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The Imperial Assault Force is the successor to the Imperial Army's Counter-Demon Team. One of the members of that original team, Lt. General Ikki Yoneda, commanded the group until his retirement. The Teigeki has had two vice commanders in its history, the first of which was Ayame Fujieda; after her death, the position was taken over by her younger sister, Kaede Fujieda.

In the XP4 fics, Imperial Assault Force is allied with the Heroes Coalitions.


By 1927, the Imperial Assault Force is composed of six official groups, all of which serve different purposes within the organization. The anti-demon attack squad, known as the Flower Division (Hanagumi), is the division that the series focuses much of its attention on early in the story. It is led by Lt. Junior Grade Ichiro Ogami, with Maria Tachibana acting as his vice captain. Other members include Sakura Shinguji, Sumire Kanzaki, Iris Chateaubriand, Ri Kohran, Kanna Kirishima, Orihime Soletta, and Reni Milchstraße.

Other teams that play significant roles in the original storyline are the Wind Division (Kazegumi), who are responsible for frontline support and transportation; Moon Division (sukigumi), who provide support within the shadows; and an unofficial group known as the Rose Division (Baragumi), who protect the Majinki. The Wind Division members who are most recognized are Tsubaki Takamura, Kasumi Fujii, and Yuri Sakakibara, all of whom also perform secretarial work within the theater. Little is known about the Moon Division aside from its captain, Yuichi Kayama. Kotone Seiryuin, Yokihiko Ota, and Kikunojo Oka make up the entirety of the Rose Division, with Kotone as their squad leader.

Established before the Imperial Assault Force officially went into service, an experimental troupe known as the Star Division (Hoshigumi) was set up in Europe and was the predecessor to Tokyo's Flower Division. Consisting of Orihime, Reni, and Subaru Kujou, with Ratchet Altair as captain, the troupe was disbanded after only a couple of years. Orihime and Reni were eventually transferred to the Flower Division on 1925. Ratchet was also temporarily stationed to the group near the end of 1926.

The Paris Assault Force (Pari Kagekidan), established in 1926 as part of the European Municipal Defense Project, is led by Countess Isabella "Grand-Mère" Lilac. The Groupe Fleur de Paris stands as its armored force, and is composed of Erica Fontaine, Glycine Bleumer, Coquelicot, Lobelia Carlini, and Hanabi Kitaoji. Ogami was assigned as its captain during its first few months of operation. Mell Raison and Ci Caprice handle the secretarial work for Les Chattes Noires and provide assistance in battle. The maintenance of the spirit armors are overseen by the mechanic staff squad leader Jean Leo.

Formed in 1928 with Michael Sunnyside as its commander, the New York Fighting Troupe (Nyū Yōku Kagekidan) differs from other organizations in that their assault team is referred to as the Star Division. Two members of the original disbanded Star Division were transferred to this group. Ratchet Altair was the original captain of the squad, but her failing spiritual power led her to give the position to Ensign Shinjiro Taiga, while she took the role of vice commander. Gemini Sunrise, Sagiitta Weinberg, Diana Caprice, Rikaritta Aries, and Subaru Kujo form the rest of the team. The Rainbow Division, composed of Plum Spaniel and Anri Yoshino, provides the Star Division with support. Wong Xingzhi functions as the mechanical chief.

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