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Hidenori Tabata is one of the main characters from The Daily Lives of High School Boys anime and manga.

Tadakuni's classmate who looks stoic and emotionless. Despite his calm appearance, he is actually a stubborn Large Ham with an odd sense of humor.

In the AWA fics, Hidenori is a student at the AWA Academy.


Hidenori is a lean adolescent boy, with messy brown hair and grey eyes. He wears large frame-less glasses.

As a Sanada North Boys High student, he is most commonly seen wearing his school's standard uniform; a collared white button-up (often depicted untucked when he is not at school) with a striped red and blue tie and dark blue pants and blazer.

AWA Fanfics

In battle, Hidenori wears a red scarf wrapped around his neck, a black scaled top, white high-waist baggy pants with a black belt, gray hunting boots and black arm guards.


Hidenori has a magnetic personality in the group. He does most of the talking and provides the most humor.

Hidenori is a self-righteous maniac but he has shown he doesn't just care for himself. More than trying to impress, he cares about others' situations and perspectives. He is also often the first to read the situation and becomes frustrated when others are unable to do the same, similar to Yoshitake.


AWA Fanfics

Hidenori seems to be a trained fighter yet his true abilities are yet to demonstrated.


  • Hidenori is the only guy who ever manages to attract any ladies, is shown to be an incredible athlete, impressively intelligent and shockingly perceptive. At the same time, he's a spastic weirdo who suffers from severe social anxiety.
  • A lot of his antics are simply done to get a reaction out of people, generally Tadakuni. The occasions where we get to hear his Internal Monologue show him to be a relatively normal, if very socially-conscious, teen.
  • Hidenori is aware of anime, manga and gaming tropes.
  • Despite what first impressions may suggest, he's hands down the hammiest character in the series. He tends to keep it in his head when he's not around friends though.


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