Heroes Coalition is a large organization that consists of various heroes all around the multiverse which is located in Neo-Earth. The Coalition is part of the Government and works as the first line of defense against any hostiles or evil organizations hellbent in creating chaos across the multiverse.

There are ten Heroes Coalition branches in Neo-Earth but only four of them, known as the Big Four, are allowed to perform missions outside Neo-Earth to other parts of the multiverse. The other training facilities only trains people but does not do any missions and most trainees from the six remaining Coalitions had the opportunity to join the big four once their training is completed or do something else.

The Big Four consists of Neo-City, New-New York, Elemental City and Mega-Tokyo are the cities with the biggest list of heroes working under them with Neo-City leading first and Mega-Tokyo coming in second. Although, despite working for the side of good, each Coalitions had their own unique set of rules and principles.

Compare to other Hero Groups whom travel from one world to another, the Coalitions operates rather differently in missions. They will send a hero or a group of heroes to a world through missions and no matter the results, the hero or heroes must return to HQ and report.

With the Coalitions being a part of the Government, working as a hero in different Coalitions is considered a profession or a means of living.

The Heroes Coalition also works under the Multiverse Government which gave the Coalitions the privilege to traverse the multiverse.


The Heroes Coalition was formed when a mysterious God named Louie was fascinated by the term "hero" which eventually led him in forming an organization that fights against evil.

Heroes Coalition Branches

Neo-City - a city that can be described as a Tokyo/Paris/Las Vegas hybrid, so the city is filled with casinos, cafes and many establishments about entertainment purposes. The city has huge park were people mostly relax, there are also a number of construction sites around the city meaning the city kept on growing bigger and bigger.

Mega-Tokyo - a city similar to the modern day Tokyo but a lot more advanced. Mostly populated by females after many males left the city.

New-New York - is a city filled with tall and elegant buildings. The main base of it's version of the Coalitions is a 80-floored futuristic looking building situated in the middle of the city, on the very top of the building are an assortment of helicopters and jets neatly aligned on the landing pads.

Elemental City - is a city that has elements of modern era and steampunk style. The main base of it's version of the Coalition is a large dome-like facility situated in the middle of the city, six pillars with glowing orbs on top are seen posted around the facility.

Neo-City Heroes Coalition Terminology

The Training Facility or Training Camp either you call it facility or camp, this place is where Blessed and other aspiring heroes are trained. It is known for its world-class strength and conditioning program. The camp trains around 40 to 60 trainees at any one time. The trainees are usually Blessed but it also trains people who have a variety of experience levels, from beginners to experienced fighters across different worlds and universe.

Entrance Hall also known as the receptionist area.

Meeting Room is where the staff members, coaches and trainees held their meetings and mission briefings.

Duel Arena is where trainees and heroes fight. Either in a friendly spar or something personal.

Auditorium is where everyone gathers around for big announcement. Most likely the announcements of team formations.

Offices is where some high ranking staff members works. So far, only Double D's personal office was shown.

Command Center is any place that is used to provide centralized command for some purpose. The command center enables an organization to function as designed, to perform day-to-day operations regardless of what is happening around it, in a manner in which no one realizes it is there but everyone knows who is in charge when there is trouble.

Tech Garage is where the Science and Research Department conducts and performs their experiments. It is also where the Maintenance Group works. The inside of the garage was very spacious due to hammerspace that it's been used as a place for different transportation to parked in such as a Starship or a Fighter Jet to Tanks.

Sick Bays also known as quarantine rooms is a section in the facility, used for medical purpose.

Small Kitchen a small area somewhere in the facility. Despite it's small size, it's where most people would hang out during breaks. The President often hangs out here to cook meals or had some heart to heart talk with others.

Cafeteria is where most of the trainees, staff members and heroes would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lounge Area is where most people would go and relax, and have a good conversation with one another. It is also the place where the event called Halo Marathon is held.

Track and Field are large spacious area where trainees can train themselves through various exercise. The place is also used for various sports events.

Sakura Tree is a nice spot in the area where people can relax or meditate.

The Withered Tree like it's namesake, the tree is withered with no leaves hanging on it's branches and it's body is dry. Despite it's look, the tree can still be used as we see a large red & white colored treehouse placed on tip of the tree, and despite it's size the tree is strong enough to hold it up.

