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IF is one of the playable characters from the Hyperdimension Neptunia anime and games.

IF is a guild member from one of the Basilicom who travels around the world. Through her travels, she gained a wide range of knowledge but due to being alone for so long, she's become slightly selfish and hard-headed. However, since the beginning, IF has lightened up and shows how friendly she can be to those she considers close. 

In the AWA fics, IF is a student at the AWA Academy.


IF is a fair skinned girl with emerald eyes and light brown hair that is about waist length. Most of her bangs are long and reach down to her eyes, curling outwards or inwards to her face, with a split on the upper corner side. A few parts of hair frame her face while more of it reaches her chest, about the length of the hair she wears in a ponytail, held with a leafy green hair piece. This appearance, while is not usually one to be found of, is widely thought of as 'erotic' to those who have played any of the games in the Hyperdimension series.

Out of most of the girls, IF appears on the flat side. Having the measurements of 74B, 55W, and 77H. She is about 150 cm (4'11") high and about 39 kg (86 lbs) in weight. She wears a black, tank top and short-short style one piece with silver detailing and a belt around her waist. This is worn underneath a dark blue, oversized jacket with black, silver, and white detailing. It is worn open and has a big loose belt that she keeps all of her cell phones on. She wears matching boots. 


At first, IF shows to be headstrong and serious. She always focuses on everything important and does not like to do unnecessary things if they do not provide anything useful or achieve anything for herself or the group. As a result, she's usually dragged into doing things she normally would rather pass over or ignore. But may give into, if people nag her enough about it. While normally serious, she does have a sense of humor. But it's usually dry and gives her a relaxed atmosphere until frustrated or ticked off.

Over the course of the first game, IF has grown less uptight and annoyed with people. Being very rude to Neptune and Compa when she first met them, stating Neptune to be beneath her until softening up and becoming close and concerned for them as they began their travels. She even tells Neptune they have to stick together because they are a party, after they find her when she ran away. IF is also a big fan of 5pb, and had no problems approaching her, or even Red, who she treats with good humor. She shows her caring side with the both of them, trying to help 5pb get over her issues with people while accidentally agreeing to one of Red's marriage proposals to cheer her up.

In Mk2, IF is much more friendly towards others and cares for Compa and Neptune more than in the first game. However, while she has kept her "first things first" mindset and is sarcastic still, she's also viewed as a tsundere. To Nepgear she acts as a helpful mentor and eventually it's revealed that she is actually very shy and sensitive when it comes to her friendships, which could imply she's somewhat insecure about herself and tries to hide these feelings. She also enjoys playing games on her cellphone.

IF also seems to feel responsible for the capture of her CPU friends and wants to make sure she becomes strong enough to help them and not make the same mistake again. This is evidenced three times in the game, the first being when she saves Nepgear from Linda, the second when she apologizes to Neptune for not being able to rescue her sooner, and the third time when she reveals to Nepgear that she doesn't want to be useless like she was three years ago (though Nepgear spaced out).


IF's dungeon ability is "Treasure Search", an ability revealing hidden Treasure Chests in a dungeon.

IF is someone who focuses on speed and dodging attacks and one of the best characters in the game if she is handled right. She can be nearly impossible to hit if her her AVD is over 300. She also can attack almost every round in mk2.

Her combo attack with Nepgear may be the most dangerous in the game due to Nepgear's special ability to disable the damage limit. She also has a combo attack with Compa that could reduce an enemy's guard gauge in half. However, she has average attack power, defense power, and magic power. Until late in the game, a lot of her attacks use up significant amounts of AP making it hard for IF to do combos. She has many powerful skills as well.

Luckily, the game makes up for this by giving IF the ability to cause status ailments. These are, however, ineffective against bosses. She is also one of the four characters who gain Exp and allows their partner to gain extra experience for every battle.


  • Her name is based on the initials of "Idea Factory", the parent company of Compile Heart.
  • IF has a total of nine cellphones on her. The one seen most is her pink one.
  • IF references Lucky Charms by saying, "It does sound magically delicious." when she considers trying crepes from Lowee.


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