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Ichigo Momomiya is the main protagonist from the Tokyo Mew Mew anime and manga.

Ichigo has the DNA of the Iriomote Wild Cat. She has a crush on Masaya Aoyama and hopes to get together with him.

In the AWA fics, Ichigo is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 2.

In the XP4 fics, Ichigo debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.


Ichigo has cherry red hair. She normally has it in pigtails tied up in red ribbons. She wears a red ribbon with a bell on it around her neck (given to her by Masaya Aoyama), and is usually found wearing her school uniform. When not, she is often seen wearing a yellow shirt and red shorts.

She wears a red dress with a white, heart-shaped apron and pink and white ribbons. She also wears pink socks and laces with black shoes. Instead of pigtails, Ichigo's hair is clipped with a lace headband and let down.

When Ichigo is transformed, her hair and eyes turn bubblegum pink and she grows black cat ears and a tail. Her tail has a dark pink ribbon tied around it with a bell. Her hair is let down and is slightly curlier. She wears a short light pink dress with matching arm garters and a leg garter on her right thigh, along with a choker around her neck. Her gloves are dark pink that reaches to her wrists. Her boots are dark pink with black laces and reaches to her knees. She has dark pink lace lining the top of her dress and the top and bottom of her arm garters, leg garter, and her choker. Her choker also has her Mew Pendant dangling from it.

Her Mew Mark is a pink version of the imprint on her Mew Pendant on the inside of her right thigh.


Ichigo is sweet, and ready for anything. Sometimes she will go crazy if she is mad or excited. She is head-over-heels in love with Masaya. Ichigo cares very much about her friends, and cannot bear to see someone hurt. However, she's also got a very bold nature and is very friendly. She's also very hard working, and very brave (the only thing that scares her is ghosts). She's a very good leader of Tokyo Mew Mew. Her hobbies are buying clothes, and spending time with Masaya Aoyama. Her favourite food is pastry with maple syrup, popcorn, pizza, pancakes, and fried tuna fish. She dislikes carrots. She is hyper and a happy, cheery person. Her friends Moe and Miwa support her relationship with Masaya. She acts quite preppy in Mew Mew Power.

XP4 Fanfics

Ichigo is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Squad of Excellence. She also attends Vanguard Academy as a student. 

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 1, Ichigo alongside her team, the Squad of Excellence and the Universal Guardians are seen in Peach Creek City taking on a large number of Emotionless. And after getting rid of the creatures, Ichigo alongside everyone celebrated their mission's success.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 6, Ichigo, alongside Lettuce Midorikawa and Bu-Ling Huang, are seen walking in the corridors of the Training Facility when they came across Eustace Bagge. They greeted the old man and Eustace responded by scaring them with his green scary mask, causing Ichigo and the girls to run in fright.

In Chapter 7, Ichigo, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, is present in the Mission Briefing Room in the Training Facility where Dr. Michael Pating brief them about their mission in the Halidom of Ylisse before departing.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Awakening

In Chapter 1, Ichigo, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, arrives in a forest somewhere in Ylisse and appears to be lost. They later came across Chrom, Frederick, Lissa and Robin and quickly befriends them. After having conversation about the Emotionless, both sides decided to work together to eliminate the creatures. They decided to camp for the rest of the night.

In Chapter 2, Ichigo, alongside members of the Universal Guardians, the Squad of Excellence and Chrom's group, arrives in Ylisse and met up with Owain. Later, after Chrom decided to have a meeting with Frederick, Geo Stelar and Luna Platz, the rest decided to meet up with the Shepherds at the garrison. Later, Chrom and the others arrived and claims to have an announcement.

In Chapter 3, Ichigo is having a conversation with Donnel, Lissa, Ryuuko Matoi and Ricken at the garrison.

In Chapter 4, Ichigo, alongside her team, Lissa, Donnel, Ricken, Henry and Miriel, are seen walking around a forest somewhere in Ylisstol when they came across Nowi. Then Emotionless emerges from the dark before taking on and defeating the creatures.

In Chapter 6, Ichigo, alongside her team, Chrom, Sumia, Robin, Owain, Gregor and Olivia met up with Basilio, Flavia, Lon'qu and Cordelia at East Ferox to discuss about the Emotionless when Raimi arrives and told everyone that the fort is being attacked by the Emotionless. Everyone fought the creatures and managed to get rid of them before heading back inside the fort.

In Chapter 7, Ichigo, alongside Donnel, Nowi, Lissa, Ryuuko Matoi, Ricken and Ash Ketchum, are gathered at one table in the garrison having a conversation. Everyone watches Lissa and Nowi argue over Donnel, much to their amusement.