Neo-City Heroes Coalition

Note: Characters are added in this list after making an appearance or being mentioned in the XP4 Heroes Coalitions series of fics. Both from reboot and post-reboot.

Freedom Heroes/Veteran Heroes

No Image.png
Alyas Pogi Portrait.png
Eddie Riggs.png
The Ghostbusters.png
Bow Hothoof Alyas Pogi Eddie Riggs The Ghostbusters
Hulk Hogan Portrait.png
Kratos Aurion II Render.png
Professor Hershel Layton.png
Son Gokuu.png
Hulk Hogan Kratos Aurion Professor Hershel Layton Son Goku
Tony Jaa.png
Van Grants II Portrait.png
Tony Jaa Van Grants


Solo Heroes

Abbey Bunner Portrait.png
Acacia Greene Portrait.png
African Wild Dog.png
Ageha Kuki Portrait.png
Abbey Bunner Acacia Greene African Wild Dog Ageha Kuki
Akane Owari.png
Akira Nova II Portrait.png
Anna (FE) II Portrait.png
Arachnus II Portrait.png
Akane Owari Akira Nova Anna Arachnus
Aria Blaze.png
Ashley Plutia Iris Heart.png
Asuka Tanaka Portrait.png
Aty II Portrait.png
Aria Blaze Ashley Plutia Iris Heart Asuka Tanaka Aty
Basilio Portrait.png
Ben Tennyson II Portrait.png
Brady (FE) II Portrait.png
Basilio Ben Tennyson Blazer Brady
Brown Bear.png
Charlotte E. Yeager.png
Cherche Portrait.png
Brown Bear Charlotte E. Yeager Cherche Chicken
Chimera Wyld II Portrait.png
Chrom Portrait.png
Claire Fox II Portrait.png
Clarity Dresden.png
Chimera Wyld Chrom Claire Fox Clarity Dresden
Colette Brunel II Portrait.jpg
Cordelia (FE) II Portrait.png
Crow Lytis.png
Cocoa Colette Brunel Cordelia Crow Lytis
Cynthia Portrait.png
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen II Portrait.png
Emmeryn II Portrait.png
Cynthia Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen Emilia Emmeryn
Eric Draven Portrait.png
Eugenie Rammstein Portrait.png
Fabia Sheen.png
Flavia Portrait.png
Eric "Crow" Draven Eugenie Rammstein Fabia Sheen Flavia
Francesca Lucchini II Portrait.png
Frederick Portrait.png
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu II Portrait.jpg
Gaius Portrait.png
Francesca Lucchini Frederick Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu Gaius
Galen Marek.png
No Image.png
Gerome Portrait.png
Gingka Hagane.png
Galen Marek Gelman Gerome Gingka Hagane
Gob II Portrait.png
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey.png
Gregor (FE) II Portrait.png
Gundam Tanaka.png
Gob Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Gregor Gundam Tanaka
Guy Cecil II Portrait.png
Haruhiko Ichijou.png
Harvar D.png
Heath Slater Portrait1.png
Guy Cecil Haruhiko Ichijou Harvar D. Eclair Heath Slater
Hector Vanguard Jr Portrait.png
Herald II Portrait.png
Henry (FE) II Portrait.png
Himeno Kimihara II Portrait.png
Hector Vanguard, Jr. Herald Henry Himeno Kimihara
Hisui Hearts II Portrait.png
Houtarou Oreki.png
Ichika Orimura.png
Ikki Kurogane.png
Hisui Hearts Houtarou Oreki Ichika Orimura Ikki Kurogane
Ilia Amitola.png
Indigo Zap Portrait.jpg
Inigo Portrait.png
Jacqueline O Lantern Dupree.png
Ilia Amitola Indigo Zap Inigo Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre
Jin Matsuriya.png
Jinx Portrait.png
John Price Portrait.png
Juniper Lee Portrait.png
Jin Matsuriya


John Price Juniper Lee
Kaguya Yamai Portrait.png
Kanonno Grassvalley Portrait.png
Kellam Portrait.png
Kaguya Yamai Kamaitachi Kanonno Grassvalley Kellam
Kenji Harima II Portrait.png
Kid Flash.png
Killik Lunge.png
Kim Possible.png
Kenji Harima Kid Flash Kilik Lunge Kim Possible
Kimial Diehl.png
Kjelle Portrait.png
Koito Minase.png
Kotori Itsuka Portrait.png
Kimial "Kim" Diehl Kjelle Koito Minase Kotori Itsuka
Kurumi Tokisaki Portrait.png
Kyousuke Kagami.png
Kyoutarou Suga Portrait.png
Kurumi Tokisaki Kyousuke Kagami Kyoutarou Suga Kyubi
Laurent Portrait.png
Leona Charlotte Portrait1.png
Libra Portrait.png


