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Ibiki Morino is a character from the Naruto anime and manga.

Head of Konoha's Interrogation Department, and very good at what he does. His name alone is enough to scare people. First appeared as the proctor of the written part of the Chunin Exam, alongside the rest of the Interrogation Force. Since then he shows up whenever Konoha needs to make a prisoner talk.

In the AWA fics, Ibiki is part of the AWA as one of it's instructors. He is also allied with the Plumbers.

In the XP4 fics, Ibiki debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Date A Live.


Ibiki has a large, imposing figure, which he complements with a rugged head and face covered with old wounds and scars. Ibiki's head is always covered by his forehead protector to conceal a collection of burn marks, punctures from where screws were used, and long slash marks. The scars are indicative of the physical torture he has endured in the past, and illustrates his capacity to endure pain without giving up the desired information to the enemy. As a child it was revealed that he had a short crop of silver hair.

He wears a darker version of the standard uniform of the Intelligence Division, along with a black trench coat and gloves.

As a genin, Ibiki wore a simple black outfit with chain-mail armour underneath, over which he wore a beige utility flak jacket of sorts with several pouches strapped to it and calf-length sandals. He wore his forehead protector in the same, bandanna style.

Fifteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Ibiki wears a light coloured trench coat, with a striped shirt underneath.


Ibiki is a very strict person, and has even been described as being a sadist by Kakashi Hatake. Compounded with this is his belief that pain is an effective form of communication, which he employed whenever he carries out his duties of torture and interrogation. Nonetheless, he did confess to his subordinates during the Konoha Crush that he was scared of Orochimaru as a child, noting him to be somewhat "inhuman, but in human form". He was also visibly shocked when Kisame massacred his own comrades to protect information. Nevertheless Ibiki has shown a more relaxed side, which shocked Temari during the Chūnin Exams due to the drastic change in personality as well as the fact he hinted to Kankurō he saw right through the latter's attempt to disguise Karasu as a test proctor, but allowed him to get away with it. He also laughed after finding out that he had passed someone who didn't answer a single question in the exam. Despite his harsh interrogation methods, Ibiki is shown to also be quite reasonable. One example was when Karin agreed to forfeit all information regarding Kabuto, Sasuke, and the Akatsuki in exchange if she was fed a fried pork cutlet bowl, which Ibiki agreed to, even though it would take two days for a delivery and did not press the interrogation any further. He was noted to be fond of Naruto due to the child's energy and ability to inspire confidence, as well as his signature antics and sense of humour.

XP4 Fanfics

Ibiki is part of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainer and staff member. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as an instructor.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Date A Live

In Chapter 10, Ibiki made his presence in the Itsuka Residence, surprising the locals before telling Hector Vanguard, Jr. the results of the DNA testing.

In the Epilogue, Ibiki is mentioned having a talk with Kotori Itsuka and the crew of Fraxinus about forming an alliance between the Heroes Coalitions and the Fraxinus which Kotori confirmed later on.



Ibiki is a master of interrogation both physically and psychologically, and plays an important part in the extracting of information, as he interrogates suspects and prisoners of war. He has the ability to subject people to great suffering without ever using physical torture. He has complete knowledge of human psychology; by attacking a person's mind, he can gain control over their spirit. His interrogation skills are so reputed that, once he discovered that Ibiki was the one going to interrogate them, Kisame Hoshigaki immediately decided to kill all his comrades of the Cypher Division to prevent them from revealing any information. He is also a sharp individual, able to easily tell if someone is lying, quickly seeing through Karin's elaborate story.


In the anime, during his fight against Pain's Animal Path, he is shown skilfully using the Summoning Technique, which he used to summon a variety of torture devices, including an Iron Maiden and a Torture Chamber. Ironically, these summons are modelled after engimono statues — lucky charms that are commonly used to bless shrines and businesses with good fortune. Also some of these summoning were a double edge sword, where the summoner will receive the same amount of pain as the opponent. He claims this has something to do with becoming equals through pain (ironically being Pain's philosophy). He also carries a great deal of hidden weaponry and tools, such as a piece of flint hidden in his molars, which he can use to ignite flammable substances, as well as a small dagger hidden in the heel of his boot.

Physical Prowess

While normally staying off the battlefield or implying indirect battle tactics, Ibiki is shown to have a great deal of stamina and endurance. To which, he also showed some skill in taijutsu, capable of tripping and then injuring Aoi Rokushō even though he was battered and still tied to a chair and afterwards escaping.


  • Ibiki has a younger brother named Idate Morino.
  • The name "Ibiki" literally means "snoring", while his family name "Morino" means "of the forest". In Japanese, his full name can be interpreted as "snoring in the forest".
  • In the AWA fics, Ibiki was featured in the ending credits of All Worlds Alliance Missions - Madoka Magica.


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