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Hideki Hinata is one of the main characters of the Angel Beats anime and games.

Hideki is the co-founder/ co-leader of SSS along with Yuri Nakamura . He is a young man with a bright and dependable personality. Being one of the strongest and most skilled males of the group he often puts himself in situations where he will protect his companions at any cost, in many occurrences, Yuri herself. 

In the AWA fics, Hideki is amongs the people who was given a second chance to live another life at ZeroTopia. Hideki is a student at the AWA Academy.


Hinata has soft royal blue hair that ends at his neck along with somewhat messy bangs. He has sharp royal blue eyes (in some appearances have been a lavender/purple colour) that match the shade of his hair. He wears the same mandatory uniform as the rest of SSS (excluding Naoi). A sandy/beige long-sleeved collared uniform coat with buttons going down vertically on its right, and a breast pocket on its top left along with horizontal pockets on each lower side. The pockets, outer collar and sleeve-tips are rimmed with a chocolate-brown colour. On Hinata's left shoulder the SSS battlefront symbol can be seen. Unlike some of the SSS males He chooses not to wear the red tie originally paired with his uniform. Instead he leaves his coat open which exposes the plain white buttoned down collared shirt, underneath he sports a maroon red T-shirt. He has the same height as Otonashi which is 175.5 cm (5'9") tall. Before his death, Hinata had a shaved head in episode 4, "Day Game" in his flashback. His usual neck-length blue hair had been around a mid-buzzcut.


He becomes the first unofficial member of SSS (he becomes partners with Yuri before the founding of the SSS and decides he will follow her no matter what) along with his human roommate Ooyama, and he also is the one who started calling Yuri as "Yurippe" because Yuri was his mother's name and he felt strange calling her that. He also becomes Otonashi's friend, where he usually ends up bringing up suspicions from Otonashi that he might be homosexual in which he always neglects it. He sometimes gives nicknames, such as "Yurippe" (Yuri) and 'Shiina-chi" (Shiina). He also once called Ooyama "Yampaii" because he thought it had more personality. He was the first one to use the term "Tenshi(Angel)" when addressing Kanade. He is also the most friendly in the SSS and the most happy-go-lucky in the group. He's cheerful and flirtatious. Although he is friendly to anyone, he is only aggressive to Yui, Noda and Naoi.

Hinata is often used as a source of comedy throughout the series, one example being his conflicts with Yui and Naoi. Many unfortunate incidents befall upon him, such as when he is kicked down a pitfall trap by Yuri for touching her in the wrong spot in the first shown trip to Guild, when he was propelled into the ceiling of a classroom twice by a rocket under his chair during one of Yuri's plans to demoralize Angel (the second one is spinning, with his head inside the ceiling), being subject to cry out his inferiority to a clothespin, and almost to how easily toilet paper is flushed (both by Naoi).


He uses a Smith & Wesson 645 as his favoured side arm but packs a RPK-74 light machine gun when prepared for a combat operation such as in episodes 1 and 8. In cases where his role is sniping, such as in episode 5, he uses a M14 DMR sniper rifle. In the manga, he uses a spear.


  • He was the one who gave a nickname to most of the characters. For example, he calls Yuri "Yurippe" (because his mother has the same name), Shiina "Shiinacchi", he comes up with Kanade's "Angel" nickname, and his reference to NPCs when talking about the 'normal' students in the afterlife school.
  • He is shown to be enjoying his immortality and is often excited when he gets badly injured (Manga).
  • In the manga, he is shown to have a large knowledge of RPG games as he compares the afterlife world to a game, calls Ooyama as "Villager A", and refers to NPCs and the protagonist's point of view with multiple choice.
  • In the manga, Hinata is shown to have proposed to Angel upon his first legitimate encounter with her, as an attempt to distract her and impress Yuri. This ends badly when Yuri kicks him off of the roof of the school before Angel can reply.
  • In the manga, he is shown to have a desire to protect Yuri no matter what, which is not truly seen in the anime. He also has some romantic feelings for her, as shown in his desire to stay by her side.
  • In the manga, Hinata and Yuri are often mistaken as a couple.
  • In the manga, he constantly takes risks in order to protect Yuri, despite the many times he has called her violent and annoying.
  • In the manga, Ooyama claims that the After Life is a game and Hinata as the Protagonist.
  • In the manga, he sometimes has an imaginative view of his move (for what he is supposed to do) which looks like a multiple choice for a main protagonist like in Persona series. And one of the choices is to flirt/tease, Yuri.
  • In the OVA (Stairway to Heaven), he cooperates the most in Operation High Tension Syndrome. He was always seen throughout the episode in high-tension.
  • He is a source of comedy throughout the series and is the most skilled in baseball.
  • Shown from Otonashi's POV, it is a running gag that Hinata will compliment/flirt with Otonashi, giving space for him to wonder if Hinata is actually gay.
  • He always succumbs to Naoi's hypnotism.
  • He, along with Otonashi and Iwasawa, are the only ones that have a revealed death.
  • He was the first and last of the characters to be "chair rocketed" to the ceiling in episode 5.
  • His best friend is Ooyama, but he seems to be around Otonashi a lot more in the anime.


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