Leona Charlotte Libra Lil
Little Joey.jpg
Lloyd Irving.png
Lon'qu II Portrait.png
Luluco Portrait.png
Little Joey Lloyd Irving Lon'qu Luluco
Lynette Bishop II Portrait.png
Mana Takamiya Portrait.png
Manami Mitama.png
Maribelle Portrait.png
Lynette Bishop Mana Tatsumiya Manami Mitama Maribelle
Marta Lualdi Portrait.png
Mez II Portrait.png
Miho Nishizumi.png
Miku Izayoi Portrait.png
Marta Lualdi Mez Miho Nishizumi Miku Izayoi
Mio Sakamoto.png
Mirage Argente Portrait.png
Miriel Portrait.png
Mizuno Higeki Portrait.png
Mio Sakamoto Mirage Argente Miriel Mizuno Higeki
Morgan (F) (FE) II Portrait.png
Nadia II Portrait.png
Nah Portrait.png
Naoto Takayama Portrait.png
Morgan Nadie Nah Naoto Takayama
Natsumi (DAL) Portrait.png
Nekomaru Nidai.png
Nie Li Portrait.png
Noire Portrait.png
Natsumi Nekomaru Nidai Nie Li Noire
Nui Harime Portrait.png
No Image.png
Odd Dela Robbia.png
Olivia (FE) II Portrait.png
Nui Harime Nyaruto Nyazumaki Odd Della Robbia Olivia
Origami Tobiichi Portrait.png
Orihime Inoue Portrait.png
Oscar Pine II Portrait.png
Owain II Portrait.png
Origami Tobiichi Orihime Inoue Oscar Pine Owain
Ox Ford II Portrait.png
Panne II Portrait.png
Pedro Penduko II Portrait.png
Peko Pekoyama II Portrait.jpg
Ox Ford Panne Pedro Penduko Peko Pekoyama
Phila Portrait.png
Pot of Fire.png
Pot of Thunder.png
Qrow Branwen Portrait.png
Phila Pot of Fire Pot of Thunder Qrow Branwen
Ragyou Kiryuiin.png
Raimi Portrait.png
Randall Crimson Argente.png
Ragyou Kiryuiin Raimi Ram Randall Crimson Argente
Rawberry Marmalade II Portrait.png
Rei Kuroki.png
Rem Portrait.png
Rhodey Dogglas.png
Rawberry Marmalade Rei Kuroki Rem Rhodey Dogglas
Rhyno Portrait.png
Ricken Portrait.png
Rima Mashiro Portrait.png
Rinne Sonogami Portrait.png
Rhyno Ricken Rima Mashiro Rinne Sonogami
Robin Portrait.png
Rook Blonko Portrait.png
Ruru Portrait.png
Robin Rook Blonko Ruru Sage
Sanders Fullblaster.png
Sanya V.png
Saori Takebe II Portrait.png
Say'ri II Portrait.png
Sanders Fullblaster Sanya V. Litvyak Saori Takebe Say'ri
Scott Pilgrim.png
Severa Portrait.png
Shidou Itsuka Portrait.png
Scott Pilgrim Selena von Urquia Severa Shidou Itsuka
Shu Guangming II Portrait.png
Spongebob Squarepants.png
Stahl Portrait.png
Stella Vermillion.png
Shu Guangming SpongeBob SquarePants Stahl Stella Vermillion
Sully Portrait.png
Sumia Portrait.png
Sun Wukong II Portrait.png
Stephan Sully Sumia Sun Wukong
Taiga Aisaka.png
Tatenashi Sarashiki II Portrait.png
Tharja Portrait.png
Suzuka Taiga Aisaka Tatenashi Sarashiki Tharja
Tiki Portrait.png
Toadal Dude II Portrait.png
Tomomichi Motoyama.png
Tooka Yatogami Portrait.png
Tiki Toadal Dude Tomomichi Motoyama Tooka Yatogami
Young Trunks.png
Tukson Portrait.png
Ultimate Impostor.png
Vaike II Portrait.jpg
Trunks Tukson Ultimate Impostor Vaike
Vegan Police -1.png
Vegan Police -2.png
Venoct II Portrait.png
Virion Portrait.png
Vegan Police #1 Vegan Police #2 Venoct Virion
Wonder Korra II Portrait.png
Yan II Portrait.png
Yarne II Portrait.png
Yoshino (DAL) Portrait.png
Wonder Korra Yan Yarne Yoshino
Yuzuru Yamai Portrait.png
Yuzuru Yamai

