decides to listen to them more firmly after hearing Angie Yonaga's talk about God, treating his inner voice as his God who gives him advice and cheers for him. When he's mocked for being a robot who believes in God, he says robots can do that. When his ahoge gets broken by Kaito's execution, the voices get silent, causing everything to get "too quiet" for him and forcing him to use his own logic. It's later revealed that his ahoge is actually an antenna that receives information from Team Danganronpa, which will take the form of an "inner voice" and persuade him to take certain actions, said actions being decided through viewers' surveys.

When forced to make his own decisions without the inner voice, K1-B0 proves himself to extremely forceful and pragmatic, choosing the school's destruction and not submitting to Monokuma's expectations as the most efficient way of eradicating despair. As a result of his significantly increased power and change in behavior, he becomes much more serious and no longer displays his comical traits, with him downright ignoring some of the other students' words he considers irrelevant, such as Himiko's talk about magic and making him a real boy. He even states that he no longer has the luxury to yearn for being accepted and be just like everyone else, which used to be his major dream. After getting his ahoge back, he is back to his usual self and extremely remorseful for his extreme and dangerous actions. He apologizes to his friends, expecting that they won't allow him to side with them anymore, and is very touched when they do. However, after the experience, K1-B0 realized that his true power as the Ultimate Robot is his ability improve in a way that is impossible to humans. As a result, he finally seems to accept himself and begins to act more confident, as he is convinced he can use his power to save everyone.

During the final trial, despite having his inner voice back, K1-B0 refused to listen to it anymore and instead wished to support his friends and not have any more suffering. He was originally strongly on the side of hope, which was his role and purpose, but he abandoned the concept after Shuichi convinced him that it would lead to more Killing Games and suffering. Because of this, the Audience took control of him and attempted to completely erase his personality, but he still managed to destroy the school and the End Wall, saving his friends with the cost of his own life. It was left ambiguous whether it was K1-B0's own doing or caused by the change of heart in the Audience. Before he exploded, K1-B0 was seen giving a final smile after making sure his friends had survived.


K1-B0 is a robot equipped with high technology and advanced functions created by Team Danganronpa as the "eyes" of Danganronpa audience from the outside world.

K1-B0 has a "maturing AI" that boasts advanced learning functions and recording functions. Similar to a human, he originally knew nothing and matured by learning. He uses calculations to express emotions, but he is very socially awkward when compared to humans. According to K1-B0, his strong AI was programmed such that his mental age would reflect his appearance.

He works with electricity, and thus he does not need to and cannot eat nor drink. Despite this, he likes foods and explains that he watches eating and drinking, with Japanese food being his favorite. He also can't sleep, but he needs to reserve time for recharging his power cells. He is conscious while charging and needs to do it only once a week. While he does not breath, he can sense and dislikes polluted air, though this ability is only as sensitive as ordinary human's. As a robot, he is much more durable than a human, but his durability is still stated to be very questionable for an Ultimate Robot. Unlike some machines, he is waterproof, but he cannot swim because he would sink like a rock. His creator also forbade him from staying too long in direct sunlight.

He was created to have many functions and lots of energy in a small body, and for a robot, he is not very heavy, as he can be lifted up like an average human. He is not very strong either and is actually quite feeble, and there is a running gag that many of his physical skills like strength, accuracy, and endurance are equivalent to elderly people or elementary students. He himself points out that many of his abilities, like intelligence and strength, are meant to be close to ordinary humans or even slightly below average. He originally possessed much greater strength, but it was weakened after an accident during trial production. As a result, he cannot lift things that even an average person would be able to and he easily suffers from back pain. In case of some sort of emergency, he also has an emergency stop button on his neck, which renders him practically unconscious until the button is pressed again.

During the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan and his Free Time Events, he states that his eyesight is 20/13, and he possesses a hairdryer function by exhaling warm, loud "breath" from his mouth. His hands can turn into a multi-tool, with them possessing 20 different tools. For example, his finger can detect wafting aromas and distinguish different scents. He also has a music player and capability to play even tapes and records. At one point, he also mentions being good at one-man comedy shows, but not being good with computers. He also has an audio recording function but refrains from using it regularly because of its extensive energy consumption. After Miu Iruma starts performing maintenance on him, he is upgraded with eye flashlights and a photographic camera. When he needs to display information stored in his memory, he prints it from his mouth. Notably, he is also unable to cry and shed proper tears even if he wanted to. In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, he asks Miu to give him the ability to cry tears, so that he could have a better understanding of the feelings of sorrow.

Being a robot, K1-B0 lacks any reproductive organs, which is something Kokichi makes fun of. Miu has mentioned her wish to upgrade him with a one, but it's unclear if this ever happened, as K1-B0 has been shown to decline some of her suggestive suggestions like a vibration function. Nevertheless, he seems to feel pleasure similar to sexual pleasure if some sensitive spots underneath his armor get touched, causing him to make "cute noises". While he obviously has no underwear, he has built-in parts around his hips that regulate the temperature and humidity of his delicate parts. It's a system that he has to switch every day and wash before reusing, so it's stated to be pretty much like underwear.

His Research Labs contains many battle upgrades he decides to install in after being forced to make his own decision due to losing his connection to his inner voice. As a result, he is very powerful and was capable of battling five Exisals at the same time in Chapter 6. However, while very powerful, his rocket launcher cannot do very precise work and instead does massive damage to one spot. While he is shown being capable of giving a very powerful kick, he states that he still cannot lift very heavy objects. It's also stated that he cannot hold on for too long in his fight against the Exisals, as he would eventually be destroyed after some hours. Thanks to his upgrades, he also possessed advanced hearing and zooming functions, though it seems he could only activate them when he stopped to concentrate.

In chapter 6, it was revealed that his eyes are video-cameras, his ahoge is an antenna and his inner voice are the results of interactive polls made on the outside world. While he normally listens to the inner voice, he decides to ignore them after Shuichi convinces him that it would lead to more suffering, and K1-B0 is seen rejecting his original duty out of his own will. Because of this, the Audience attempts to take control of him and erase his personality. It's unclear if his final actions are his own doing or caused by the Audience's change of heart.


  • K1-B0 is the first Ultimate Hope who isn't the main protagonist and a deceased one who dies for the sake of hope.
  • Initially, his dream is to have a robot idol business in the future and he wishes to be a pop star. However, K1-B0 does not appear to fully grasp how singing works, as his singing voice resembles a long, rasping sigh increasing into a higher note and shouting. His singing voice is apparently so terrible that it causes Shuichi to throw up. Because of this, he gives up on the idea of being a pop star.
  • On first discovering his research lab, K1-B0 expresses not wanting his lab as he dislikes sci-fi technology so much to the extent that he doesn't want assistance that'd be benefitted from using it. Instead, he prefers traditional Japanese things; liking Japanese food the most (even though he can only stare at it) and wanting his lab to have a Japanese theme with kimonos and a porch with windchimes.
  • He really likes anime movies and empathizes with the robot characters who play active roles and he believes anime movies will help to reduce robophobia.
  • He likes the kind of brushes used for car washing, finding them comfortable.


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