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Hisa Takei is one of the main characters from the Saki anime and manga.

Hisa is the Student Council President (or "Student Congress President", as she'd rather have it) of Kiyosumi High School, as well as club leader of its mahjong team, now in her final playing year. Having once went by the surname "Ueno", back in middle-school she shared a rivalry with Mihoko Fukuji, currently of Team Kazekoshi, but mysteriously withdrew from individual competition.

In the AWA fics, Hisa is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Hisa is a student at the Heartcross Academy and is part of the Maiden Knights.


She has brown eyes, red shoulder length hair, and wears a standard Kiyosumi uniform with black pantyhose. She sometimes has an ahoge (emotional hair) on the top of her head.


Hisa is shown to be a great leader both while playing mahjong and outside of it. Hisa is very caring for her underclassmen like when she comforts Yuuki after her defeat in the prefectural tournament. She has good foresight and can be very scheming, with people noticing that Yuuki's shift in playstyle during the semifinals was an intentional play by someone else who had something bigger than winning the semifinals in mind.

She is shown to have great confidence in her mahjong ability and will not back down from a challenge. However, she did waver during the national tournament's second round but recovered soon after. Opponents have described her as having bad manners due to her slamming of the tiles during matches.

Play Style/Abilities

Outside of an important competition, Hisa sticks to playing a rational style of mahjong, much like Nodoka. However, during key moments in such tournaments, she relies on bad waits because she feels that she always wins with them. However, as the caliber of her opponents gets higher and higher, Hisa recognizes that the nature of her bad waits must also change - during the semifinals, while attempting to take a bad wait, she played into Hiroe's hand, and later she picked a wait she knew to be bad only because she relied on Choe's playstyle and drawing habits. She likewise believes that there is a meaning to each tile you grab, utilizing the flow of the game, and changes her hand accordingly. Although not as skilled as Jun Inoue at sensing flow, she still has a very good grasp on it, and picks her moments to declare riichi and win.

Hisa is very astute when it comes to noticing her opponents' (and even teammates') current psyche. She knows that she plays a very different style than most others, and capitalises on it. For example, in the Nagano finals she called an empty riichi, hoping to capitlise on her surreal wins from the first half to scare her opponents, which worked.

She is also skillful at intimidating her opponents into her traps, as well as collaborating with other players to help take down a more potent opponent in a match. Hisa also plays a solid defensive game, willing to back down from Hajime Kunihiro's riichi, even when Hajime was in last and Hisa first. Her signature move is when she draws her winning tile and then "shoots" the tile into the air and slams it down, revealing her winning hand.

XP4 Fanfics

Hisa is a Blessed with an unnamed Gift. This gives her the ability to track and find anyone like a GPS.

It is later revealed that she's an Error and with her superior fighting skills, masters of weaponry and her keen intellect, she's an unstoppable force.


  • Hisa made it to the semi-finals of the Saimoe 2012 tournament.
  • Hisa, in the first turn of her matches, has a habit of comparing herself and her hands to how her teammates would play.
  • In the Prefectural finals, she wonders what Nodoka would do with her 5-shanten hand
  • In the National semifinals, she wonders if she'll start off with a good hand like Yuuki does, as Hisa was the first dealer.
  • In the XP4 fics, Hisa is in-love with Yuura Inoki.
  • In the XP4 Coalition fics, Hisa is often referred as Mega-Tokyo's version of Marcus the Kane. Coincidentally, Hisa would often wears similar clothes to Marcus.


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