Triumph Division

Ai Roborovskii.png
Aikuro Mikisugi.png
Akira Tomita.png
Aoi Sakurai II Portrait.png
Ai Roborovskii Aikuro Mikisugi Akira Tomita Aoi Sakurai
Bandeiras Hattori II Portrait.png
Barazou Mankanshoku Portrait.png
Beefeater E Caty.png
Bozes Co Palesti.png
Bandeiras Hattori Barazou Mankanshoku Beefeater E Caty Bozes Co Palesti
Brad Burns.png
Drake Garek.png
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.png
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.png
Brad Burns Drake Garek Ezio Auditore da Firenze Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Hamilton Uno Ror II Portrait.png
Horace Godwinn.png
Ike II Portrait.png
Jet Siegel Portrait.jpg
Hamilton Uno Ror Horace Godwinn Ike Jet Siegel
Joe Higashi.png
Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV.png
Karen Kohiruimaki.png
King Forest.png
Joe Higashi Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

Karen "Llenn" Kohiruimaki

King Forest
Lelei La Lalena II Portrait.png
Lucky Glauber II Portrait.png
Mukuro Ikusaba.png
Pina Co Lada.png
Lelei La Lalena Lucky Glauber Mukuro Ikusaba Pina Co Lada
Prince Mufasa.png
Rey Dynamic II Portrait.png
Richard Foley.png
Rory Mercury.png
Prince Mufasa Rey Dynamic Richard "Richie, Gear" Foley Rory Mercury
Ryoutarou Tsuboi.png
Saitama Portrait.png
Sakura Oogami.png
Shino Kuribayashi.png
Ryoutarou "Klein" Tsuboi Saitama Sakura Oogami Shino Kuribayashi
Shunya Kengun.png
Sir Dominic Christopher Delaney.png
Souichirou Nagi.png
Shunya Kengun Sir Dominic Christopher Delaney Skullomania Souichiro Nagi
Takeo Kurata II Portrait.png
Tatsumi Oga II Portrait.png
Topher Jacot.png
Tsumugu Kinigase.png
Takeo Kurata Tatsumi Oga Topher Jacot Tsumugu Kinagase
Tuka Luna Marceau.png
Virgil Hawkins.png
Yao Ha Ducy II Portrait.png
Youji Itami.png
Tuka Luna Marceau Virgil "Static" Hawkins Yao Ha Ducy Youji Itami

Inaba Investigation Group

Chie Satonaka Portrait.png
Kanji Tatsumi II Portrait.png
Naoto Shirogane II Portrait.png
Rise Kujikawa II Portrait.png
Chie Satonaka Kanji Tatsumi Naoto Shirogane Rise Kujikawa
Yosuke Hanamura II Portrait.png
Yukiko Amagi II Portrait.png
Yuu Narukami.png
Teddie Yosuke Hanamura Yukiko Amagi Yuu Narukami

Team Peacock

Andy Anvil.png
George Bomb.png
Lonesome Lenny.png
Andy Anvil Avery George Bomb Lonesome Lenny
Peacock Portrait1.png
Tommy Ten-Tons.png
Patricia "Peacock" Watson Tommy Ten-Tons


Arisa Schumann.png
Lunette Portrait.png
Nerezza Persefoni.png
Undine Nerida II Portrait.png
Arissa Schumann Lunette Yaeger Nerezza Persefoni Undine Nerida

Night Raid

Akame II Portrait.png
Bulat II Portrait.png
Chelsea II Portrait.png
Akame Bulat Chelsea Leone
Lubbock II Portrait.png
Lubbock Mine Najenda Sheele
Tatsumi Portrait.png
Susanoo Tatsumi


Bols II Portrait.png
Esdeath Portrait.png
Kurome II Portrait.png
Bols Esdeath Kurome Run
Wave II Portrait.png