In Chapter 11, Ichigo is at the garrison when they heard a noise, they ran to the corridors to see Ryuuko Matoi and Ricken chasing a strange hooded figure. Everyone went after the figure and led them to a large grassy fields, and reveals itself as a Pokemon known as Hitmonlee. The Pokemon then revealed that he stole an ancient alien artifact called the Ara-Ka Cube inside the castle. Everyone watches in horror as Hitmonlee uses the alien artifact to summon a zombified version of Emmeryn and Phila, much to everyone's disgust. Hitmonlee then summoned a large number of Emotionless, forcing Ichigo and everyone to fight. Ichigo then witnessed Donnel activating his Gift.

In Chapter 12 & Epilogue, Ichigo, alongside everyone, witnessed Donnel activating his Gift turning both Emmeryn and Phila back to life. After defeating the remaining Emotionless, forcing Hitmonlee to flee, life in Ylisstol went back to normal.


Ichigo is the leader of the Mew Mews. Ryou Shirogane, a wealthy, 15-year-old boy, gave Ichigo her Mew Pendantso she could transform into Mew Ichigo. Later on in Tokyo Mew Mew, Ichigo meets a grey cat called Alto, who was actually Ryou as a cat, who first finds Ichigo's lost choker. Her D.N.A is infused with the Iriomote Wildcat. Her transformation phrase is "Mew Mew Strawberry... Metamorphose!", and she transforms into Mew Ichigo. At first, Ichigo constantly frets that Masaya would not return her feelings due to her powers, but he didn't mind. She first transforms when Ryou pushes her out of a tree. Ichigo's powers are love-based and emotion-fueled. She transforms partially (cat ears and tail appearing) when she is excited or embarrassed.

If she is very excited or embarrassed she turns into a small black cat. She needs to kiss some animal or human to transform back. Ichigo can return the chimera animas back to normal.

With the D.N.A of an Iriomote Wildcat, Ichigo is granted certain cat-like abilities. One is being able to land easily after falling from a great distance. Another is being able to predict the weather.

Ichigo's transformation, as expected, is the most elaborate sequence out of the five team members. It begins with her Mew Pendant glowing with a burst of rainbow light. The next scene shows Ichigo in a curled up position, surrounded by the power of the Mew pendant with her DNA morphing in the background. She then throws her arms upward and twirls around in a burst of sparkles and her Mew uniform appears on her body in a swirl of pink energy. Her tail pops out and her gloves dissolve onto her hands. Finally, her ears sprout from her head and she concludes the transformation by gracefully lifting her leg and sending a stream of sparkles from her hand, which spirals around and dissolves into the Mew Pendant. She then strikes her signature pose.

Mew Ichigo's weapons are the Mew Aqua Rod and the StrawBell Bell. It is first seen in chapter 1 of the manga and episode 1 of the anime. In episode 15 of the anime, Ichigo's weapon gets joined up with the Mew Berry Rod to make an Upgraded Version of the StrawBell Bell. In chapter 8 of the manga, the weapon is given the ultimate upgrade and named StrawBell Bell Version Up, because the Mew Mew's weapons join up with hers, excluding the Mew Berry Rod.

Her attacks are "Ribbon Strawberry Check!" and "Ribbon Strawberry Surprise". The first attack consists of Mew Ichigo aligning the heart-shaped jewels on both her glove and Bell and rising into the air, surrounded by multicolored sparks. She then blasts enemies with a rainbow colored energy blast from the StrawBell Bell. Ribbon Strawberry Surprise, on the other hand, is more powerful version of it. Another attack is "Ribbon Aqua Drops", in which she summons the power of the Mew Aqua Rod and in a swirl of light, she rises in the air and spreads blue, bubbly energy across the surface of the Earth. She has a joint attack with Berry named "Ribbon Doubleberry Check".

Mew Ichigo's weapon name in Mew Mew Power simplified to "Strawberry Bell", and her attack is "Strawberry Bell, Full Power!" When the wings are attached, the weapon is given the name Rose Bell and the attack is called, "Rose Bell, Full Power!". Her third weapon is called the Strawberry Scepter. Her Mew/Blue Aqua attack, is named "Strawberry Sceptre! Blue Aqua Drops!". 


  • In the AWA fics, Ichigo is related to Tsunayoshi Sawada from Hitman Reborn.
  • Her English dub name is Zoey Hanson.
  • Ichigo said that she was not a good dancer. She provided evidence for this when she revealed that, when she attempted to do the famous Macarena dance, she sent five people to the emergency room, just by dancing.
  • Iriomote Wildcats live in Taiwan. There are only 60-100 left there.
  • Ichigo is the only Mew Mew who needed some help for her mutation to speed up. All the other Mew Mews' mutations are all complete and they are either unaware of the mutation (Minto and Bu-Ling) or they found out how to unlock it (Retasu and Zakuro).
  • Ichigo is the only member of the group whose garter is placed on her right leg, whereas the other members' garters are placed on their left leg.
  • Ichigo's transformation phrase and attack is the only one not including her name, hers being "Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphose" and "Ribbon Strawberry Check", while the other Mew Mews have their names included in their transformation phrase and attack. (The reason for this is because her name "Ichigo" is the Japanese translation of strawberry).
  • Despite her appearance she is NOT related to Ringo Akai.


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