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Jillian Ryder is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Jillian is a police officer from a neighboring city of Mega-Tokyo and is a member of the Maiden Knights. She is also the older step-sister of Montel Ryder.


Jillian is a young female adult with a dark-brown complexion, a long black hair and red eyes. She is currently wearing a red leather jacket over a dark turtleneck shirt, gray denim skirt and gray boots.


Jillian is a hardworking woman, a loyal person and a is very friendly. Jillian despises people who causes crimes but can be sympathetic to criminals that wanted to change life.


Jillian is armed with guns and a police baton. Jillian is also a skilled martial artist and a pro driver.


  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actress for Jillian are Junko Takeuchi and Melissa Davis (both voiced Rika Minami from Highschool of the Dead).
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