Lion and Moose Alliance

Arabian Oryx.png
Crested Porcupine.png
Giant Armadillo.png
Arabian Oryx Aurochs Crested Porcupine Giant Armadillo
Japanese Black Bear.png
Panther Chameleon.png
Japanese Black Bear Lion Moose Panther Chameleon
White Rhinoceross.png
Shoebill White Rhinoceros
Team Nomura
Chouka U Baragasaki Portrait.png
Fudou Nomura Portrait.png
Mary Kikakujou Portrait.png
Nono Mozunono Portrait.png
Choka U. Barazaki Fudou Nomura Mary Kikakujou Nono Muzonono
Rin Onigawara Portrait.png
Satori Tamaba Portrait.png
Tsukuyo Inaba Portrait.png
Warabi Hanasaka Portrait.png
Rin Onigawara Satori Tamaba Tsukuyo Inaba Warabi Hanasaka
Team Kasuga
Akio Fudou Portrait.png
Arata Kasuga Portrait.png
Arin Kannazuki Portrait.png
Levi Kazama Portrait.png
Akio Fudou Arata Kasuga Arin Kannazuki Levi Kazama
Lilith Asami Portrait.png
Mira Yamana Portrait.png
Selina Sherlock Portrait.png
Yui Kurata Portrait.png
Lilith Asami Mira Yamana Selina Sherlock Yui Kurata
Azuki Shinatsu.png
Chacha Akaza.png
Furan Takaki.png
Haruko Amaya.png
Azuki Shinatsu Chacha Akaza Furan Takaki Haruko Amaya
Inaho Kushiya.png
Kengo Usui.png
Kimi Satou.png
Kodama Himegami.png
Inaho Kushiya Kengo Usui Kimi Satou Kodama Himegami
Takeru Ooyama.png
Uruchi Minaya.png
Yuuka Amato II Portrait.png
Takeru Ooyama Uruchi Minaya Yuuka Amato
Team Asagiri
Asahi Takiguchi Portrait.png
Aya Asagiri Portrait.png
Kiyoharu Suirenji Portrait.png
Kosame Amagai Portrait.png
Asahi Takiguchi Aya Asagiri Kiyoharu Suirenji Kosame Amagai
Mikari Izumigamine Portrait.png
Nijimi Anazawa Portrait.png
Rina Shioi Portrait.png
Sarina Shizukume Portrait.png
Mikari Izumigamine Nijimi Anazawa Rina Shioi Sarina Shizukume
Sayuki Ringa Portrait.png
Tsuyuno Yatsumura Portrait.png
Sayuki Ringa Tsuyuno Yatsumura
Satomi Knights
Harumi Sakuraba Portrait.png
Kenji Matsudaira Portrait.png
Kiriha Kurano Portrait.png
Koutarou Satomi Portrait.png
Harumi Sakuraba Kenji Matsudaira Kiriha Kurano Koutarou Satomi
Ruthkhania Nye Pardomshiha Portrait.png
Sanae Higashihongan Portrait.png
Shizuka Kasagi Portrait.png
Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe Portrait.png
Ruthkania Nye Pardomshiha Sanae Higashihongan Shizuka Kasagi Theiamillis Gre Forthorthe
Yurika Nijino Portrait.png
Yurika Nijino
Official Hero Teams
Universal Guardians
Ash Ketchum II Portrait.png
Avatar Korra.png
Dan Kusou.png
Geo Stelar Portrait.png
Ash Ketchum Avatar Korra Dan Kusou Geo Stelar
Hinata Hyuuga.png
Maka Albarn.png
Happy Hinata Hyuuga Lucina Maka Albarn
Naruto Uzumaki.png
Natasu Dragneel.png
Sonia Strumm Portrait.png
Soul Eater Evans.png
Naruto Uzumaki Natsu Dragneel Sonia Strumm Soul Eater Evans
Squad of Excellence
Alain II Portrait.png
Ichigo Momomiya Portrait.png
Luna Platz II Portrait.png
Alain Cyrille Ichigo Momomiya Luna Platz
Monkey D. Luffy.png
Rogue Cheney.png
Ryuuko Matoi.png
Sakura Haruno.png
Monkey D. Luffy Rogue Cheney Ryuuko Matoi Sakura Haruno
Sasuke Uchiha.png
Shun Kazami.png
Sting Eucliffe II Portrait.png
Sasuke Uchiha Shun Kazami Sting Eucliffe Toma

Honorary Members

Erica Fontaine II Portrait.png
Gemini Sunrise.png
Hsien-Ko Portrait.png
Erica Fontaine Gemini Sunrise Hsien-Ko
Ichiro Oogami II Portrait.png
Sakura Shinguji.png
Ichiro Ogami Sakura Shinguji
Deadly Hearts
Black Star.png
Chouji Marukura.png
Edward Elric II Portrait.png
Filia Portrait1.png
Black Star Chouji "Marucho" Marukura Edward Elric Filia
Gray Fullbuster Portrait.png
Kagura Mikazuchi.png
Shinpachi Shimura.png
Taichi Yagami.png
Gray Fullbuster Kagura Mikazuchi Shinpachi Shimura Taichi "Tai" Yagami
Trafalgar Water D. Law.png
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa II Portrait.png
Winry Rockbell II Portrait.png
Zoro Roronoa.png
Trafalgar D. Water Law Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Winry Rockbell Zoro Roronoa
Fairy Knights
Asuna Yuuki.png
Erza Scarlet II Portrait.png
Jenny Wakeman.png
Juvia Lockser.png
Asuna Yuuki Erza Scarlet Jenny Wakeman Juvia Lockser
Kazuto Kirigiya.png
Meliodas II Portrait.png
Pit II Portrait.png
Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya Meliodas Nami Pit
Ranma Saotome Portrait.png
Rika (Lisbeth) Shinozaki.png
Suguha Kirigaya II Portrait.png
Vinsmoke Sanji II Portrait.png
Ranma Saotome Rika "Lisbeth" Shinozaki Suguha "Leafa" Kirigaya Vinsmoke Sanji
Team Redemption
Gaara II Portrait.png
Ban Crona Gaara Ieyasu
Ira Gamagoori.png
Kevin Levin Portrait1.png
Mako Mankanshoku Portrait.png
Nonon Jakuzure Portrait.png
Ira Gamagoori Kevin Levin Mako Mankanshoku Nonon Jakuzure
Robin Nico.png
Satsuki Kiryuin.png
Yukino Agria.png
Robin Nico Satsuki Kiryuin Sayo Yukino Agria

Honorary Members

Hank Hill II Portrait.png
Sabo Portrait.png
Hank Hill Koala Sabo
Seryuu Ubiquitous Spear
Super Sixth Squad
Alphonse Elric.png
Amy Rose Portrait.png
Chopper Tony Tony.png
Alphonse Elric Amy Rose Chopper Tony Tony Escanor
Gajeel Redfox Portrait.png
Gohan Son.png
Jibanyan Portrait.png
Levy McGarden Portrait.png
Gajeel Redfox Gohan Son Jibanyan Levy McGarden
Miles Prowers.png
Sonic the Hedgehog.png
Usopp Portrait.png
Miles "Tails" Prower Panther Lily Sonic the Hedgehog Usopp
The Mighty Never Kneel
Carla Portrait.png
Diane (NNT) II Portrait.png
Fumikage Tokoyami II Portrait.png
Izuku Midoriya.png
Carla Diane Fumikage Tokoyami Izuku Midoriya
King (NNT) II Portrait.png
Lucy Heartfilia II Portrait.png
Netto Hikari.png
Ochako Uraraka II Portrait.png
King Lucy Heartfilia Netto "Lan" Hikari Ochako Uraraka
Tenya Iida.png
Tsuyu Asui II Portrait.png
Wendy Marvell.png
Yuuga Aoyama.png
Tenya Iida Tsuyu Asui Wendy Marvell Yuuga Aoyama
Flaming Honor
Denki Kaminari II Portrait.png
Elfman Strauss.png
Knuckles the Echidna Portrait.png
Denki Kaminari Elfman Strauss Franky Knuckles the Echidna
Kyouka Jirou II Portrait.png
Lisanna Strauss II Portrait.jpg
Mashirao Ojiro.png
Mirajane Strauss.png
Kyouka Jirou Lisanna Strauss Mashirao Ojiro Mirajane Strauss
Momo Yaoyorozu II Portrait.png
Rock Lee II Portrait.png
Shouto Todoroki.png
Tooru Hagakure.png
Momo Yaoyorozu Rock Lee Shouto Todoroki Tooru Hagakure

Honorary Members

Kazuichi Souda II Portrait.png
Kazuichi Souda
Team Extreme
Cana Alberona.png
Houka Inumuta II Portrait.png
Kanade Tachibana.png
Katsuki Bakugo.png
Cana Alberona Houka Inumuta Kanade Tachibana Katsuki Bakugo
Kouseke Ueki.png
Mina Ashido.png
Minto Aizawa.png
Kouseke Ueki Mina Ashido Minto Aizawa Noda
Travis Touchdown Portrait.png
Uzu Sanegayama.png
Yuri Nakamura.png
Zakuro Fujiwara.png
Travis Touchdown Uzu Sanageyama Yuri Nakamura Zakuro Fujiwara
Omega Force
Bu-Ling Huang.png
Greninja Portrait.png
Bu-Ling Huang Gowther Greninja Jinbe
Kenichi Shirahama.png
Lan Fan II Portrait.png
Lilina Portrait.png
Ling Yao II Portrait.png
Kenichi Shirahama Lan Fan Lilina Ling Yao
Roy Portrait I.png
Sanosuke Sagara.png
Touka Toudou.png
Millianna Roy Sanosuke Sagara Touka Toudou
Death City Squad
Death the Kid.png
Eijiro Kirishima.png
Akamaru Brook Death the Kid Eijiro Kirishima
Elizabeth Thompson Portrait.png
Kiba Inuzuka.png
Mata II Portrait.png
Mina Majikina II Portrait.png
Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson Kiba Inuzuka Mata Mina Majikina
Painwheel Carol.png
Patricia Thompson.png
Ruby Rose Portrait.png
Shadow the Hedgehog Portrait.png
Painwheel (Carol) Patricia "Patty" Thompson Ruby Rose Shadow the Hedgehog

Honorary Members

Blake Belladonna III Portrait.png
Ciel Alencon.png
Alisa Ilinichina Amiella Blake Belladonna Ciel Alencon
Nana Kozuki.png
Weiss Schnee.png
Yang Xiao Long Portrait.png
Nana Kozuki Weiss Schnee Yang Xiao Long
Of Guns and Magic
Aladdin II Portrait.png
Aria Holmes Kanzaki.png
Isaac Clarke Portrait.png
Aladdin Aria Holmes Kanzaki Clank Isaac Clarke
Lina Inverse Portrait.png
Lyon Vastia II Portrait.png
Maya Jingu.png
Merlin (NNT) II Portrait.png
Lina Inverse Lyon Vastia Maya Jingu Merlin
Perrine H Clostemann Portrait.png
Ratchet Portrait.png
Rio Kinezono II Portrait.png
Train Heartnet.png
Perrine H. Clostermann Ratchet Rio Kinezono Train Heartnet
Dream Team
Alibaba Saluja II Portrait.png
Cerebella Portrait.png
Gon Freecss.png
Killua Zoldyck II Portrait.png
Alibaba Saluja Cerebella & Vice-Versa Gon Freecss Killua Zoldyck
Medaka Kurokami.png
Red (Pokemon) Portrait.png
Medaka Kurokami Morgiana Red Sai
Shino Aburame II Portrait.png
Uryuu Ishida.png
Vector the Crocodile.png
Shino Aburame Tenten Uryuu Ishida Vector the Crocodile
Full Force Guerilla
Alice Tsukagami.png
Ayase Ayatsuji.png
Chouji Akimichi II Portrait.png
Alice Tsukagami Ayase Ayatsuji Chouji Akimichi Elie
Flash Thompson.png
Haru Glory II Portrait.png
Ino Yamanaka.png
Flash "Agent Venom" Thompson Haru Glory Ino Yamanaka Kat
Kazeyoshi Imai.png
Renji Abarai Portrait.png
Rukia Kuchiki II Portrait.png
Shikamaru Nara II Portrait.png
Kazeyoshi Imai Renji Abarai Rukia Kuchiki Shikamaru Nara
Multiverse's Cutest Team
Amu Hinamori II Portrait.png
Erika Kurumi II Portrait.png
Hikari Yagami II Portrait.png
Illyasviel von Einzbern.png
Amu Hinamori Erika Kurumi Hikari Yagami Illyasviel von Einzbern
Itsuki Myoudouin II Portrait.png
Lettuce Midorikawa II Portrait.png
Meguru Amatsuki.png
Miyu Edelfelt II Portrait.png
Itsuki Myoudouin Lettuce Midorikawa Meguru Amatsuki Miyu Edelfelt
Nina Sakura II Portrait.png
Sumire Kisaragi.png
Tsubomi Hanasaki II Portrait.png
Yuri Tsukikage II Portrait.png
Nina Sakura Sumire Kisaragi Tsubomi Hanasaki Yuri Tsukikage

Honorary Members

Hibari Hanakoganei II Portrait.png
Kaoru Matsubara.png
Miyako Gotokuji.png
Hibari Hanakoganei Kaoru Matsubara Miyako Gotokuji
Bullet Kingdom (aka New Age Avengers)
Danny Phantom.png
Duncan Nelson.png
Eddy (EE&E) Portrait.png
Ed (EE&E) Portrait.png
Daniel "Danny, Danny Phantom" Fenton Duncan Nelson Eddy Skipper McGee Edwin "Ed" Horace Williams
Jake Long.png
Marcus the Kane II Portrait.png
Randy Cunningham.png
Rex Salazar II Portrait.png
Jacob Luke "Jake" Long Marcus Alexander "The Kane" McGee-Sakurada Randall "Randy, The Ninja Cunningham Rex Salazar
Rolf II Portrait.png
Taro Yamada II Portrait.jpg
XY Girl.png
Yoshika Miyafuji II Portrait.png
Rolf Yrmi Taro Yamada Xyrielle "XY Girl" Yona Yoshika Miyafuji

Honorary Members

Geraldo Axel Portrait.png
Ms Fortune Portrait.png
Needles Kane Portrait.png
Vaas Montenegro II Portrait.png
Geraldo Axel Nadia "Ms." Fortune Needles Kane Vaas Montenegro
Akane Isshiki II Portrait.png
Aoi Futaba II Portrait.png
Himawari Shinomiya.png
Wakaba Saegusa.png
Akane Isshiki Aoi Futaba Himawari Shinomiya

Wakaba Saegusa

Bravefront 1 Portrait.png
Ichigo Kurosaki Portrait.png
Bravefront 1 Ichigo Kurosaki Mumbo
Panooki Zaryya.png
Panooki Zarrya
Team Idolo
Andres Alvarez.png
Daisuke Niwa Portrait.png
Erica Hartmann II Portrait.png
Gertrud Barkhorn.png
Andres "Singko" Alvarez Daisuke Niwa Erica Hartmann Gertrud Barkhorn
Ibuki Mioda.png
Ikkaku Madarame Portrait.png
Komaru Naegi.png
New Project (33).png
Ibuki Mioda Ikkaku Madarame Komaru Naegi Madoka Amano
Subaru Natsuki II Portrait.png
Tsubasa Ootori Portrait.png
Yuugi Mutou.png
Shana Subaru Natsuki Tsubasa Ootori Yugi Mutou
Ayame Shaga II Portrait.png
Duncan Rosenblatt.png
Jeet Rage II Portrait.png
Juugo Yama III Portrait.png
Ayame Shaga Duncan "Firebreather" Rosenblatt Jeet Rage Juugo Yama
Kurapika Portrait.png
Louise Portrait.png
Lyndel Flamburge II Portrait.png
Mai Tokiha Portrait.png
Kurapika Louise Francoise Le Blanca Dela Valliere Lyndel Flamburge Mai Tokiha
Noelle Fyne Portrait.png
Saito Hiraga.png
Samui Portrait.png
You Satou Portrait.png
Noelle Fyne Saito Hiraga Samui You Satou
The Hunting Team
Alla Yuliya.png
Aria Sakurada.png
Bud Bison II Portrait.png
Eustace Bagge.png
Alla Yuliya Aria "Arinah" Sakurada Bud Bison Eustace Bagge
Hunter Isaac Rey Portrait.png
Luna Loud.png
Lunette Portrait.png
Hunter Isaac Rey Lavi Luna Loud Lunette Yaeger
Malvina Rasputin II Portrait.png
Shizune Takatasuki.png
Tsunayoshi Sawada Portrait.png
Sado Yasutora Portrait.png
Malvina Rasputin Shizune Takatsuki Tsunayoshi Sawada Yasutora "Chad" Sado
Strong Force
Baron Armstrong.png
Blinx Portrait.png
Cardin Winchester II Portrait.png
Baron Armstrong Blinx Cardin Winchester Donnel
Kagura (Gintama) Portrait.png
Karin Kokubu Portrait.png